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  1. This thread needs to be read top to bottom. Good fucking lord.
  2. Hank you know better. bt is not interested in anyone’s explanation other than his own. It’s part of the reason the bro’s turn off so many people.
  3. And that’s the problem with social media. Anyone can make their own truth. Look how frenzied the responses are to Nina’s tweet.
  4. I quoted the wrong post. Cool what was he talking about then? This is more like it.
  5. He’s trying to cut CDC funding. Slow the fuck down their chief.
  6. Because dumb fucks on Twitter are acting like he was referring to the civil rights movement.
  7. Bernie can’t be president until he learns to pronounce words that start with an H.
  8. They need an around the horn scoring system with the mute button.
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