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  1. Would we keep Andrea Hudy? It was quite a coup pulling her from Kansas if I remember?
  2. And with it being from Costco you know they will accept it when you return it.
  3. No one would argue that the Cowboys are a well run organization. But paying a shit ton for their franchise QB is not evidence of that fact. Now the Zeke deal...
  4. Brady is an outlier. Literally the GOAT who took team friendly deals to make sure he had pieces necessary for sustained excellence. Am I missing the plethora of franchise QBs out there willing to take less than market value?
  5. Yes. Replace it with a robot like a Maytronics Dolphin.
  6. Competitive online multiplayer = Monitor Story based single player = TV I just snagged a PS5 yesterday through Target. We are in a rental now while new home build wraps up hopefully in late April. In the new home office I will have it setup where I can swap HDMI between monitor (using office chair) and a 55” LG CX OLED (using recliner).
  7. I’ll do you one better. Grabbed this and got the water turned off. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-4-in-1-Combination-Water-Meter-Valve-Tool-410-409-0111/313634366
  8. Well the damn handle on my water shutoff is broke and the city has the new locking lid bullshit so I can’t shut it off on their side. I have wrapped the spigots pretty good and left the water on a light stream at each faucet in the house (just a hair more than a drip) with all sink cabinets open. Heater is set to 72 in the house as well. It’s a slab foundation home built in 2013 so I feel like we should be ok. Luckily my realtor is a neighbor so she is going to stop by each day to make sure all is good. This is also my first experience with a pool in this kind of cold. Freeze protect
  9. Since I will be turning off the water do I need to do anything to the water heater? Edit: reading online and it looks like I should go ahead and shut off gas, water supply and drain the water heater just to be safe. we closed on the house today but it will not fund until next week so I’m still responsible. Figure if I shut off water and water heater the buyer can turn it all on when they take possession. Limits my risk during this hard freeze.
  10. We are selling our home and have already moved out. Since we are out of the house I’m thinking I may as well go ahead and close the main in the yard and drain the water out of the lines via the indoor faucets. Will keep outdoor spigots wrapped but feel like there is no reason to keep water in the pipes since we are not there. Will probably top the pool off tomorrow and then rewrap the spigot. RE: the pool, freeze protection is on and I wrapped above ground pipes and tented a tarp over the equipment pad. Thoughts?
  11. This guy would know about moms getting carpet bombed.
  12. Arm got more sore as the night wore on last night. Thought I got lucky. Nope feel like I got hit by a truck today. Assume I will feel better tomorrow. So much better than the possible alternative. Also, info from APH. https://www.kvue.com/mobile/article/news/health/coronavirus/austin-public-health-limits-days-to-sign-up-for-vaccine-appointments/269-bec7779a-34e3-411b-9b18-a12d9e79fd03?fbclid=IwAR2FtRcC-QjdGuPLjdAQJZa-xi5qgYX4NbMEVKi24Xp0M_XPkpUpyxOKSrI
  13. 2nd dose of Moderna this afternoon. So far just a sore arm similar to the first though no noticeable knot this time, which may be a result of a higher placement this go around versus in the tricep it felt like last time.
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