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  1. Don’t worry there is always more dumb cake in the back.
  2. The tweet is real. EXTREMELY NON-BREAKING news: there is no bottom for Trump.
  3. Geez. What should we call the current death toll? Mildly concerning?
  4. You are also not supposed to knuckle fuck the trigger when you do pull the trigger. These two clowns set gun safety and responsible gun owners back 10 years.... Oh who am I kidding we got over the slaughter of children in an elementary school like it was a fucking speed bump.
  5. Think about this. The 1st amendment protects civilians from government reprisal for speaking freely. Yet, Trump and his magats are going to scream “free speech” from every mountain top they can (technology wise that is becoming less and less thankfully) as they have done every time someone called Trump on his bullshit. The irony that it is private civilians rebuking Trump (the government) and his cult members, or the exact opposite of the 1st amendment, is totally lost on them.
  6. O-Negative here. Will book something at the South Austin Center next week.
  7. By all means let’s talk about Biden’s ability to form a coherent thought.
  8. We all like her for her Tik Toks but this is good too.
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