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  1. Because their dear leader has conditioned them with two words. Fake news. It’s not just about the press but it is the lens they apply to any situation that doesn’t serve their dear leader.
  2. Will he help Trump remember what he is talking about. Good lord y’all are dumb.
  3. We need more of this. We won’t get it but man would it go a long way to healing our divide.
  4. At least we know Mitch does not believe in filling a vacancy during an election year...
  5. Notice in the first video how he goes straight to OAN when he needs a safety net.
  6. The folks with rubbed off spray tan all around their mouth and lips.
  7. After watching that shit show I can’t imagine what the debates will look like. Yes Biden has lost a step or two but Jesus Trump doesn’t not what the fuck he is talking about. Also, another plug for how great it would have been to watch someone like Pete debate trump. That debate would absolutely embarrass trump whereas we are going to lose some luster with Biden on that front. And for those that would argue Hillary already did that in 2016, as someone pointed out earlier trump has a record to defend now.
  8. Not watching this “special” but based on what I’m seeing on Twitter trump literally cannot stop lying.
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