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  1. I’m not defending him. I had no idea that so many people hated him. Is he liked by his teammates?
  2. So some people hate him for being bitchy in 2004 with something related to Mack Brown. Others hate him because he lied about being vaccinated. Is there more?
  3. The bucs are getting the shit kicked out of them.
  4. So in 2004 there was a vote for something, and Mack Brown whined about it, and I’m guessing that Texas got the nod, and Aaron Rodgers bitched about it, and Texas fans have been hating on him since then? Is that it?
  5. Packers are fucking around and they will find out.
  6. “Puppet Master”, holy shit that show was infuriating. I think I found my true calling.
  7. Last July when BTC touched 30k I wanted to buy some but then it took off. I may get a second chance.
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