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  1. How can bad_teammate not see the problem with this?
  2. Actually, thanks for the heads up. I had no idea about this, and will stay the fuck out of the roads tomorrow.
  3. Who the fuck is Megan Amram and why should anyone care about what she thinks?
  4. Forget the $250k medication for a very rare disease. Why does a motherfucking MRI cost 20 times more in the USA than in Japan?
  5. Oh noes! Boeing shares are down 2%! Whatever shall we do?
  6. What do you mean “where do you draw the line”? What line? You mean what’s covered and what’s not?
  7. So we're better than seven P5 defenses. That’s good, right?
  8. Nobody else will be investigated. The business of the American government is to look the other way when the super rich do their thing.
  9. Nothing to see here. The coroner proclaimed it was suicide. No further investigation will be done. A couple of guards will be punished for not watching him. Case closed.
  10. It seems that the advertising industry has gone a bit overboard with the wokeness.
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