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  1. 100% understand how you feel. Getting triggered by this shit doesn’t sound silly to me. Happens to me, too. Like, PTSD and shit.
  2. Because in the souf, people who wear masks are librul beta cucks, duh.
  3. It’s funny because it’s true!
  4. FIFY. It’s going to suck. I expect that anybody landing at an ICU will get a $1-2 million bill. People being hospitalized but not in the ICU will probably get a low six figures bill.
  5. It seems to me that Texans are going out a lot, not as much as pre-pandemic, but close. maybe 75% of pre-pandemic traffic.
  6. After all these years, you FINALLY post something funny.
  7. So can I get tested for covid in Austin without any symptoms?
  8. I saw some article where a Dutch ICU doctor was like, “yeah, pretty much 100% of people who end up in the ICU leave with some sort of lung scars”
  9. At this rate, in a month the virus will be dying off due to running out of people to infect.
  10. and Phoenix feels like you’re in an oven. It’s horrible, that place.
  11. I flew in from Phoenix yesterday. 114 degrees. Fuck that. The “dry heat” is fucking bullshit. You stand there and the hot wind cooks your face.
  12. At 6 AM it’s 90 fucking degrees outside. Fuck this place.
  13. How do they decide to hospitalize a covid patient versus send him/her home?
  14. The ineptitude of government bureaucrats is comical and tragic at the same time.
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