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  1. Who the hell coined the term “vaccine passport”?
  2. I thought the chip would have found its way to my brain by now.
  3. I guess by the end of this summer I will know. I bought a house near Taos and I plan to spend all summer there, “working” remotely. After that it will be time to make decisions.
  4. I have gotten progressively more tired of the corporate world, tired of living among more and more people, tired of bullshit. I guess this covid “social distancing” thing has pushed my apathy past a line. Also I feel old. I’m almost 50 and my prostate requires me to take medication, and I will probably need hip joint replacement surgery. I think that I have 10, maybe 15 good years left (assuming that my prostate is just enlarged and not cancer, which I don’t know yet, and assuming that hip surgery allows me to walk more than a few miles without being in pain), and I don’t feel inclined to dedi
  5. The writing is lousy, and the two main actors just don’t have quite enough presence.
  6. I lost the passion for my job. Don’t give a shit about helping my fucking company increase quarterly profits anymore. I’m thinking about just quitting and living off of my savings until I get to start drawing from SS. What’s keeping me (for now) is not the prospect of being poor but the prospect of being bored and aimless. I’m thinking of learning how to weld. Or buying an old car to fix. Always enjoyed turning wrenches.
  7. Ah, yes, the slippery slope fallacy. You start requiring (fill in the blank) and you end up in nazi Germany part 2.
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