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  1. I read here and there that some doctors are giving their patients hydroxychloroquine and zinc. Does anybody have details about the zinc, like which compound, dosage, how often, etc? Thanks.
  2. If they are going for elimination, then it looks to me like it’s not quite working. They are holding steady on daily new cases, which is much better than most other countries, but you need a decline if you want to eliminate it. Still, even if they were able to pull it off, then what? You keep your borders closed to the outside world until there’s a vaccine? Herd immunity or vaccine, those are the only two solutions.
  3. The Spanish translation is “pato de la muerte”
  4. What do you mean “if”? How can it NOT come back with a vengeance? The virus is not gonna become less malignant because we slowed it down some. We are all gonna get it.
  5. Has there been any progress as far as the efficacy of treatment? There was some hope around hydroxychloroquine combined with azithromycin. Does that work?
  6. We totally will see a second wave. There’s only two ways this resolves: we all get it, or we get a vaccine. No, scratch that, there’s only one way this resolves: we all get it. Vaccine would be nice but it won’t be ready on time, if ever. Also “keep R0 below 1” is a pipe dream and won’t happen.
  7. Is there a longer timeline between infection and recovered than between infection and dead?
  8. I don’t understand the constant need to compare with the flu. They are both caused by a virus, and that’s about it.
  9. I feel like my sleep is filled with dreams of the fucking virus.
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