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  1. Somebody clarify this for me please. I thought that the petrodollar deal between USA and Saudi Arabia was “we protect you, and you sell petroleum ONLY in USD”. So now Saudi makes a deal with Russia to sell them petroleum for rubles. Wouldn’t USA have to respond to that and say fuck you, we are not arming you anymore?
  2. I understand why somebody would potentiate a depressant such as heroine with a more powerful depressant like fentanyl, but would somebody lace a stimulant (cocaine) with fentanyl? Doesn’t make sense. Must be accidental contamination.
  3. Then mow your fucking yard in the evening. What does that have to do with daylight fucking savings time?
  4. OK, name one driver who’s more overrated than Danny.
  5. DST is bullshit. This is not complicated, people. By convention we decided a long time ago that the day would have 24 hours and 12 noon would correspond to the sun being at its zenith. Standard time is the closest to that, not fucking DST.
  6. Danny seems kind of overrated.
  7. I’m one of those who had kids because my family and society in general expected it. My youngest is now 19. Overall parenting was not good for me. Especially with my youngest, who from ages 16 to 18 checked all the “troubled teenager” boxes. All of them including suicide attempts (plural), drugs, being arrested, running away, dropping out of school, attempting to steal my car, etc, etc, etc. I was left scarred from all that shit and now that I’m an empty nester I wonder if I will ever be able to be a happy person again.
  8. Nooo! Why did you have to do that? He was very entertaining!
  9. XYZ


    But he didn’t.
  10. “Duel of the Fates” is the last memorable piece of music that Williams composed for Star Wars stuff. The music in all the movies that came after episode 1 is very unremarkable.
  11. It’s amazing that nothing but shit has been happening over the past 24 months and the stock market indices are much higher.
  12. Now would be a good time for aliens to show up and be like “y’all quit fighting”.
  13. XYZ


    Do we know what Phatterson’s role will be?
  14. When the Soviet Union collapsed, did the USA give Russia any assurances that NATO would not expand to the east?
  15. And speaking of nukes, Dyess AFB (along with other AFBs) used to have many decades ago, I wanna say 12 missile silos around it, like in a circumference with a radius of several miles. Those silos had the Atlas missiles that were propelled by kerosene and carried a nuclear bomb. At some point, when the Atlas missiles were replaced by whatever came after, the Air Force decommissioned the silos, took anything valuable or useful out, and sold the properties. The one in Lawn has been turned into a museum of sorts and you can visit it. The silo is filled with water halfway up. The gentleman that owns the place, if you contact him and tell him that you’d like a tour, is kind enough to meet you there and give you a very interesting talk about how it all used to work. If anybody is interested, let me know and I’ll dig up his email address.
  16. Is everyone getting the same shitty broadcast that I’m getting where the people running the scoreboard are really late updating it, and they keep doing interviews at the booth?
  17. Why does the Ukrainian president keep asking for NATO to close the skies above Ukraine? Doesn’t he understand that “closing the skies” means NATO shooting down Russian planes, and therefore open war between NATO and Russia and the end of our planet?
  18. Also, count me in with those who would rather die quickly than deal with radiation poisoning and starvation.
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