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  1. 1.) The Biden tv ads here in Texas are fucking great and numerous. I’ve seen multiple just today, and they are well done. I just don’t know if that’s a national buy or a Texas buy. 2.) My friends (diehard Dems) watched the convention and will watch every debate. I argued with them the other day that in the age of social media, the debates are worthless. They believe the debates still help for those sitting on the fence. I tried to argue that ain’t no nigga still on the fence for this election and maybe—maybe—if we were back in normal times I could see their point. I just still argue that social media has helped with understanding where each candidate stands so there’s no need for me to watch a debate for them to tell me shit I already know.
  2. USC down 21-24 in the 4th but driving... Sec network
  3. Looks like Lane has packed on the lbs
  4. Mississippi d seems like it sucks
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