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  1. Pancho

    Joe Biden 2021

    My point still stands—just do it online.
  2. Pancho

    Joe Biden 2021

    Yeah joe really needs to stop playing the hero here and do the inaug via zoom.
  3. It’s called being facetious. You’re the only one here who didn’t get it, and I’m not surprised.
  4. Yeah, what the fuck are you talking about?
  5. That’s just Bruce trying to interview for an assistant’s position on Shaka’s staff next year after kay-state fires his ass.
  6. Take that shit to raider power. Anyway, I woke up angry about this game then i realized why....that felt like a tournament game, and I get really angry when we lose in the tournament. Driving to my office, I calmed down because we are still 10-2, can grow from this loss, and more importantly I knew we would lose again it was just a matter of when. Only being up 10 to tech isn’t going to cut it. They were always going to come back. Work on some this and regroup. If we go on an epic toll the next several games, then I’ll worry.
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