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  1. We aren’t “due” to go to Villanova or host Kentucky because those were challenge games with those respective conferences. Those weren’t scheduled non-con, home/home games.
  2. Zero side effects on both shots. Am I lucky or what? I do workout 6 days a week, 2-2.5 hrs each day and have for damn near 15 years straight.
  3. That and ACU is going to the WAC starting in the fall and that’s equal to CUSA. No need to leave.
  4. What is the deal with radical Republicans and using the word “woke” all the time?
  5. It's not about firing Hudy rather it's about who CB is comfortable with and who he believes can get the players to where he wants them for this system and his plan. This was always going to be a possibility, and it seems people are getting more angry about this than is necessary. Hudy also worked with Vic and the women's team, so it's possible she could be retained for that but who knows.
  6. I don’t see him in Beard’s system. Dude is slow in defense.
  7. But are yall okay with the vandalism at Beard’s Lubbock house?
  8. Christ, Gonzaga got it to 9 now I go get a refill and it’s back up to 16.
  9. I feel like some refs are at the level where they do everything they tell us not to do yet get rewarded for it where as I would get punished. Bo Boroski is basically trying to call this game by himself. He won’t get punished for it after this at all.
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