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  1. 1 min to go and Evansville up by 5
  2. 2 min to go and Evansville is up by 5
  3. Republicans and Trump are just truly shitty human beings.
  4. 1.) Same about higher ed and never hearing about this university. 2.) This game is part of the 2K Empire Classic Benefiting Wounded Warrior Project, so I don't believe UT had a choice of what team they played.
  5. Or they both can stay where they are and stay in mediocrity while I laugh my ass off.
  6. How did we let a 5 star from Katy get recruited by Syracuse?
  7. Him dumping Pence to put Nikki on the ticket is an attempt to win back suburban women. shes up to something based on the new book and tv appearances lately.
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