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  1. Can the president veto or whatever vote by mail for the ejection?
  2. I seriously always thought that is the best strategy. Have football coaches make a national PSA letting folks know if they don’t stay home, there will be no football this year. either that or pray your and my governors grow a pair. Yours did.
  3. Wells on IT is saying to Close is a name to watch. Not sure if he’s just spitballing or is actually in the know.
  4. We don’t know that she was “healthy” from that story.
  5. If you have Twitter, please repost or like this so the police can arrest these fucking idiots
  6. There is talk of not going back in the Fall, but it’s just thinking ahead at this moment.
  7. Posted this on IT: I don't see Staley coming. She has it stacked in Souf Carolina and has a Tennessee-like program already built. Why would she leave that? (But I'd love to have her, she just isn't realistic here.)First call should be to Walz at Louisville.EDIT: Actually Schaefer is only 59. He could get it rolling here for 10-12 years or so.Not sure we can pull Kelly from Oregon, but without Sabrina, they'll take a step back next year.Close at UCLA should be on the list.Frese from Maryland should be on here as well.
  8. Welp we fired Aston today (contract not renewed) so at least CDC did something.
  9. Gupta on CNN now saying we need a nationwide stay at home order today and it needs to go on until the end of May. He noted that even at the end of May, it would probably still need to be evaluated again to see if it should be lifted.
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