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  1. and AND he would only come to Texas if Shaka was the coach. Mindblown
  2. Will be even better with our next coach
  3. Yeah I can’t tell if the team has improved or just ran into some luck.
  4. Why say the game starts at 3 when it's really 3:20?
  5. I know how the flights between CA and TX work. But, once again, this is a fan perspective. I'm talking about the teams themselves. They aren't taking 7 hours to get to anywhere. You can leave Morgantown after an 8pm basketball game and still get to Austin by midnight. You can't say the same after a 7pm PST tip at Oregon. But as I said before, this is all moot because we aren't going to the PAC. That ship has sailed.
  6. Right...but that's not even what I'm talking about. The time difference in terms of hours lost/gained when traveling back to Austin would be detrimental to the athletes of those other sports. That's what I'm talking about. But it's irrelevant as we aren't going to the PAC anyway. It's either Big 12, Big 10, or ACC.
  7. Do you understand time difference bro?
  8. For football fans, no. For the athletes (especially the Olympic sports), yes, yes it is bad.
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