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  1. Yup, just checked the NCAA website. Ft. Worth - 1st/2nd round games San Antonio - S16/EE NOLA - FF
  2. Gerry lol Posted this or IT, but I think next year’s tournament has Ft. Worth as a 1st weekend site and San Antonio for the S16.
  3. Gerry thinks it will be FSU, but that’s just his gut and not off of any intel.
  4. Pretty much sounds like numerous posters in this thread. Let’s make a sweeping generalization about CRT and proclaim that it’s bad and shouldn’t be taught K-12 schools so I’m going to not send my kids to public school because that’s what they are doing there and it’s only applied to America and not any other country and it teaches that White folks are the devil and that my great-great-great grandpa whipped his slaves so hard that one of the legs fell off of the slave and they used that leg like a ham hock when cooking greens for the slave owners on Sundays. That is what CRT is and that’s why
  5. Was out with friends Saturday just doing our thing at the bars. I brought an edible with me, but I never took it. Instead, I just stuck to drinking. Randomly, I just started laughing uncontrollably. My friends suspected I had taken the edible, but I never did. For some reason, something at the bar that night reminded me of The Simpsons and that doctor where wherever he goes, he just says “HI EVERYBODY!” And they go “HI DR. NICK!” And just thinking about that line made me laugh for what seemed forever. Even I thought I was high, granted where we were you could tell many people were s
  6. Pancho

    Gym Pet Peeves

    The whole “let me do bodybuilding poses in the mirror” shit is getting way old. So is the “let me purposely pull up my shorts I’m hopes the whole gym looks at my quads.” As he’s walking around he just keeps pulling them up. They go right back down after walking a few more steps and he pulls them back up again. Christ.
  7. This is an example of what radical Republicans are trying to stop because they think it’s CRT when it’s just history.
  8. Basically, the radical right wing Republican Party just wants to cancel and erase the history of people of color in this country. I just challenge any radical Republican to explain why that’s okay in their book
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