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  1. We are 100% committed to a safe, effective, long-lasting vaccine as our only hope of getting out of this. The dumbfuck redneck pieces of shit made that decision for us. Vote.
  2. As long as unemployment is relatively low, the Fed will be able to unwind the printing to some degree. The theory won’t really be tested until we start to see rising inflation at the same time the economy is down. My non-expert opinion is that the of basis Fed policy is sound, but it is executed in a very inefficient way that feeds inequality and exacerbates asset bubbles. Access to borrowing and stimulus should be directed further down the chain where it can spread further and generate more monetary velocity. Instead of bond purchases and lending to banks, the Fed should address rates and unemployment by providing access to capital directly to individuals. Why not make available zero rate loans from the Fed to anyone buying their first home (Fannie/Freddie), pursuing an education (Sallie) or starting a business (SBA)? I’d even wonder if the Fed should directly fund (via interest free loans) Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid for all. I welcome getting schooled on this.
  3. It would not surprise me if this were true. But his ego will not let him bow out.
  4. I would welcome Michelle Obama as Ambassador to the UN
  5. I hate Donald Trump and think he’s the worst thing to happen to our country since 1865, but yall are living in a fantasy if you think any of the following will happen: Trump dropping out of the election R’s bailing on Trump Trump getting indicted Trump going quietly Those are all pipe dreams. The absolute best case scenario is a curb stomping at the ballot box so overwhelming that it snuffs out any chance to contest the election and FINALLY convinces R’s to abandon Trump and convinces Trump to slink off and take over one of the right wing news networks and promote his book. But more likely is that Trump does absolutely everything in his power to win: introduce 3rd party candidates, foster conspiracy theories of voter fraud, welcome foreign interference, etc. Then, when he loses, the election will be close enough for him to challenge the results. And when the Supreme Court finally makes Biden President, Trump will not go away; he will cause as much damage as possible in preparation for running again in 2024.
  6. Many of these women would make a lot of sense filling out the rest of the cabinet rather than VP: Demings or Harris for AG Abrams for Sec of HHS Duckworth for Sec Defense Rice for Sec of State Bottoms for HUD Sec Warren for Sec Treasury
  7. If you think the English wouldn’t have committed that same genocide, well I don’t know what to tell you. This is the worst shape our country has been in since the Civil War. But it’s still almost certainly better off than if it were a British Colony, especially in the long run.
  8. This this this. It’s the evil move and also the best path for him to get Re-elected. Pressure opening up, focus on increasing job numbers, focus on the stock market, focus on White fear, set the stage to rig or contest the election results. I GUARANTEE there will be another round of stimulus in Sept/Oct to get the market to peak right before the election. And he’ll just ignore the scores of people getting sick and dying; there will be no point at which he will address it. Hell, most countries have closed their borders to our citizens and the virus is spreading about as fast as possible and he’s ignoring. It can’t get much worse.
  9. I hate that this thread got started. This election is FAR from decided. That said, Biden’s 1st 100 days should be 100% focused on a return to normalcy: handling the pandemic, help soothe racial tensions, stimulus to get unemployment back to single digits, normalizing relations with our allies. IF the democrats also gain control of both houses, then he can be more ambitious: strengthen/broaden the ACA, raise taxes on the 1%, raise minimum wage and increase unemployment benefits.
  10. Looking for a silver lining, it is very likely that July 15-Aug 1 will be the peak of the pandemic in Travis County until the fall, and possibly ever, depending on improvement in leadership, treatment, and prevention. I thought for sure by now people would have gotten wise, test and trace would be in place, and there would be a standard of treatment. While I do think treatment protocol has improved since March which has lowered the death rate, all in all we have had a huge letdown by everyone, especially leadership. Texas has basically been under no restriction since Memorial Day and people just aren’t getting it. The mask mandate will help but the reality is that Texas and the entire US are fucked until there is a vaccine, which I don’t expect until spring. I never would have predicted I would be this embarrassed to be a Texan or American.
  11. That does not surprise me. Only thing I’d note is that there’s a difference between fiscal responsibility and economic prosperity. Not that it is very meaningful in this context, because the GOP has even less credibility as the party of economic prosperity than it does as the party of fiscal responsibility.
  12. I agree they’re not related, other than that they’re both things that the GOP tried to lay claim to. My point is that both claims lost all remaining credibility when they chose Trump as their leader.
  13. The GOP and conservatives potentially have a very important role. There is a heavy need for the voters/representatives who rein in progressivism by asking questions like “how are we going to pay for that” and “what’s the real cost”. I am not old enough or studied enough to know if that was ever the reality of how the GOP served (I suspect this was the case during the Eisenhower administration), but it doesn’t appear to have been the case since at least 2000. Sadly, over at least the last 20 years, the GOP slid from conservatism to regression. People today calling themselves conservatives are in reality regressives; they’re not ensuring progress is made responsibly and with accountability, they’re actively working to take society backwards. Embracing Trump was not only the death blow to their credibility as the party of family values and fiscal responsibility, it shifted their focus completely away from the parts of their ideology that have value. In the context of our 2 party system, I am hopeful the GOP can shift into the proper role I described above as stewards of responsibility and accountability who serve as a check on radical liberalism. But the only way that can happen is if the demagoguery represented by Trump is irreversibly defeated. The 2016 election was devastating, but it wasn’t the end of the story. In my opinion, a Trump Re-election would definitely mean the end of the GOP as anything other than the party of fascism, but quite possibly could mean the end of progress in our country.
  14. Yep. If Trump had just gotten out in front of his base and convinced them that quarantining and wearing masks were the patriotic thing to do, and immediately allocated the resources to test and trace everywhere, his approval rating would probably be almost 60%. Dumbass was handed $6T in stimulus and can’t even convert that to Re-election.
  15. Zero chance of it happening, but if Trump announced he was dropping out of the race, and the GOP put up Marco Rubio as their candidate against Joe Biden, I think Rubio would win. But there is no chance of that happening.
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