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  1. It was his time. The Horn needs some fresh blood bad. Craig Way is an icon. Rod Babers is ok. E Hogan is ok but Bucky is in decline and needs to be minimized. I wouldn’t mind seeing Rod take Buckys place in the morning (with Bucky maybe part time if he’ll accept that), teaming up with Erin. Then leave Craig where he’s at and bring in a whole new afternoon crew. Someone who is actually funny and someone who actually knows sports. KD at this point was neither.
  2. While Doocy IS a stupid SOB and Bidens hot mic comment is funny, Biden should apologize for it. Calling a reporter a stupid sob is a Trump move, Biden needs to show more class than that, because that’s what separates him from Trump, and that’s why people voted for him.
  3. My amateur prediction is the next 6 months will be rough followed by 18 months of unprecedented prosperity. Fed/errbody underestimating what % of price increases is due to supply issues rather than money supply. This will unwind over the course of the spring/summer. By fall we will see prices on consumer goods start to come down or at least stabilize. Mid term elections will likely ensure gridlock which is always good for markets. There are still major risks (Ukraine/Russia, US political instability, to a lesser degree COVID) but I think 2023 is going to be an all-timer.
  4. I like the way the WR group stacks up now. An All-American caliber player (Worthy), 2 guys who would start at most schools (Whittington and Neyor), 2 guys with limited upside who’ve played a lot (Washington, Dixon), a highly rated recruit (Thompson), and 5 unknowns (Omeire, Cain, Alexis, Harrison, Red). Not on par with the best groups we’ve ever had, but plenty good enough to achieve all the goals if they stay healthy.
  5. Of course it’s totally subjective. But put it this way: what would you set the over/under on number of guys from that list to ever make an nfl roster? If it’s more than 5, then it’s safe to say there’s enough “good” talent to make my point, which is that the performance of the DL/LB in 2022 will be based on how the coaches perform more so than on how much talent/depth there is.
  6. DL: Mathis, Collins, Coburn, Murphy, Ojomo, and Sweat as guys who have played a lot and shown at least flashes of talent. Tapp, Thomas, Sorrell, Ross, Finkley, Bledsoe, Harris, Burke, Bryant, and Swanson as unproven guys who should have some measure of upside. Broughton, Oghoufu, and Bush as untalented players with experience who can provide additional depth. LB: Moody, Overshown, Ford, and Gbenda as guys who have played and shown at least flashes of talent. Blackwell, Brown, and Johnson as unproven guys who should have some upside. Brockermeyer and Richardson as untalented players with experience who can provide additional depth.
  7. If we get those transfers, I won’t consider talent or depth to be an overarching concern; these will be the 5 questions going into the season (in order): 1. How good can Quinn Ewers be in 2022? 2. How good can an OL be when the 2 deep will be made up of 5 experienced holdovers from last years shitty unit combined with 5 highly touted true freshmen? 3. Can our coaches effectively utilize the talent and depth in the front 6-7? 4. Can the veteran DBs hold things down until the inexperienced depth asserts itself? 5. Can the kicker be good enough to keep from costing us a game?
  8. Neyor, Mathis, Moody, and Brini would be an amazing finish to the portal class and leave the roster with no glaring weaknesses imho.
  9. Same here, I subbed a total of <10 days a few years ago and it was enough to cure me of any notion I had that teaching was for me. NOBODY subs for the money. They are doing it out of boredom, training/experimentation, or charity. You might get more applicants if you got up into the $30-40/hr range but I doubt it. I actually think that rather than throw money at salary increases they should instead dramatically lower the student/teacher ratio. Not only would get better outcomes for the kids but also provides better insurance against staffing shortages.
  10. I work with roughly different 20 clients at any given time in my job (all remote). Last week 6 of those 20 told me they had COVID; they are scattered all across the country. Only 1 of them was too sick to meet with me. Shit is crazy.
  11. Total speculation based on past results and who is being mentioned as contenders for playing time on next years roster.
  12. I think that line of thinking dramatically underestimates the violence that would ensue, perpetrated by pussy libtards. You see the Georgia leg change the vote of their electors and there will be riots that make Rodney King and the 60s look like tiddlywinks.
  13. Has there been any polling on what a Beto vs Huffines race would look like?
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