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  1. *James Carville from Old School* This was perfect...I have no response.
  2. The worst thing about today’s society is that everyone seems to have completely rejected nuance. I wasn’t advocating immediately eliminating distancing or instantly prescribing it across the board. I was just pointing out what looks like a positive development.
  3. Fuck you. You can go back and look at my previous posts, I am no troll and I fucking hate Donald Trump with the fury of 1000 suns. I was just noting the amount of stories piling up that the shit actually works. You guys are fucking animals.
  4. It’s still all pretty anecdotal, but not only has the French govt fully embraced it as an effective treatment (in the last 48 hrs), but there are several stories out of NY from doctors saying they have used it with tremendous success.
  5. The malaria drug / Zpac combo appears to work, tons of evidence that 90% of the time it cures this shit within 5 days. That combined with massive testing (both of infection and antibody) seems like it should obviously be the focus that I’m totally puzzled as to why it isn’t accepted by all. If we can cure this deal 90% of the time within 5 days, this becomes no biggie real quick and everything is completely back to normal everywhere by Memorial Day (assuming we can make enough of the drugs and tests).
  6. Yeah if they tried shutting down grocery stores people would riot. Only potential measures they could take are closing all businesses except grocery stores and medical facilities and assigning times when folks can go to the store (e.g. people whose last name starts with A-D can go on Sunday, E-H Monday, etc.). But there’s simply not the manpower to deliver food or truly enforce a quarantine. If the shelter in place that most major cities already have in place doesn’t work, it’s over, and herd immunity or a miracle cure/vaccine are the only things that can fix it (or the end of civilization).
  7. It is very troubling that we do not appear to be on a path to making both infection and antibody tests truly readily available to everyone. Testing everyone is the only way to allow people to safely return to normal life. Neither Trump nor many governors appear to have this as a priority. Scary.
  8. I firmly believe that with the right leadership we would be entering the tail end of this crisis having suffered only a fraction of the economic damage and lost lives. Had Trump recognized back in Nov-Dec-Jan what was coming and acted decisively (gradually shut down all international travel over Jan-Feb, immediately gotten started provisioning PPE/tests/treatments/vaccines, nationwide shelter-in-place during all of March), the US would have <50,000 total cases, and there would be almost no risk of overwhelming the healthcare system. We really would be looking at Easter as a realistic time to reopen the country. I don’t know what previous presidents would have done. I don’t know if they would have had better information to work with or if they’d have acted more decisively. But it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone handling this in a more divisive, dishonest, and confusing way.
  9. Donald Trump has turned my life into a neverending bad acid trip.
  10. Trump obviously knows local leadership (governors, country judges, mayors) will override his directive to cut restrictions, which will allow him to blame further economic destruction on them. It helps that most of the current hotspots are blue. Smart politics but also evil.
  11. Will ask again as this thread moves fast and I didn’t get an answer the first time: is there anywhere online to monitor Travis county hospital capacity? Sinking feeling I’m going to catch this crap and need to know if I’m gonna be SOL when it turns south.
  12. Is there a site that gives status of area hospitals? Will definitely come in handy once they start reaching capacity here in the next 2-3 weeks.
  13. Assuming this gets under control in the next couple months and they have an effective vaccine/treatment within a year: Working from home will become far more prevalent. Already happening but will happen faster; will have dramatic impacts on traffic, home floor plans, etc. Small preventative measures: airports taking peoples temp during security screening, etc. Universal healthcare more likely than before. Even without that, there will likely be laws put in place to have better plans in case of another pandemic. Lots of dying industries will die faster: retail is fucked. Lots of thriving companies will do even better: Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google This is more of a long shot, but I’m hoping all these people having their kids at home helps gain momentum to better the education system: lower student/teacher ratios, higher teacher pay, more technology, etc. I have proven very bad at these kind of predictions in the past.
  14. I do not consider myself a prepper, but I have always made sure we have >200,000 calories of non-perishable food on hand, and I have a small area of my garage reserved for emergency supplies (lifestraw, water tablets, portable still, batteries, masks, knives, camping gear, flashlights, basic medicines, etc.). I also recently installed a 100w solar system in my pool area so we can charge phones with no power. I am also anal about making sure my gas tank never gets less than half full (not hard since I drive <300 miles a month). I have a history of major depression which means real guns are a bad idea, so the only gun I own is a pellet gun that would be able to kill birds to eat. In the event of a true societal collapse due to disease I figure many many firearm owners will have long been dead, so (maybe naively) I figure I can get a gun when needed. I feel really good about being able to ride out a 2-3 month quarantine, but if the shit truly hit the fan the fact that I am in a major city with no guns and small children probably means I’m toast.
  15. No. Even when I’m able to get the anxiety to subside, the 4 year old and 1.5 year old are fucking relentless. There are positives: no rushing to get the kids ready for daycare, some quality time with them. But overall this has been hell. Now, if I didn’t have kids, I would be LOVING this. Reduced focus on work, the wife and I home alone for a month? Bring that shit on. But alas...
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