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  1. It’s the true test of a restaurant manager’s morality. They either say “we have to charge what they put as the total”, or they correct it and you get the fill tip.
  2. I don’t know much about college baseball coaching situations, but how in the hell could Pierce possibly be retained at this point? The season ended weeks ago and the AD has been completely silent despite unignorable headlines about the head coach’s status. If there were even the slightest chance Pierce were going to be allowed to return, CDC would have given some measure of support, even if in a way that he could go back on later. If CDC announced Pierce is coming back after the CWS ends, everyone (recruits/transfers) will know he is on his way out and that CDC missed on whatever coaches they tried to get, which would be disastrous for Texas’s ability to build a roster for next season or get any measure of positive momentum. Right?
  3. Both things can be true. Houston’s farm is relatively weak, so there’s a need to move prospects quickly, BUT it’s not like they’re moving guys up who aren’t performing. Ferreras, Williams, and Matthews all had a wRC+ of >140 in High a before moving up, and they all had at least 95 pa. Bloss has been dominant at both levels. So yes, they are moving up partially because they aren’t blocked, but also the early returns on Dana Brown’s first draft are extremely positive. Wagner is a poor defensive player who doesn’t hit for much power. He’s hit just 21 HR across more than 250 minor league games, many of those coming in very hitter-friendly parks. He has a plus hit tool and hits from the left side, so he has a big league future, but it is extremely likely to be limited to bench duty or as a fringey regular.
  4. They’ll probably aim higher to someone like Luis Robert, but Elias was with Houston when Meyers was drafted.
  5. Pretty sure the owner of Jimmy John’s is a maga shitbird.
  6. I want to believe this, but the fact that so many GOP politicians are enthusiastically falling in behind Trump makes me think they believe Trump will win. Of course, maybe they are doing that because they think he has no chance of winning, thus they know their support doesn’t mean risking another Trump presidency, so they’re just keeping his base in their corner for the future.🤷
  7. WAY too short a list. Vladimir Putin. Kim Jong Un. Ayatollah Khomeini. Nicolas Maduro. Stephen A Smith.
  8. PBS Kids pretty much has universally good content. Might be a tougher sell for the 9 year old but any kid 6 and under should be plenty entertained and almost everything they have has some educational aspect to it. Same for ABC Mouse. I have an 8 and 5 and the 8 year old is getting to the point where that shit don’t cut it. Obviously depends on the kid, but my wife taught my 8 year old to crochet and she’s obsessed with it, it’s how she’s spent a ton of time on days at home with no camps or screen time. We also took them to the library and checked out a shitload of books they liked, so the 8 year old spends a lot of time reading. The 5 year old hates reading because it’s hard. We also have homeschool style workbooks we got off Amazon and at the dollar store for 1st grade and 3rd grade. We’ve had to force them to do it but it has killed a few minutes each day.
  9. I thought they were both excellent. Just not perfect. In Andor, I wasn’t a fan of Vel and Karn. Vel both acting and character, Karn just acting. In Rogue One, I have never been much of a fan of non-Jedi using the force and I do not like Whitaker’s version of Saw Gerrera. But really for both it was just that I couldn’t put them in the same category as Empire.
  10. Star Wars live action groupings: Near-perfect: The Empire Strikes Back Flawed but excellent: A New Hope, Return of the Jedi, Rogue One, The Mandalorian Season 1, Andor, The Mandalorian Season 2 Not great, but entertaining and rewatchable: The Phantom Menace, Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Force Awakens Meh: The Last Jedi, Ahsoka, The Book of Boba Fett, Solo, The Mandalorian Season 3, Attack of the Clones Aborted fetuses: Rise of Skywalker, The Acolyte (so far)
  11. Accurate. They have 27 games left until the All-Star break and if they don’t go at least 16-11 over that stretch then they will likely be so far out of contention that they will be stupid not to sell.
  12. This team is done. They can play this out for 4 more weeks, but at this point they have to win 2/3 of their remaining games to even think about making the playoffs. Not happening. A half assed deadline where they trade Bregman and keep everybody else is worst case scenario. They need to be proactive: Tucker, Framber, JV, and Bregman all need to be gone; getting good value for those 4 guys now probably gives Houston a top 5 farm to go into next season with payroll flexibility and a pending top 5 draft pick, which is a lot brighter outlook than what they have now. Cabbage and Loperfido need extended run to see if they can play. Dubin needs to be moved into high leverage relief. Crane needs to start working his way thru the list to pick the next manager.
  13. Just finished episode 3. Easily the worst piece of Star Wars content I’ve ever seen. The acting and writing were as amateur as the first 2 episodes but this one even sported low budget special effects. The episodes main explosion and the Wookiee costume were laughable. The “there’s more than one way to skin The Force” is a trope. So is “the Jedi are bad guys”. The repetitive lines were something my 8 year old daughter could outdo if she wrote the script. This is the worst group of actors overall that I’ve ever seen in anything with a budget. Now the positives. The dude from Squid Game is good. Trinity is well-cast. And despite how terrible this show is, I actually do want to keep watching to see what really happened with the fire, even though I know I will be disappointed. I’m glad this is only 8 episodes, I wish it were only 4 (or zero).
  14. Not bad but gimme Kona instead of FL/Caribbean and Montana/Idaho instead of Colorado. But really if I could just get anywhere cool and liberal from July 1 - Sep 1 I would be satisfied living in Austin forever. With my current wealth/income, if I were to leave Austin full time the official visits would be: 1. San Diego 2. Charlotte 3. Fort Collins 4. Omaha 5. Madison
  15. Never would have been an issue if Hader hadn’t given up such hard contact.
  16. Pretty incredible: Brown, Arrighetti, France, Hader, Pressly, and Montero have combined for 22 losses in just 67 games.
  17. 106 mph EV on Abreu’s double. His timing is still mostly shit but the bat speed can be in there some times.
  18. Meh. You’re gonna have a hard time selling the idea of an ALCS game 7 as an unsuccessful season.
  19. Fwiw Keith Law has had beef with the Astros going back to before the sign stealing shit. So I wouldn’t take his comments as gospel. Prior to this season, Crane’s performance as an owner has been impeccable. It’s possible the sign stealing stuff scared him away from empowering a GM/POBO, and I suppose it’s possible Bagwell/Biggio/Jackson/Cabell have gone Grima Wormtongue on him and made him think old-school thinking is the way. But until Houston actually has an extended run of things not going to plan (like more than 1 bad month, which is where we’re currently at), I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. Aside from Abreu, which was a deal almost universally lauded at the time, and letting his GM go after winning a World Series, the other factors contributing to this seasons poor performance are pretty explainable as not the owners fault. Pitching injuries and bad luck can hammer any team at any time. And that with the backdrop of a poor farm system due to a decade as deadline buyers and 4 lost draft picks for cheating.
  20. Really bad thru the first 2 episodes. I will keep watching because I am a sucker. Casting, acting, writing, and story are all weak. Visuals are average by today’s standards. I am not anti-woke but the fat Jedi was ridiculous. This show also immediately trots out the most annoying recurring plot device in the Star Wars universe: untalented rookie easily defeats more powerful more experienced opponent. Trinity went down like a bitch when she should have mopped the floor with that twat.
  21. Nah. He is likely to strike out a lot in the majors, and he is not a great defender at 3B. He projects more as a quality utility infielder who can hit for power and also offers value as a baserunner. His power/speed combo do give him a high ceiling though if he can make enough contact. At this point if the Astros don’t make a trade or sign a 3B in free agency, Dubon is likely the opening day 2025 3B, which wouldn’t be the end of the world.
  22. I have no idea. But I do know it wouldn’t feel like our country was teetering on the edge of total annihilation of our way of life like it does now.
  23. My guess is (assuming it happened before October) we’d see a scramble that would result in Newsome vs Rubio. I would take that in a heartbeat.
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