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  1. Replacement should be: black woman not running in the primary between age 50 and 75 not a current member of Congress Newsome painted himself a narrow lane for his pick, he better already have the person lined up.
  2. 5 years but yeah. Also, Jamie Dimon is a know-nothing douchebag.
  3. Thanks for the recommendation, we did end up fishing that spot halfway down the GISP pier when we went last year. No keepers but good activity on small black drum and sheepshead. We will probably try it again this weekend. I had my wife with me last year and she didn’t really feel like getting very far into the water so we didn’t try wading the shoreline, I might get a chance to do it this time. Thanks for this recommendation. We didn’t get to try that spot last year but plan on trying it when we are down there this weekend.
  4. Rangers would much rather face the Mariners than Astros in the playoffs. They will tank that series. Houston must win tonight and then have to take 2 of 3 in Arizona. Fangraphs says they have 58% chance but it’s probably more like 18%.
  5. If Houston hires a POBO it will be Crane doing the hiring and that person would be Brown’s boss.
  6. She is a freshman so she hasn’t been there thru a winter yet, so maybe she will turn sour on it then. But she grew up in the SeaTac area so I doubt it’ll affect her all that much. I’m sure for somebody from Texas the short days and frequent dreary weather may be a drag (but can’t possibly be more of a drag than the blastfurnace in Texas).
  7. My niece no pics goes there and from all reports it’s amazing. Her dorm room window overlooks the water. Looks pretty fuckin awesome from the pics I’ve seen.
  8. If mine get into Stanford or Rice, I’d happily write the check to pay for liberal arts degrees if that’s what they want to study. My opinion is that if they work hard enough to gain admittance to one of those schools, they’ve earned my money even if it doesn’t represent a good market value. But I totally understand the sentiment.
  9. I am 10+ years away from this scene, my kids are 8 and 5. But my older one appears extremely bright so far; 99th percentile in every test she has taken. But even with that I will be utterly shocked if she gets into Texas in 10 years. She doesn’t project to have the dedication to get the class rank or supplemental resume to get into top tier schools. She is looking like she will be more like me: school will be easy and she’ll have great test scores and good but not great grades and mediocre extra curriculars. My younger one is too little to know, she’s still catching up from being a July baby. Regardless, for now i plan to tell my kids that if I'm going to pay for their schooling, the hierarchy is pretty clear: Ivy League Stanford Rice Texas Texas State ACC They're going to have to present me with an extraordinarily compelling case to pay for other private or out of state schools. My guess is they’ll both end up at Texas State where they will coast thru like I did at Texas. And if they want to go to Aggy or OU I will still love them but they’re out of the will.
  10. Given the lower costs, I’m assuming if they got to 30k subscribers they’d probably be making enough to survive. Not looking good.
  11. https://www.businessinsider.com/russias-25th-army-bakhmut-destroyed-ukraine-spy-chief-2023-9?amp I’ve seen links on several other popular sites, this was just the first link when I googled just now. It looks like the term “pinned down” just means they’re not able to advance or maneuver, not necessarily surrounded or cut off from supplies. I’m not sure how accurate that is or how big of a deal losing 15k dudes at once would be. Even for Russia who is throwing meat into the grinder, losing an entire division seems like it would be meaningful.
  12. Nothing on this thread of the report of 15,000 Russians pinned down near Bakhmut?
  13. Deeply offended by his description of Michael Taffe “steadying presence that can impact the game with his football IQ”
  14. I’m Going to this game, it’ll be my first ever experience watching Texas on the road. Any recs on where to pre-game?
  15. Did you ever think that the church you’re defending is just an “idealized version of yourself”? Of course people who hate gays and browns and poors are gonna defend the hateful churches and tell people who stand up to them that they’re “disagreeing with god”.
  16. High of 84 tomorrow, nothing over 93 in the 10 day. I’m ready to call it. Congrats all.
  17. “Tenuous at best” lol GMAFB on multiple points here. First, you don’t change the ticket, especially when you are heading into a rematch. Second, it’s pretty telling that you consider the best characterization of the economy as “tenuous”. Biden is old as fuck but he’s kicked ass all over. Harris lacks “likability” but she’s done nothing to warrant a change. Unless Biden dies in the next 15 months, he’s very likely to be re-elected, with Harris as his VP.
  18. Lineup is going to be amazing. Position player bench will be deep. Both on par with Omaha teams of the past. Starting pitching has a lot of risk. They are gonna be very dependent on Witt and LBJ. I don’t see another surefire weekend starter on that roster. They’ll be fine during the week and they should be able to lean on the bullpen quite a bit. But if Witt or LBJ don’t live up to their ceiling I have a hard time seeing this team winning it all.
  19. I had mono my senior of HS just before my last basketball season. It fucking destroyed me and I can honestly say I have never been the same. I was only sick/bedridden for 3 weeks, but I never recovered the energy levels I had prior to that point. It’s been 25 years now and I can still trace my chronic fatigue back to that ordeal. I really hope (and expect) that your kid has a better experience.
  20. Fuck that dude ALL the way up his ass. (Also, he’s wrong.)
  21. McCarthy clearly has seen enough evidence that he is confident we will see President Kamala Harris take office sometime next year.
  22. This far removed, the most lasting impact of 9/11 was how it marked the loss of security and innocence. Any American born since that day grew up without the feeling they could be confident that our basic way of life would go on uninterrupted.
  23. I gotta admit I thought Sark and Ewers were both bitches who would fold whenever shit got real. Glad to be wrong. Hook em Sark.
  24. Legibly speak? Dude do you legit not know how much you’re embarrassing yourself? I am convinced at this point that you’re not a troll; like, you actually believe the evil/stupid shit you type on this message board. But I am having a really hard time believing you can be this fucking stupid. Fucking brutal.
  25. I cannot answer that question without knowing how much the premium would be. I have never considered it but I am assuming you’re just describing supplemental unemployment insurance. I would be interested in that for the right price.
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