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  1. Word. Initially I assumed Trump’s campaign was essentially a publicity stunt. One he was clearly seriously in the running for the GOP nomination, I assumed he was just trying to become president to inflate his ego. That may actually be true. But once he won, I assumed that he (or those close to him) would ensure he was surrounded by competent people he could delegate all the real responsibility to; that his role would be mainly to get on camera and brag, but that he wouldn’t really want to do the work of being president. I figured he might involve himself superficially in some trade deal negotiations to have something to brag about, but that he’d quickly tire of that when he realized it was actual hard work. I also assumed he would hate being president and ensure he only served one term. Wrong across the board. The piece of shit is intent on fucking up EVERYTHING, ALL THE WAY.
  2. It’s crazy to me that someone with multiple bankruptcies on their resume was ever a viable candidate for president, much less actually elected. That may be at the top of the list of things that should have been a disqualifying factor for voters. Forget that his primary role in society was as a reality game show host, forget all the shit he had said and done that made it clear he was sexist and racist, forget all the aspects of his personal life that made it clear he was not a person of decent moral character and certainly not someone to hold up as an example of family values, forget that he had zero prior experience in government or military or even really leading a business in a role that might somehow approximate a qualification to be president. Just knowing “this motherfucker owned several business that ended up Chapter 11” should have been, on its own, MORE THAN ENOUGH for people to wholly reject his candidacy. I will never get over what a horrible reflection his election was on our society.
  3. Streets of Where I’m From not getting enough love on this thread. Fantastic song. If I made a set list: Melt Show Doreen Niteclub Nineteen Rollerskate Skinny Indefinitely The Other Shoe Color of a lonely heart is blue Jagged W-I-F-E Designs on You Mama Tried Four Leaf Clover Wont Be Home If My Heart was a car Most Messed Up State of Texas Encore 1: Question Barrier Reef Stoned Big Brown Eyes Encore 2: Valentine Streets of Where I’m From Murder (or a heart attack) Time bomb
  4. I guess Haley’s sudden aggression is now just prep for 2028, hoping that Trump is dead and the GOP rallies against Trumpism after so much losing. Doubtful it’ll pay off after she served in his administration.
  5. My worthless thoughts: Obama way too high; he was a decent president but disinterested in or incapable of making big foreign policy decisions. He might rank above average if you put his presidency in the context of him having to deal with being the first black president. Wilson too high. He kind of sucked. I would probably have McKinley and Coolidge a little higher. I would also have Trump much lower. I would find a way. Otherwsie pretty accurate.
  6. Old 97s have been my favorite band since 1999 and Rhett Miller was probably top 3 people in the world that I would’ve wanted to trade places with at that time. They haven’t released a song that I don’t like and they’ve never put on a bad show. They showed their age a bit the last time I saw them but it was still fun. The last few years I’ve seen too many quotes from Rhett lamenting how little money he makes compared to his St Marks classmates and that makes me extremely sad to think he’s that insecure. But from all accounts they are all really nice guys, and like I said they write nothing but good songs and put on nothing but good shows. Rare for a band to stay together and sustain the “popular but not overhyped” level of fame as they have.
  7. I was at the benefit show they did for your brother and cried when Rhett played the song he wrote for him. Sorry for your loss.
  8. Springer will put up 5-7 war total over the next 3 seasons and be worth a little less than he’s paid; given he put up a really good year in 2022, overall his contract has been pretty fair value. Springer had 20 SB last season; I don’t think his decline will be so much losing ability rather than he will struggle with nagging injuries that keep him from playing at peak level.
  9. Biden needs a good SOTU. Then he needs to stay away from cameras and microphones as much as possible until September, at which point he needs 70 days where he campaigns like hell without looking like he’s on death’s door. If that happens without the economy tanking, he should win. I don’t even think the US getting attacked would favor Trump. Trump not wanting to debate is a blessing for Biden.
  10. Maybe peak Springer is a bit much. But McCormick posted a wRC+ of 133 last season which is slightly higher than Springer’s career mark. If McCormick had been given 620 pa and performed at the same pace, he’d have put up 5.2 fwar, which is better than any season Springer had outside of 2019.
  11. I don’t think it’s effective to advertise that far in advance. There’s downside; if he starts touting his economy now, then come Aug-Oct if the bottom falls out for whatever reason, he would lose the narrative. Better to save all his ammo until summer then let out a deluge when his talking points are a little more reliable and people are closer to making their decisions.
  12. This is great. You should feel lucky to have a dad that was able to love you like that. I didn’t ever get this kind of thing from my dad and it really sucks. I have the same flaws (impatience, selfishness, self-hatred) that my dad has but I’m absolutely desperate and determined to have a deeper more positive relationship with my kids; so far so good, but they’re not teenagers yet.
  13. Last year he was as good as peak Springer on a pa/pa basis. I just have a hard time seeing him keep that pace as he plays LF everyday, which reduces his defensive value, rests him less, and puts him in less favorable matchups. That said, he’ll totally live up to the task of making noise in the bottom of the lineup and I agree he’s a great piece in the overall picture. I just think he’s closer in value to Josh Reddick than George Springer.
  14. I hope I am wrong, but I think 2023 was McCormick’s peak. I think he will still be a good player, just not the absolute star he was last season; the fact that he only got 457 pa last year despite not ever being seriously injured is sad. But if McCormick ever steals 30 bases in a season I will be utterly shocked. I also think Abreu has one last productive gasp in him; he showed last year that his injuries and the change in teams affected him pretty dramatically. Once he settled in and got healthy, he was pretty badass again.
  15. It is extremely close but based on projections Abreu would likely be the better run producer even if his ops were a few points lower, due to his contact profile. But it’s close enough not to matter. Really aside from getting Alvarez and Tucker as many appearances as possible and getting Meyers and Pena as few as possible, it’s pretty meaningless. Altuve, Bregman, Diaz, McCormick, and Abreu are all likely to be very close in overall offensive value.
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