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  1. If we go worse than 10-2 thru that schedule then somebody fucked up.
  2. Well Pinder just signed with the Reds, so crisis averted. I was surprised he couldn’t even snag a big league deal.
  3. I think Pinder would have made more sense prior to signing Brantley (assuming they were going to add an offensive catcher instead). I have always liked Pinder and thought he was underrated. At this point signing him would displace Hensley or Dubon or Meyers (all of whom have higher upside than Pinder), so depending on price it is still worth exploring.
  4. Was just thinking about this yesterday. Has there been a new musical genre since Grunge? Doesn’t seem like there’s been a new type of music since the 90s, when prior to that there were new genres at least every 5-10 years. There seemed to be a rush of what I would call “Xanax rock” a few years ago, but I never actually heard a term for it, and it didn’t seem popular enough to be generation-defining.
  5. For almost every 1st world country outside of the US (who can/will pull the immigration lever to supplement their working age population) and China/Russia (who are proper fucked because of their economic structure and unwillingness to embrace immigration), the next 30 years will be a very risky time as they go through an unprecedented societal experiment. Can Europe, Japan, S Korea, and Australia maintain their standards of living despite dramatic declines in working age population and economic activity? That’s something never before seen in human history. If that’s not possible, can those same countries somehow turnaround the population decline to at least eventually achieve population stability? Again, never before seen in human history. There will be a lot it things that can be done in the short term (extending what is defined as “working age”, fully embracing automation and robotics to replace human workers) to stem the tide, but those 2 questions will really determine the next phase of humanity. One thing that is interesting to me is that of all the books/articles I have read on this topic, none of them predict that the countries who currently project for continued population growth (S America, Africa, India) will rise to the top of world powers as other countries populations collapse.
  6. No background/experience in scouting or player development. He’s totally unqualified to be an MLB GM by todays standards and if he is hired it’s pure nepotism based on his relationship with Bagwell, who seems like he kind of sucks when it comes to influencing the owner to veer back towards the old-school (eventual) loser way of doing shit.
  7. The Astros don’t have any “bad” contracts. They have paid market value for a few players recently: Abreu, Neris, Montero, Brantley, but those deals have either panned out in early returns or looked better as the free agent market evolved. McCullers $85M contract is probably their highest risk deal but I still fully expect that deal to end up being good for Houston.
  8. The real tragedy is that not one other student told that child to sit the fuck down and shut up. But also, that teacher should have sent someone to get help to remove the disruptive student. Not hard to avoid the potential assault charge there.
  9. My guess is Haley has been positioning herself to try to be Trump’s endorsed candidate if he doesn’t run and his VP if he does run.
  10. I consider any current layoffs at big tech that account for <10% of their total headcount to just be cleanup that had been postponed due to the last 3 years of insanity, and not really all that pertinent to current economic outlook. A 6% layoff at Google is mostly just firing people who aren’t doing any work and don’t have any real skills necessary for future growth.
  11. LoL no. Red bean is a kind of bean used as a sweetener in Asian food. I don’t even really know how to describe it. When it’s in paste form I would say it’s kind of like the consistency and sweetness of fig newton filling? I don’t know maybe any Asian Surl can chime in here. Anyway, this isn’t the exact product but very similar: https://chaoji.ca/en/product/6666/yimei-matcha-red-bean-popsicle
  12. I have learned over the years that some shit I have written off as Korean culture is actually just weird shit my wife’s family is into. They think red bean is equivalent/superior to all other sweeteners. They describe a green tea red bean popsicle as like a creamy sweet treat, but instead the motherfucker is a bland, milky-green popsicle with grainy ass beans mixed in it. Shit is nasty.
  13. Our freezer is just a temporary holding bin for trash. 2 months ago, our freezer was FULL. To the fucking brim. I demanded to go thru it together. The only things that weren’t freezer burnt or expired were a box of Korean green tea and red bean popsicles that even my kids won’t eat, and a package of chopped pecans. Shockingly, no lessons were learned.
  14. I think OH, PA, VA will be safe it nothing unexpected happens. I also think Dems can fund far right nutjobs in AZ, NV, WI, MT, and WV to win the GOP nom to make their candidate more appealing to the middle 70%; if they can hold 3 of those seats I would consider that a good outcome for them. That Cruz shit is a mirage; he's going to win again.
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