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  1. Sure looked like a bunch of good players playing mediocre football to me. Same shut different day. Mm is a fat fuck
  2. Hot takes: Felt like the same old same ol. So much for McCarthy being something that he isn’t, an analytics driven aggressive football mind.... Forcing the run way too much early in the game in early downs. Dak wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t consistently good either. The move to go for it on 4th & 3 was bad bc of the dumbass play called on 3rd, and the dumb ass play called on 4th. The missed calls probably evened out except for that offensive PI on the final drive, that was terrible
  3. I don’t have any idea what we’d be doing. I suppose check out the area, eat food places, chill at the hotel some, hit the beach. I was watching the local news and it doesn’t seem to locked down.
  4. So I’m thinking of going there for a few days with the mrs. around the end of September , but between the wildfire and the lockdown I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Anybody have any sense of how the place is to visit right now?
  5. Cynical me says it sounds like our cbs are dog shit if they are making a rookie look that good.
  6. Doc Martins we’re always a super rich kid thing. Jnco jeans
  7. My best friend had cable but no ac. We had ac but no cable. Tough hot summers
  8. Routinely having gushers In the house. Having clean light colored carpet
  9. Two girls that are actually cute
  10. Shit. Stoked about tonight’s fight but no sports urge? What’s the go to link place then?
  11. Saccones is good, but we’ve been ordering that sabinos Chicago style pizza. That stuff is good too.
  12. Can a person pay himself as a small business owner and have the loan be forgiven?
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