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  1. They were going to take that outside zone run play off the table I didn’t like seeing so much taafe so early…not when Kitan or Lewis could have been out there
  2. They keep trashing the Kansas schools but I would wager that both of them would beat a&m this year…
  3. The next two weeks will be tough matchups. Be worried about the team playing flat and the refs throwing their thumbs in the scale and losing games we should win.
  4. We put it in primarily for my mother in law bc she has bad knees and balance these days. I agree with you, they just see someone trying to use the wrong side without looking.
  5. This guy is actually really pretty amazing at building things, if anyone wants pretty much whatever built he seems like a good guy
  6. So I talked to him about replacing the sealed joists with pressure tested and we’re going to work that out. And today they did the replastering, and they finished installing the new drains and the things that hold the jets, and the hand rail, and now the pool is filling. They will put in the light and the jet eyes once the pool is full I guess? But the quartzscape is supposed to stay west I think. The thing is the hand rail isn’t centered. I think he did it on purpose bc the top stair isn’t too wide so if we center it there won’t be much on either side, but the wife and MIL worry about people trying to get in on the wrong side and getting hurt and so they want it centered. What do people think?
  7. Went by and saw them plastering. Looks like they did the spray deck too.
  8. They could jump on Taiwan just to change the story
  9. So it looks like the deck joists are not pressure treated lumber. I’m told this is a critical issue and I need to take it up with the guy. I’ve done some research and if untreated wood is the only option given the budget, then I have a few things going for me: (1) the deck shouldn’t be exposed to too much water bc of the roof, (2) the joists are a few inches above the ground, and (3) untreated spoiled needs to be prepared with some chemical and then sealed every so often. I’ve read that a pressure treated deck will need maintenance in 10 years but untreated may need maintenance in 2-5 years. I’m also feeling some regret bc I probably could have done a slab instead of deck but at this point the materials are bought. [emoji2371]
  10. If you are in the central Texas area I could pass you this guys contact info. They build them from scratch that’s their main thing I think.
  11. I hope so, just kind of took him at his word for it…couldn’t find any online presence for his company.
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