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  1. But at least you have all the wonderful decor to stare at while contemplating life
  2. Just curious, did y'all consider cross-training nurses to prepare for this? It seems like all the nurses and doctors knew there'd be a nursing shortage. Good luck and thank you!
  3. I prefer to read this as NY learning from our mistakes, and you're welcome.
  4. This makes me miss skipping weddings because they're scheduled on sacred Saturdays in the fall. They deserve the poor attendance and they should feel bad.
  5. You're bringing cloak room baggage here. It's the surly way to make fun of physical short comings, obesity, forehead lumps, horse teeth, five heads, shark teeth, gnarly knees, hammered toes...
  6. If you're going to insult someone's intelligence, you should probably read what they wrote.
  7. You understand the only road back to normal, prior to a vaccine, is contact tracing and suppression of the virus? Herd immunity is a pipe dream. People getting tests right now are waiting 7-10 days for results and getting a ton of false negatives. That's pointless. Adler said yesterday that only those with symptoms will be tested because we lack capacity... 5+ months in, we can't test people to properly contact trace. As a proud American that thinks we can accomplish anything we dedicate ourselves to, the testing debacle from February until now is outrageous.
  8. we don't have testing capacity to properly contact trace... We can't suppress out breaks. Ball game.
  9. On our way, fuck the masks and quarantine
  10. How old? I'm pretty thankful ours are 2.5... Old enough to be ruggedized, too young to know they're missing anything.
  11. Theres nothing political about it. We lacked testing and had no visibility into the true scale of the problem so we responsibly erred on the side of caution. The duration of the lock down when it was clear hospitals weren't being challenged is another subject, but hindsight is 20/20.
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