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  1. B00M

    Sam Ehlinger

    It's what your mom says
  2. Holy fuck. This is almost as embarrassing as our offense. That guy needs to delete his Twitter. Our pitching was great. Our defense was good enough. Dwelling on the Hodo play is silly. It was a tough play in normal conditions but add the crazy wind and you can't expect that lucky shit to be an out. Maybe Kennedy makes that play but who else on the roster would? Our offense might as well have gone to the plate without bats. The outcome would have been really fucking similar. It was clear by the 3rd inning we were going to set a record.
  3. Lulz you mad... in our family we take a goofy pic AND a normal pic. I struck this pose for one year's goofy pic so don't act like your petty hand sign made you less uptight.
  4. Did you guys take another picture where the adults pretended to be adults?
  5. I can't help but assume she's fat
  6. Lol they're still fucking counting? What losers
  7. Oh, I thought those were maybe inflated hardcore ribbed condoms or some dumb shit but then I wondered what she was sucking in the shower....
  8. What a strange thing to say. Does it only count if more people die?
  9. I mean, in the 1 viewing I gave this, it looked like the duration of the "chase" was cut some. Probably not much, but has the official/claimed chase time been released?
  10. What a fucking asshole. If we can't shoot him in the dick he at least needs it smashed in a drawer
  11. So does CPS get involved when you accidentally shoot your kid? Something tells me she will do whatever it takes to lose custody.
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