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  1. This is an inexcusably bad offensive team.
  2. This totally fixed the issue by the way. The barely detectable gas leak was making water take longer to get hot and required more hot water flow to achieve the desired temp.
  3. Oh I see, when you said you were "ready for negs", you meant to say you'd respond to a single explained neg with multiple in response. Cool man. Hope you fuck around and get sourced.
  4. Pretty obvious Kimmel was joking and there's no sense looking for any deep meaning here. OP, why not post the text of the link? And why post a brietbart link instead of the readily available and more entertaining source? Negged for knowing better and still doing it.
  5. Mother who presumably lives there is either complicit or a victim. News story suggests these situations are never resolved by the local government. I'm warming up to your bricking proposal.
  6. Hey look there's Brad swimming in garbage and yelling at little kids to put on a mask
  7. Is it really that hard to find an apartment dumpster? Why would you pay for this? ...Or is that just all his shit that he dumped on his mom's property to make it look like a business?
  8. Basically boils down to drugs. They see the guy at the top of the drug pyramid roll down the street and want his lifestyle. It's super easy to get your foot in the door before you even have pubes, and naturally, everyone assumes they'll be the boss one day. In reality they make less than minimum wage to end up dead or in jail at a young age.
  9. I guess this is breaking news so I can't find a transcript or any news source elaborating on it. Big if true.
  10. So let's see, you're a naturally born citizen with generations of US family, children of your own, and military service, but you rent that condo in an overpriced urban area and only indirectly pay property taxes? ...Sorry!
  11. What happened to Kennedy? Figured he'd be a fixture in the top of the order
  12. The kid basically never attended school. Do you really believe they only reached out once? Sounds like she couldn't attend the parent teacher conference she's admitting to and never did a single thing to see her kids progress. Did she give the school a bad phone # or was it entered into the auto system incorrectly? ...Did she ever even ask her kid what he was learning? She gets zero benefit of the doubt from me. Total failure as a parent and likely a liar looking for a payday. But in those three years, only one teacher requested a parent conference, which France says never happened
  13. What are teachers doing this year at typical schools when suddenly half their classes fail due to remote learning? Any of them simply advancing the kids because failing half or more of the school will cause more problems than it will solve? Now imagine you're dealing with that situation every year.
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