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  1. I guess he's mis-reading the no social distancing curve in UT's report? Even if we do nothing, we aren't expected to "peak" until late May. If we're on the 50% social reduction curve, May will be pretty quiet. https://sites.cns.utexas.edu/sites/default/files/cid/files/covid-19_analysis_for_austin_march2020.pdf?m=1585249934
  2. You love Clay Travis? Even if you agree with this particular blazing hot take (which may not age particularly well), what the fuck is wrong with you? You must also love Kurt Bowels
  3. @JBJ curious what your thoughts are on the UT model of the Austin area, particularly the assumptions. Do you think we are on the 50% social distancing curve? If we are drastically under reporting the actual number of infected, say there are 4 times as many infected as we think.. That only shifts the curves 2 doubling periods (8 days) to the left, correct? @closetojumping what say you about the UT model? More circle jerking by doomsdayer nerds ignoring the real world?
  4. I suppose the silver lining to the UT report is we have another 1-2 months for our hospitals to prepare. I'm looking forward to seeing their models for the state and country.
  5. Such a bullshit perspective, but you may always get to keep it! Forcing people not to work and making everyone else work from home and not leave for anything but the grocery store slowed the spread and limited the number that died in the 1st wave?! SEE?! THERE WAS NO REASON TO PANIC!!1
  6. Is it possible that seasonal influenza is multiple simultaneous strains so the combined R0 is 2-3 but individual strains are under 2.0? Any chance you're both right and we can move on?
  7. For fuck sake, just take iran and china off these already.
  8. Did you ever get tested? When did you 1st show symptoms? I keep waiting for the link to your herbal remedy website...
  9. A few bad apples fucking shit up for everyone -- typical. That said, I have a hard time judging the hospital nurse/doctor on the front lines every day with far from ideal PPE. That's gotta be terrifying.
  10. Good talk. Just to be clear, today, there's only one thing you can do to help get the economy open again: stop the spread. Stay home. Quit spewing ignorant bullshit.
  11. What would you do differently? Personally, I wish all the folks that don't want to obey social distancing and instead just want to let this run its course could be sent to some island where they can't harm the rest of us. Then we can see how it plays out. You won't need gloves and shit cause the flu is worse right? New York's hospitals are days from rationing care and Atlanta's aren't far behind... If the numbers remain a "rounding error" here it's because our sacrifices worked.
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