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  1. Something isn't adding up here. 70 pitches minus 31 strikes minus 24 balls = 15 undefined pitches ... I would assume this would be pitches put into play + fouled off but it says contact was made on 22 with 11 balls put into play... Obligatory
  2. Was the proposal that workers make up 20% of boards? The idea is growing on me
  3. Yeah Fozzzzzz you satisfied? Maybe he's the mid week starter moving forward with an opportunity to steal a weekend spot.
  4. Hit up one of DFW's 15 Chili's for some frosty margs
  5. One of our 2 year old twin girls, the one that used to be closest to me, recently decided that if mom is around, I'm not allowed to pick her up or comfort her. Once mom leaves, she wants to be in my lap and stops treating me like I'm a fucking stranger... Her favorite word might be nipples, which gets me. She said fuck the other morning in the car. I blame mom. She's given her sister PTSD from snatching her toys. Now even when she's not snatching, sister assumes she is, and goes on a crying run around the house. Then when I take the useless piece of plastic that triggered all the shit, they will lay side by side to throw their temper tantrums, and all I can think is, "well, at least they're doing this together"
  6. I had to replace every damn interior lever knob with the old school round knobs... But its only a matter of time til they're letting themselves into everywhere. Threw these mother fuckers on the exterior doors because my spawns are maybe a month from unlocking them and walking out: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004RL1IMC?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title&th=1
  7. In case anyone else was concerned, it looks like Nico is at Fresno St.
  8. Occassionally it will freeze (screen goes black) but if I wait 3-5 seconds it resumes no problem. Even rarer Sling will close, but when you restart, whatever you were watching resumes where you were. I've never seen the pixelation. Time Warner internet with Sling over Wi-Fi thru Fire TV and fire sticks
  9. So does Tech have the best staff in the B12 in your opinion? If not, who does? And why?
  10. By bed ridden senior citizens, yes
  11. Sling! While I really miss PSVue's record-every-got-damn-baseball-game-ever feature... Sling is less glitchy, so I dont have to worry about it ruining games for me by going live like PSVue often did.
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