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  1. Ain't gonna lie. I wish I was in Cancun right now instead of dumping snow into the toilet tank so I can take this shit I've been holding in since last night. When I do get to take it, I think I might name it Ted Cruz. Seems right.
  2. When I went out on trouble calls with my pops as a kid, Limbaugh was on every trip. He was pissing poison in people's ears back then and he kept it up until the Big C finally booted him off the planet today. You listen to other conservative talking heads and they've all adopted the same Limbaugh-isms. It's a constant pushing of "Liberals hate you. They want you to die. They really believe you're evil and want to eradicate you and your way of life!" And just like pretty much everything in America, it's all a fucking grift. I can't tell you how many otherwise decent people I k
  3. Hope you malcontents are staying warm. Power was out at my place in Abilene all day Monday. Got up for work Tuesday, still no power, but the car wash right next door was lit up like a Christmas tree. Donut shop had power. Every residential complex around me had power. Saw a dude watching his TV both mornings as I drove by after freezing my ass off in the dark all night. Basically everyone had power BUT the small area I'm in. Same thing this morning, but when I got back tonight everything was back on. Seriously hope you're all doing well.
  4. I think we magically pull out a decisive win. Then predictably shit the bed versus KState to end the season with a meaningless game against the hapless Jayhawks. And hopefully end Mensa's career here.
  5. Watch Cowboy Bebop. Then realize nothing else will ever come close to that so you don't need to watch any anime ever again. Profit.
  6. Also, they really don't need him anymore. The GOP was supposed to get wiped out in this election. Instead, they killed their Senate races and held it. And surprisingly, they look like they're going to gain double digit seats in the House. They won't own it, but still. With Cocaine Mitch at the helm in the Senate and with Biden being seen as squeaking this win out, the Democrats/Biden administration ain't gonna get shit done. The Republicans are going to go right back to the obstruct and blame it on Democrats plan they were on in Obama's presidency. Oh, and now they also own a bi
  7. Just want to congratulate drugs on winning the drug war. Great job, guys. Knew you could do it. Wish you had fought harder here in Texas, though.
  8. The thing is, who the President is shouldn't really affect you if things were working as intended. The reason people go fucking nuts over these elections is because we've given the Federal government way too much power. And the Commander-in-Chief has basically become the King-in-Chief. People should really be caring about their state and local elections and not, in Mack Brown's words, "scared to death" of how people in other states are voting because of how it will change which idiots are running D.C. But here we are.
  9. Biden still has a significant lead in PA and they count election-day votes first, IIRC.
  10. Author of the 1994 crime bill might have had something to do with it. Also telling black people that they aren't black if they don't vote for him. The biggest Joe gaffe out of all the crazy Joe gaffes.
  11. Supposedly a water pipe burst and kept them from counting votes. So get ready for the conspiracy theories.
  12. That's his entire shtick. He claims to be a leftist and just can't accept them now that they've gone super far-left. He makes his money off conservatives who eat that shit up. His takes are an inch deep.
  13. I just cringe at that kinda shit now. I remember our players doing the same thing to Charlie when he managed to beat OU. Didn't change the fact that he couldn't coach worth a damn and the team sucked. I enjoy the wins, especially because workhorses who are getting screwed by Mensa's ineptitude, like Sam, deserve them, but it's just lipstick on a pig at this point. Back the Brinks truck up to Urban's house. I was advocating for doing the same thing with Saban when Charlie was about to be gone. We should have gone after a proven winner then and we didn't. Let's hope the powers at
  14. I'm happy and I'm sad. Why can't we have a legitimate coach where I'm happy whenever we win and where we win all the time?
  15. Well we know who the refs bet on for this game.
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