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  1. Thanks. I have a tank I can use.
  2. Can I use weed b gone hose end sprayer? And I should do this now and fertilize later? Here’s what I’m dealing with...
  3. Is weed and feed bad? Is it too late? Too early? I’ve been in this house 8 months. Put down pre but I’m still going to have weeds. Trying to start regular management. *in Conroe with St Augustine
  4. I’ve been looking for durable dog chews for a few months. Got a deer antler and it started off great. Gave it to her Sunday and it’s just about gone (Thursday). I also gave her a femur bone but it seems she buried it somewhere in the yard. I cannot find it anywhere. We have a Kong, she just doesn’t love it. Same with nyla bones or whatever the synthetics are. What else am I missing? I’ll stick to antlers if I can find them cheaper.
  5. Only input I have is that you cannot get a loan on your 401k for $57k. Limits are a) the greater of 10k or 50% of your vested balance or b) $50,000 - whichever is lesser. So you could potentially get $50k from your plan and you would have to come up with the other 7. You’re also replacing pre-tax money with after -tax money. If you’re in the 24% bracket, it takes $1.32 to replace each dollar withdrawn from the plan. Good luck.
  6. Another plus for Onboard. It’s all about the pad. We just put carpet in kids’ rooms and playroom. Went with cheaper carpet ($1.75 sq/ft) and best pad we could get (still cheap- .50 sq/ft). The pad makes it comfortable and feel like more expensive carpet. Did not go to Lowe’s. *well, we did. They didn’t tell us until install day that the carpet was completely out and they would have to make more. That was going to be another 3 weeks, so we went somewhere else and got it a few days later.
  7. 6 yr old daughter has night terrors and recently she’s started walking in her sleep. Couple nights ago she was crying in bed. I go up to check on her and find out she’s really laughing. It’s creepy as fuck. She’s smiling and laughing. I ask if she was crying and she just laughs and says “No”. Then she’s quick back to sleep. Most of the time it’s crying and unresponsive even though it looks like she’s awake. As for the walking in her sleep, one night she was sitting on the floor in her bathroom. Other sister woke up and walked in there (jack and Jill style) and younger was just sitting there. Asked her what she was doing, she said “nothing” and walked back to her bed. We hear her walking around upstairs and go check on her. She’ll be sleeping on the floor with her bed made up. Shes the sweetest girl, but this shit happens and I’m waiting for the lights to flash and her head to spin in circles.
  8. About 12 years ago I used to put 200-350k on our business Amex every month. All points went to me. Ran that way for a couple years. That was fun. /csb
  9. kmac30

    Costa Rica

    We’re you there for the triple crown? We got there the last day of that and fished the following 3. Mike Alligood with Epic. He was good, mates were great. The tuna were nice
  10. I put down pre emergent trying to curb the crab grass in my yard. My backyard is currently covered in something that looks like strawberries. I also have a ton of dandelions and a bit of clover. Front yard had spurge last year. I sprayed half of it with Fertilome weed free lawn and it was harsh on my st Augustine. But it did the job. What can I do? Do I need to wait till grass greens up to spray anything? I really want to curb the spurge and crab grass this year.
  11. kmac30

    Costa Rica

    I was down there 18-22nd fishing in Los Suenos. We landed only a few sailfish over the 3 days fishing. Few dorado, bunch of tuna.
  12. At least you have pier and beam so there’s easy access. I don’t have any answers except wouldn’t you have more peace of mind if you changed it out now instead of patching it to break later?
  13. This is what we’re doing at the end of April. Flights are booked, but not sure anything has been planned yet.
  14. Dog went back to the trainer for a few days of boarding while we were out of town. Wife picked her up and trainer is telling her about a litter coming up. My wife loves his dogs, so she casually tells him to send me info when they come. That was yesterday. Today I got a pic of 8 pups. 5 black and 3 chocolate 1day old labs. I would love a second dog but think my wife is just teasing. I have the info and might pull the trigger. Wife’s bday is today.
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