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  1. We ended season 3rd. First week got us, started out 0-3. Ended up 10-3-1. Won’t turn down a 10 game winning streak. Started tourney last night. Best player was a no-show. Thanks mom. We kept it together and won. Play a tough team tonight. We are 1-1-1 against them this season. Side note, my kid is one of those who over thinks batting in games, so he has had struggles. The other day he was trying to knock over a coffee cup while practicing. He was crushing balls. So he gets up to bat last night and I call out (from 1st base coach) “hit the coffee cup”. He gets a big smile on his face and cra
  2. Oh, and I noticed this last night:
  3. We have a window guy coming to measure our windows and talk about what we’re looking for in terms of replacements. Wife just now “I want different quotes for different value windows” Me “Guy is coming to measure, he’s not going to tell us anything about costs” Wife “Ok, well I want to know how much these windows will be (pointing at a window)” Me “He’s coming to measure. He’ll leave and then send a few quote” Wife “(frustrated)Fine, I’ll just ask him if I’m back (taking kids to school)” Should be a fun meeting
  4. That trampoline isn’t close enough to the pool for the kids to use it correctly.
  5. I told my wife about the poop knife last night. I explained how it worked and then how there was a chick that would slice it up. She started dry heaving and almost puked. She couldn’t believe it was real. I asked how she got all those pieces of bills sitting in our laundry room. She almost puked again.
  6. Not sure what she knows about it. It’s her deal at this point. But if that’s the case, I might fill that form out and send it off. She did tell me something about 36 months.
  7. Yeah, there are some big pieces. This is a bigger dog, weighs about 60+. They were folded rolled and looked small. As those were unfolded you would have thought she won the lottery. We should have taken more pics of the process.
  8. It’s tough to see the ones in the back. I don’t believe there are 6 full bills here, just 6 Bens.
  9. Wife tried ironing it between parchment paper a while back. That brought out the deep stink. It has since been sprayed heavily with cleaner. Remember this next time you get some “used” money. Never know where it’s been.
  10. I have been avoiding this thread, but cannot any longer. My in-laws gave us a check around xmas for $1500. Wife asked me to get cash for her because if it goes into our bank account, it’ll be used for other things. Also, she doesn’t want me to know how much she spends on her nails. (For the record, I don’t care what she spends on them). No problem. So I go to bank and come home with cash in an envelope. 15 hundred dollar bills. She used a couple bills for something and the the envelope floated around the house for a week or so. One night as I was putting the dog ( There isn’t another shred
  11. Got my Pfizer 2 on Friday at 10am. By 8 pm I was starting to get a fever. Ran over 102 until morning. Mild fever all day Saturday with headache. Hit 102 again during the night. Finally felt better later this morning around 10.
  12. Read this last week. Fastest book I’ve ever read - couldn’t put it down. Just finished The Killer Inside Me. I need something like The Light to jump on next. My wife has a list but figured I’d check here first.
  13. Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Hybrid life insurance/long term care can be a better deal than straight up long term care (think car insurance - use it or lose it). Also, the basis for this thread, LIRP, can be a benefit. Everyone’s situation is different and saying that something is bad for everyone is short sighted. I just had a client die who was 92. She had a life insurance policy that we almost dumped a few years ago. We did the math and keeping it made more sense than using the premium for investments. To be clear, I did not sell her the policy. It was paying for itself for many years an
  14. If the policy lapses, matures or is surrendered the distributions will be taxable. You will get notice when the values become an issue with options. Biggest concern with loans on policies are usually the policy lapsing.
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