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  1. Other poster is right, it’s a conversion. Not eligible for deduction put it in and convert. Backdoor Roth. *sorry, you’re right. I thought other poster was saying convert, but he said reclassify. No dice on that.
  2. He could convert to Roth, but IRS considers all IRA money in a conversion, so some of it will be taxable, and that’s assuming an IRA account didn’t exist before this. 100k in IRA, convert the 6k, 6% isn’t taxed, rest is.
  3. No, you’ll now have a basis in your IRA so the 6k and change will not be taxed twice. It’s tracked with Form 8606. Your CPA or even turbo tax (i think), can handle this.
  4. Why exactly is it considered overfunded? Why don’t you just leave it in as a nondeductible IRA contribution? You can have a pension at work and still put money in an IRA. Also, when did you make the contribution? If in 2020, can your institution just change the year of the contribution? *edit* when I say nondeductible I’m referring to the amount over what you can deduct(740 I believe)
  5. Why is that kid wearing a coat in July? What’s the general location? I need to go somewhere my kids need coats to go outside.
  6. A client of mine has been trying to convince me that moving to New Zealand would be in my best interest for the last 4 years. I started looking into it a month ago. I could continue working in the US, and eventually do the same thing there. My wife would never go for it. She’s too close with her family and I couldn’t drag them away.
  7. Our district has come out with plans yet. My wife was a teacher handful of years ago and got our kids through spring. She said no recess, no school for us (going to 1 & 3). A bunch of other parents have hit us up about group home school. Wife said she’d rather go private. I’m not as keen on that idea, but I also wouldn’t be doing much teaching.
  8. Brother in law is in Kodiak and got a puppy about a month ago I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous. In the yard and couldn’t find our new pup. Other dog found her and lead me over
  9. Hard to pass up. Save $10k? No brainer.
  10. Great addition. Just ordered. I’ll update when finished.
  11. Ok. I was just asking. Probably go something simple. Thanks for the input
  12. We got a table that we’re using as a desk. I’m going to install an outlet so I can limit wires hanging around. Reason for the post, I’m debating drilling a hole in the middle of one of the legs to run the wire to absolutely hide it. I have a 24 inch drill bit, but I’m a little nervous about blowing out the side and ruining the table. Has anyone done this? Is it a bad idea? Should I just use clear zip ties and run the wire up the back corner leg that should be pretty hidden?
  13. Whatever came of the story about the old boss who resigned?
  14. Game last night was ho hum. Having problems keeping a lot of these kids focused on the game. 6u, so I’ve got some 5 yr olds out there that like to watch life pass them by. Lost by 1. Positive note, son recorded 2 outs playing pitcher and hit a legit home run (I say legit because in tball there can be a lot of over throwing). He hits off the pitch a lot during games, but struggles on the tee. I’m the coach at home, so and I set up the tee I told him to block everything out, it’s just him and the ball on the tee; just like home. It worked! I wish I had a picture of the look on his face as he rounded 3rd. He couldn’t believe he was being waved on. Pure joy!
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