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  1. I learned in construction long ago that people that brag on their skills always suck shit. Another construction truth: The person that tells you that it isn't their first rodeo is participating in their first rodeo.
  2. If I would have stayed in AZ, I would have moved to Flagstaff. College town. Mountain town. Historic. Close to Grand Canyon, Sedona, Powell. Phoenix in 2 hours.
  3. Is this the new Tex-mex vs. Cali-mex thread?
  4. Serra Mesa for now. Looking for permanent residences. Love North County too. I need to be closer to downtown though . . . .
  5. Now that I have moved to San Diego, AZ mex is off my radar. Probably.
  6. I really want to discuss Tex-mex vs. Cali-mex though.
  7. Not to Exceed, unless the entitlement is a slam dunk (never). Not sure about the consultants as reimbursable. Out west the Structural, MEPFP, maybe civil (depends if owner already hired) and any other consultant the project would need to get a permit is a hard number. Just be explicit about what consultants you don’t have. Not an architect but do owners rep work.
  8. Front load everything into SDs. Hourly NTE for entitlements. Have all the consultants. 15-20% for CA. Don’t get cute with the design.
  9. Lulz. It’s 2020. It’s a cracker with cheese in the middle of an twenty course meal.
  10. Just get us on the ground! That part'll happen pretty definitely.
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