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  1. Speaking of dishwashers, ours has been on the fritz. Repair guy came out week or so ago. Ordered a new control board. Called back today saying he could install between 3:30 and 5:30. She works from home, so that works. At least I thought . . . H: God damn it. I have to cancel my workout for the fucking dishwasher guy! M: Please don’t fuck the dishwasher guy. Tell him that you have a hard stop at a certain time. H: I canceled workout. We need a working dishwasher. This is ridiculous. M: Maybe you can go during lunch? H: I don’t take lunch. M: Take lunch. Work later? H: <Silence> <Prolly fucking the dishwasher guy.>
  2. How long has it been since a team achieved the legendary “Switzer Slam” (Fulmer Cup, National Championship, and Heisman)? 2011 Auburn?
  3. Youth isn’t a protected class. Deed restriction when project was developed in order to sustain the value of 55+ to purchasers. Argument would be “Hey, I paid a premium to live with no kids. I expect to enjoy that premium as long as I own the property. The deed restriction protects my right to do that.” I’ve had to do the deed restrictions sometimes to avoid paying enormous school impact fees for senior housing deals.
  4. Why am I not surprised.
  5. Flew back to Phoenix last night from a quick ski trip. As we normally do, she waits for the bags/skis in baggage claim, and I go get the car from the economy parking lot and park it in the short term parking above the terminal to load the gear. There are two banks of elevators that serve the garage/terminal (east and west). To make things easier, I call her to see which carousel the bags came out so I can park closest to the elevator that is closest to the carousel (especially since the game just kicked off). Directionally Challenged: "Got the skis. They came out on carousel 6." Me: "Is that closer to the east or west elevators?" DC: "I don't know. You know I am bad with directions." M: "Is that closer to the D or C gates?" DC: "I have no idea." M: "The signage over the exit doors out to the pickup tells you if it's the north or south curb. Use that." DC: "The south curb is on my left." M: "Sigh."
  6. On the germ tube headed to Squaw
  7. Can I make the roux in the oven?
  8. For a movie with great physical comedy, I’d forgotten how many good lines are in there.
  9. That's good. Where is Brad? Oh, south of France I think. Well, shouldn't he be here? Oh, Brad is the executive plumber. We do all the work.
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