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  1. Tell the contractor to go pound sand. Never should’ve left a line for future use buried behind cabinets and inaccessible.
  2. lolololol <hyper-ventilating>lololololol <texts AU buddy that they have failed like this twice> lolololololo
  3. Lololololololololol <breathes> lolololololololol
  4. Nope. Put that together myself with the help of a few Societe Pupils.
  5. That was a big FU to the committee. Shouldn’t have had to play in Dayton.
  6. x, x, x, 1, x, x, x, x, x, x
  7. Should I watch this high? Feels like I should watch this high.
  8. Cake in San Diego June 20th
  9. Truth. I know it may be unpopular, but I almost prefer spring corn to winter skiing (pow days excluded). Sun. Sleep in (let that sun get on it). Warmer temps. Soft bumps. Gravity still works. I’m in.
  10. You’ll be able to hit Mammoth in either June or July most likely if you miss May.
  11. Jfc iced tea out of my nose. Thanks
  12. Nice. Hitting Squaw end of the month. Mammoth in April and probably Memorial weekend.
  13. Speaker City tee was my go to for many years.
  14. That’s probably Campbells and Cow’s Face in the background. They are fun. It’s a great bag and I’ve done the same periodically when I want a sense of humility as my sea-level lungs watch kids blaze by me trucking up the track. Bag gets more use carrying my water bladder, sandwich, two beers, and an extra layer tho 😎 First four days on my new Nordica Unleashed 98s. Digging that ski.
  15. Snow has been good along I-70 past few days. However, spent all day in back bowls yesterday and it was getting a little cooked. Really warm today (40s). Colder in Denver.
  16. Can’t get to Mammoth, so Vail it is
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