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  1. Pederasts were using them to target which room housed the kids. *I have done no research and in no way can I backup my statement.
  2. Go fuck yourself, you fucking child.
  3. Whitecaps is a fantastic episode.
  4. Agreed. Every time I watch, I like Carmela less and less.
  5. The book is excellent. I plan on starting the series this week.
  6. Yeah, and he wasn't kicked off the team. He was suspended from the team after the Finals had already started. Heywood's mom is actually the person that talked him out of taking out the hit on Westhead.
  7. FWIW, this is just another thing the show is taking considerable creative liberties, as well as Segel playing him as some befuddled pussy. The book does not portray him anything like they are in the show. He was a good dude, smart dude, and the players liked him. Until he totally changed the system and started buying into his own hype as a "basketball genius." In fact, they still liked him personally, but didn't believe in him as a coach any longer. Oh, and that whole thing of Westhead having to miss due to a kidney stone and Riley having to take over.....never happened.
  8. I haven't. But I'd be interested in said pic.
  9. He was a white guy playing in the NBA. Saying he was unathletic is simply the default response.
  10. Pulp Fiction. All other answers are incorrectamundo.
  11. No shit. It's a tv show, not a damn cattle ranching documentary.
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