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  1. Celery Man

    Truck Nuts

    What's the surly consensus on best tonneau covers? F-150, 5 foot bed. We're moving to NC and I think I may finally need to put a cover on to make stuff I store back there at least a tad more secure for that drive.
  2. yeah, I haven't waded into the specifics of what is being argued here at all (and holy shit I remember when this first popped off a billion years ago), and I'm not "Google is a kind benevolent force in the world here to simply make our lives better", but Oracle is the worst and i think it's a fair bet that them getting their way will lead to a general increase of misery in the world.
  3. Can the dems just not show up? I don't mean to block it, but to avoid pretending like there is any legitimacy to this.
  4. Ah I see - probing if she wants to overturn Roe v. Wade is being framed as an attack on her religion.
  5. I'm not following this closely but is this a thing that is happening, or is this a thing that right wing leaders want right wing idiots to think is happening?
  6. Definitely doing likewise. It'll be like old times. I'm trying to figure out storage for guitars when we're staying in a temporary apartment for a few months. I... can't have 15 guitar cases and uh... 5 amps now in the apartment. Or at least, I can't have them and my wife in the apartment. I figure I should be OK if I store guitars in a properly climate controlled rental storage unit, right? I guess should I worry or to what extent should I worry about expensive acoustics and humidity or temperature fluctuations? Doing the googling and all that now but I am curious if anyone has experience with that.
  7. Certainly not the intent of the framers but again the republicans don't care about that either (and so, neither should the dems).
  8. it is extremely fitting that total lack of integrity is a uniting issue for republicans
  9. Moving people called me today to do an initial assessment of what all I have to get hauled off to North Carolina. I think I'll probably end up moving my guitars myself (and holding onto them or getting climate controlled storage for them while we're in a temporary apartment), but the lady was asking about what high value items I own and I was curious about the storage they were going into. She said something like "I imagine an acoustic guitar is a couple hundred bucks" at some point and I laughed very heartily.
  10. Do you think acoustic or electric? If you feel like she needs a smaller guitar, my opinion when I looked at little acoustics was that the Taylor (Baby Taylor) sounded the best between it and whatever the small Martin is called. I want to say they were in the $300 range.... $370 here . I bought my niece a mini strat when she was.... maybe 8 or 9. It's $180 here. If that's around the budget you've got, it's a decent choice. If you've got another hundo to spend above that, maybe get it set up. This is where you take it to a guitar technician and they set the intonation, make sure the neck is well adjusted, etc. I would say that... the tuners aren't awesome (it can be slightly hard to get it precisely in tune), and not a huge amount of quality control. On my niece's strat, within a year or two she had lost the little washer that holds the input jack in place. I had to take the plate off and... use the inside washer to secure it to the outside, which isn't ideal. I tried to find another washer but didn't succeed and ordered the wrong thing. At any rate, that kind of thing with that guitar. A totally rad alternative for a bit more money would be a Duo Sonic. Here's our girl Liz Phair with one It's more of a "real" guitar, but is a shorter scale than something like a strat/tele/les paul/etc. Was a Fender student model from the... 50s-60s, but a lot of people dig them and they are cool guitars. $600 here . The advice to hedge your bets by getting something you'd be into isn't terrible. Typical advice, particularly for an electric (extra particularly for a full sized electric) would be that you want to lean heavily towards the one that she is excited about. If you think she's big enough for a full size guitar, look at things like stratocasters, telecasters, Les Paul juniors. I'm sure we're all happy to field more questions. If there's a guitar player she really likes in particular, that may be a good indicator for what guitar she might be interested in. But probably there's one that makes her go "hell yeah" and something like that is what you should try and get her.
  11. It's a lot longer from desire chip to 1 month than from 3 months to 6 months. Keep at it.
  12. We'd be happy to listen to these people's complaints if they were mild mannered little teddy bears like the Honorable Dr. King.
  13. I think.... this one https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/movies/story/2020-09-04/im-thinking-of-ending-things-explained-netflix I think I would have picked up on it more/quicker if I had been more actively watching the movie from the get. I've watched a ton of movies this year and was filling out some paperwork as I started this one, not realizing how... both weird and visual it would be.
  14. I used harsh angry words last time to express this, but let me be a bit more measured here - "pack the court" will go from a moderately edge position to very middle ground people are pressuring their representatives to do this suburban moms etc are saying "pack the courts". DC/PR statehood, get rid of the electoral college - those will go from "things that would be good" to "items we need on the agenda". For middle road normal people who like their government to be of/by/for the people.
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