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  1. Oh, and fucking Tucker and Dale vs Evil was great. On Netflix.
  2. I've been on a tear of movie watching lately. Actually I can't believe that I've watched this many movies this year, but I guess I was kicking around the house for a few days at the beginning of the year (doing absolutely nothing as a matter of principle after a really tough final quarter 2019), there aren't any shows on that I'm really into at the moment, and the wife goes to bed really early. Was definitely on a dumb comedy kick for a bit. Some follow ons from out of genre movies that I found enjoyable that I wind up liking less (To All The Boys I've Loved Before ended the "teen girl movie" thing started by Book Smart, which was fucking great). Homeless was stupid/not well made but I was putting together furniture and didn't change it. Ah shit, Horrible Bosses was in there while I was assembling dining chairs too. Widows was underwhelming. Watched Midsommar and Brittany Runs a Marathon last night. Midsommar was fucking wild. Enjoyed the other one too. Troop Zero was great. Just started John Wick. I need to watch Atomic Blonde.
  3. I’ve been watching a lot of movies. Kinda a half resolution, I just realized that I get more out of a movie than two episodes of a tv drama. Tonight I watched “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot”. I didn’t realize how much of just a straight up alcoholic recovery movie it was. I enjoyed it, worth a watch. Really great performances from Joaquin Phoenix and Jonah Hill. Also Troop Zero, which is good but less specific for this thread.
  4. Ok here's the deal - I'm going to Istanbul in April, mostly to help an offsite devops team plan a quarters worth of cloud system migrations BUT Shawn I will send you photos of the Hagia Sophia if you send me a Martin D-18. Conversely if you still have your old badge we can forge my name and I'll start dropping hints about how I'm growing a beard.
  5. I was talking about Slaughter
  6. Good thing the new downtown H-E-B isn't open yet, else it would have been closed.
  7. If I know state employees, yes.
  8. Per some jabroni on Reddit This was the email we got at my agency: DPS has been advised of a underground electrical fire at the intersection of 18th & Colorado Street. (behind Bob Bullock Museum). Colorado Street at 17th Street are closed. Traffic Is being rerouted. Please avoid the area. The road will be closed for approximately 4-8 hours. Austin Fire Department and repair crews are on scene. Updates will be sent when new information is received.
  9. https://www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/power-out-in-several-blocks-of-downtown-austin/
  10. Roughly MLK to 11th. I already bounced and am home eating a sandwich but it appears this is expected to continue for hours
  11. Awesome stuff Jerry. I remember reading stuff like this and getting cold tingles... one of those moments where for a minute or so you can't pretend like you're not a raging alcoholic. 12? A month?
  12. Welcome to the party pal. I’m proportionally way too heavy in AAPL (for any single stock) but only because I’ve been in it so long. The risk remains palatable.
  13. If there are plenty of good paying jobs for people of below average intelligence (which is half the population) we're doing a shitty job helping them get into those jobs. It is not easy as a person with nothing in particular going for him/her to get a job that allows you to own a home and a car and not be buried in debt and not be waiting for your next paycheck to clear and do things like raise some kids and take them down to the beach or whatever every now and then and pay for extracurricular shit and send them off to college when they're done. "It's not supposed to be easy" - sure it is. It's not supposed to be free and it's not supposed to come without work but it's supposed to be easy enough for that big thick middle part of the curve (even lower middle) to mostly find their way. Sure we have more screens and gizmos and some of us find solace in avocado toast but it's successful millennials that are enjoying the middle class lifestyle.
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