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  1. Celery Man


    had to wait for the second guitar but then got it immediately
  2. and loud. goddamn RIP THAT BOX OPEN BRO We can have more headstock arguments. I think it was JJ who doesn't like the Collings headstock (acoustic). I do. what's it going to be what's it going to be
  3. imo you should blame the boomers
  4. people like the former president, his chief of staff, the governor of the largest republican state, and the biggest mouthpieces for the party in the media are not representative of mainstream views within the party. as republicans we can report with every fiber of our integrity that not only do we not vote for these people but in our own circles we talk about nothing but small government and following the teachings of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
  5. Didn’t realize it was Fleet Foxes with Post Malone for song #2
  6. Listening to the drummer in band one just beating the shit out of his snare
  7. any shagsters investing in internet friend barbecue business should expect to not see a return and I hope that’s not why he left
  8. they think that reality is simple and people don't see it because they are stupid and lazy. in fact reality is complex and they are exactly what they accuse everyone else of being
  9. You would need to pay more if you cut the safety net, since it would be more expensive.
  10. About time. I’ve never really listened to post malone, but know he is liked by people whose opinion I generally respect. And I have respect on the basis of him covering Sturgill on whatever that was with Dwight Yoakums band. He was interesting/good. Pushin P from several weeks back is one of the worst performances I’ve seen on SNL.
  11. my favorite post ceremony picture he's a good boy. always has been
  12. I had to refresh myself on what slab means in context of a stratocaster (a slab of rosewood attached to the maple neck for the fingerboard, rather than a thinner veneer). My 98 american standard looks slabby, but I don't know when they did what. that's "his" son. that's a good looking strat. I think you guys are right on that an American Fender from that period is a sweet spot for guitar value.
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