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  1. I don’t think there’s a libertarian thread of mockery so here I guess it’s consistent
  2. I forgot about this part of the whole thing in Tulia. Nate Blakeslee’s book should be required reading.
  3. The version of the story I heard from the Chili Parlor folks is that “mad dog margaritas” weren’t a drink on the menu until after Jerry Jeff wrote the song and people started asking for them. Also their salsa is made with serranos and is legit.
  4. Texas Chili Parlor is underrated as a tex-mex joint.
  5. Stopped in DC on our way back from a weekend in a cabin with my sisters. Fuck the White House.
  6. One more Kevin. We’re on a driving trip to see my sisters+family and Kevin is at camp. They sent me some pictures today, still the same pup from when he was... maybe 1 in the “then” pictures
  7. I'll be alright. If I can get the next pot on the burner quickly it'll be a win - severance is based on tenure and I've got a bit over 11 years. Which is... longer than I deserve to have and also plenty long enough for any one place as a 34 year old. But still a bit hard, especially as the last several years have been tough and I've put a lot of energy into keeping the train on the tracks. I had a good phone screener last week for a job that I think would be really great. Call went well, sourcing lady said she'd pass my name along to the manager and that I might hear from them middle of this week. Good company, the right mix of.... stuff I'm familiar with and stuff that moves me towards where I think my future is (really the kind of thing I was supposed to be doing for the past 6 months if we could've stopped bailing water and firing people and instead focused on building shit. Pure remote which is interesting, but we're trying to move and that could really open things up. If y'all want to put some good vibes in the air for me I'd appreciate it. Sorry for some kinda... off topic or whatever. But man the last time I faced rejection from something I'd put this much of my life into I turned into a pile of salt. Whenever I'm having some kinda thing that's really grinding my gears or I'm just pissed, meetings are good. I don't get there as much as I used to, which I guess is the goal. I'm lowkey freaking out, but also I'm not really - definitely not in that place. Thinking back on where I've been, which is at least part of why I want to go to the sober place in crisis, just reminds me... I'm playing with house money, and whatever anxiety I have now doesn't touch what I used to wake up to every single day.
  8. Welp, laid off. Not a surprise, industry is fucked from Covid, i had recently shuffled to a new group because the organizational changes with the layoffs in April. I was already looking for my next job, but I’m on the clock now. And you know, rejection. But I’ll be ok, certainly won’t drink.
  9. How many fewer dead Americans would there be if Trump could put on a mask without getting makeup all over it.
  10. fucking nuts that we're at a place where... the lincoln project people are waging psychological warfare on the US president and that is absolutely the correct thing that they should be doing and it is going to be marvelously effective.
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