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  1. I'm not an old fat fuck, so I had to wait until general availability for the vaccine. I signed up immediately when that opened up, but my the planned cesarian for my daughter moved up and would have been the day after my second dose. So, nope. I got an appointment for the J&J vaccine, and the day of the appointment was the day that the blood clot stuff came out. I showed up and got a text saying it was cancelled as I was walking into the store. So, I had to schedule another appointment. I just got my second shot yesterday, which I think means that i'm somewhat covered but still have anothe
  2. No symptoms for the first moderne shot. Second one feels like having the flu. Achy, sensitive skin, dehydrated af. Oh well, almost there finally.
  3. If they didn’t have some sort of fear they wouldn’t do a voice vote. But mostly I was calling our “I hate politics and political games, I just consistently vote for evil. stop being childish “ daily texan friends spineless pussies
  4. GOP reps exactly like their coward electorate - refusing to own how they vote because they know it is wrong, but lacking the spine or integrity to be better.
  5. just an irredeemable trash party
  6. https://www.newsweek.com/umass-amherst-parents-say-school-suspended-students-over-maskless-off-campus-photo-1589799 i don’t know what was going on with the numbers around Amherst in February but it looks like they were kicked out for going to a big off campus party during a mandatory lockdown.
  7. My sister sent a video message welcoming my daughter Rory to the family, and my toddler nephew said “hi DRORY!” and started cackling because he just owned his cousin. It was very cute. I also realized that even though it doesn’t mean anything at all and isn’t slightly clever, it doesn’t matter because he is a toddler, and his would be audience is toddlers, and they don’t care about things like that. It is in this way that Ted Cruz has a strong Twitter game.
  8. Do you think it will because of the not quite half of the country who is positive to lukewarm on overthrowing the government, or because of the trans dba at the intelligence agency?
  9. Man my experience with diapering baby would be more contentious if I was more broke. She loves to get the change, just hammer a new poot in, get changed again, need a bottle, and finish off the bottle with a nice round of diaper shitting. She’s awesome. Diaper genie has worked well so far but we’ll see how that goes as she has upped her game. The Snoo is magic. I’ll try not to make this the “celery dumping pictures of his important baby” thread but we have a perfect baby so I need to brag
  10. Cool strap. I was checking out their website after I ordered a strap that bought my eye in an ad from Chicago Music. Tag says it is one of theirs, will definitely be getting more. Still trying to find the right strap for some of my guitars but this one exists for the tele
  11. His tongue looks like that octopus from the Oscars
  12. This here’s my dog also, I feel like a bad dog dad - Kevin had a super crusty dry nose and I didn’t think twice about it. He’s an old dog with a bumpy dry looking old nose. Didn’t realize that’s a problem and probably unpleasant. His new vet told me to buy some “snout soother” and rub it on his nose every day. He hates that shit but it worked pretty quickly
  13. Hopping on the good news train. Lurkers, you’d be amazed at the amount of life you can still have on the other side of this. You’re not incapable of joy, you are depressed and your brain chemistry is fucked. It can be unfucked. Sack up and ask for help. Check out this nugget. Meditating a bit on how clear and understandable priorities are maybe near as important as recognizing where you have power and where you do not. That was strangely calming as soon as she was handed to me. Right - protect the baby. Duh.
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