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  1. I'm not yang gang or whatever but the thing he said about young men feeling like they have a place in the economy is... I think an important issue. Both in stemming the tide of Trumpist movements and mass shootings.
  2. If we could all get together and agree to compromise on a candidate that nobody is excited about but also nobody cares about, Booker would probably do OK. JTFC Biden she's standing right there.
  3. i am far from a bernie bro but right now i'd rather have bernie during a heart attack than biden
  4. Biden has 3 chrome tabs open in his head and it's cratering his system
  5. I would like a president that is capable of speaking a whole sentence.
  6. You can be born stupid but there are other ways to get there and Rudy found some.
  7. is he "not able to remember" stuff to bolster credibility on having to walk back a bunch of shit he said before he knew the jig was up?
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