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  1. welp. I am disappointed that we don't have a more inspiring candidate, and how divided the people who are nominally opposed to Trump now are at the end of the primary. Hope we can make the best out of what we have and where we are and start to move towards a decent America.
  2. i work for an OEM on a software analytics platform for foqa, predictive mx, and things of that nature. If I'm..... remembering what I've pieced together correctly about what you do y'all are customers (both broadly and specifically). Hope y'all are hanging in ok ❤️
  3. I want things to be better so I’m going to cast a vote for progress.
  4. I should get a D-18. And/or a J-45 with mahogany back/sides. All my fancy acoustics are rosewood except for the OOO15M which is my favorite..
  5. Finished it. That show is stupid but I love it. I just saw The Florida Project show up on my feed. I had already watched it but want to give it a rec. A bit of life from the perspective of a young girl living with her deadbeat mom in a seedy motel in presumably Orlando. Obviously sad but it’s not a beating in the way that sad movies can be, but it has stuck with me.
  6. Good news and bad news and medium news. I got my bonus for 2019. That wasn't a given since I work in aviation and we're facing layoffs, but I guess that ball was already rolling. I don't think I'll be laid off this round but I also don't know what the fuck is going to happen at the company broadly over the next few months, so I'm puckering my butthole. Also I'm pissed I didn't turn off my autocontribution to my 401k so the chunk of change is about half after that and taxes (hopefully at least I'm getting a value on that contribution). At any rate, not buying another guitar but I did drop off my Duo Jet with the guy from Straight Fret (in a very socially distant manner) along with my D-41. Both of them are in quarantine and he's going to fix my Duo Jet which has been FUCKED since warped tour in 2013, which is really embarrassing to admit. The binding on the D-41 was lifting in the waist. So, hopefully in a few weeks I'll have some really grody before pictures and happier after pictures.
  7. It's a great amp for that purpose, or in general. If you go that route and want to play around with what's available, get a boss fs-6 (to switch channels/allow for more channels) and a usb to usb-b cable (to connect to a computer).
  8. As I indicated above, I agree with you on your first point. I don't know if the obvious joke comment was towards me as that is clearly not what I'm doing or saying. Not all Biden votes are opposition to Bernie but probably most of them post SC are in one way or another. And for what it's worth (although here I am talking about a problem for the Bernie campaign that you are minimizing and not about whether I think Bernie is shitty or great or whatever) I thanked every single Bernie person who called me for putting their effort into the campaign.
  9. Sorry I did a drive by response and meant to come back. If I was living alone, I would have the cheapest black laser that prints over the network. That would probably be... $150 or something, I think there's a really cheap Brother b/w laser printer and then a slightly more expensive one with wifi. I don't print all that often, when I do it's just some document or paper, black is fine. I do not live alone. We had a really cheap Epson color printer and the aggravation of having to drive to Best Buy to get cartridges every time I needed to print something (it's never something that can wait), which seeped into the aggravation of seeing some big stupid colorful printout laying around that could have been black and white, etc... goddammit. I would have bought a black laser printer like I said, but our requirements were - wifi, color, scan/copy, has to fit in (insert dimensions of some medium sized space), can't be out of ink all of the goddamn time. The space requirement nixed the color laser all in ones. They are huge. I bought a Canon tank printer. Epson makes similar printers. It has bigass tanks that you fill full of ink. If I worked out a price per page thing, given the up front cost of the printer (probably $350 or something) it will probably still take a long time to actually save me any money. But it fits in the thing and does the things I need it to do. I bought it in July and it still has a fuckton of ink in it. I may never refill it. That FUCKING yellow ink cartridge.
  10. Agree that specifically butthurt Warren/Buttigieg people defecting to Biden is not the reason for Bernie losing decisively post SC. The reason for that is because that is when all of the not Bernie people got aligned behind a single candidate. The dynamic of Bernie supporters alienating other types of democratic voters is not isolated to Twitter and even where it is, it permeates outwards. It's not something that is easily measurable but I think that it did have a lot to do with why, when the choice became Bernie or Biden, Biden started cruising. Just to be clear - you're discussing where Buttigieg/Warren voters went, I'm discussing why the Bernie movement was more successful at picking up opposition than picking up support (which they were also successful at).
  11. The Bernie movement had a big problem with alienating potential allies. The idea that that is separate from the campaign or quarantined within Twitter where people aren’t real or whatever is silly. It is a reason why as soon as the choice became binary it ceased being a close race.
  12. What do they do when they get on?
  13. Need color? What volume do you print? Can it be big?
  14. Grandma liked to tell the story of moving and finding a big pile of switches behind the fridge
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