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  1. we need to socialize the means of producing childrens' books and gendered potato toys
  2. I heard South Austin’s mom is flat, maybe she could sing
  3. i'll ruminate a bit, curious to see where this goes.
  4. Man, you can search “Kate Moss Musician” and the first hit is still the model. I get it, rule of Michael Bolton, etc, but change your name or go by “Kate Moss and the Broken Stilettos” or whatever. I’m not mad at Joe B but out of the douchenozzle guitarists with drool worthy gear at least John Mayer is interesting.
  5. ha, I could never quite make out the exact words to that line, but that's the gist of what I thought he was saying
  6. tired of having his future in the hands of the boys down at firestone
  7. Smart isn’t a single quality. You can be smart in some ways and stupid in others. You can be very quick but also naïve or foolish. You can be a decent and intelligent person who gets tricked and has a hard time snapping out of it. If it lasts this long and separates this broadly from reality, you either like it or you are broadly stupid or some combination of both. Sorry about your dad.
  8. visualize it how you want. it's more of a scatter plot than a line chart, the only hard truth is that low stupidity values negate low evil values, and vice versa. You can be 100% of both and many are.
  9. Every single person who supports the modern Republican Party is on a scale of stupid and evil where if one equals zero, the other equals 100.
  10. do one of those songs that has a really nice consistent drum beat / bass guitar groove and then little guitar lines and janglies over it
  11. i mean, jokes and everything, but also yeah. This would be easily in the six figures and above if it was discovered in an attic and probably has a slightly smaller market due to the owner.
  12. you should start some watercooler talk about how they're expecting presentations in tiktok
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