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  1. It would look goofy but if it didn’t I would live a Stratocaster like that. Love strat sounds, but I have to alter my playing to avoid the volume knob.
  2. I saw a reverb ad for a similar guitar with the tele neck pickup, but this is a cool version of that idea https://reverb.com/item/11637771-littlefield-custom-lesquire-esquire-les-paul-jr-telecaster-2018-faded-fiesta-red hell yeah coachtex
  3. does she talk about carrying the mental load because that's going to cause a problem for me
  4. oh forgot about that - Kacey Musgraves is great. I enjoyed her Christmas special, maybe she'll pop in on some skits
  5. Lauren Holt was basically Aidy Bryant's stand in, won't notice her absence. Beck Bennett was heavily utilized though, curious who will play the dad/straight man/what have you. If you don't recognize the name, he's dude on the date in this seasonally appropriate sketch (which... I originally didn't think was particularly funny at all but it does now make me laugh)
  6. Just got back from the store and came in through the side door very quietly so as not to disturb the baby napping. Kevin is standing rigid still staring at the front door. I whisper “Kevin!”, repeat a few times with increasing loudness, nothing. I need to pay attention the next time the mail comes and he’s in my office - not long ago he was able to recognize the usps jeep noise and get pissed but homeboy might be losing his hearing. Still the best boy.
  7. I haven’t gone to a game yet but they are supposed to be fun. Raleigh is a great town.
  8. You had to have gone balls deep at least a few times
  9. we'll pay him $26/hr (of gameplay) but he can say he's high six figs
  10. These are expensive for sweats, but are also the best sweats I've ever had. Just went to check what they have in stock as fall is landing and hey, burnt orange https://shop.reigningchamp.com/collections/mens-latest/products/midweight-terry-pullover-hoodie-sierra
  11. I don't actually know anything btw, just getting the appropriate surly gif in early. That sucks, and having gone through the "here's the list of shit that needs to get accomplished before baby" routine I feel for you. I'd be livid. Aren't you a divorce attorney? You should give his wife your card.
  12. MiL posting "COVID SUCKS" and pictures of a morbidly obese mid 50s dude who I recognize from stupid maga comments on BiL's facebook shit. BiL posting "FUUUUUUUUUCK" and pictures of the dude. The guy's daughter's page is just a collection of gofundme's for various dead family members. Tucker Carlson fully vaxxed and sleeping like a baby in a mansion.
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