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  1. Yes, would be commuting from Hyde Park, trying to decide where to live. More interested in kid / family life with great schools, but hear that commute is tough. Although one buddy implied the worst traffic is getting past Mopac and the incremental of say Vandegrift to Lake Travis wasn’t the hard part.
  2. Focused on high schools with commute from Hyde Park to Westlake, Vandegrift, and then Lake Travis. Self driving Tesla’s aside (don’t have one), what is the nut kick to happy family ratio? Daughters in 6th and 9th, so more at the volleyball club phase vs downtown culture. I haven’t lived in ATX in 20+ years.
  3. Question for the group about getting into sales later in life. My 20 year career started as a financial analyst and led to CFO roles. I’m at a crossroad in my life and looking at all sorts of career options, including something sales related. I like to think my CFO experience gives gives me credibility selling to CFO’s. Over the years I’ve negotiated dozens of deals buying tons of software, health benefit packages, 401k plans, treasury/ banking deals, consulting engagements, real estate leases, etc, even other companies. So I’ve got a chunk of “sales” experience, but on the other side of the table. Anybody have experience seeing someone like me entering “sales’ish” jobs and either failing miserably or crushing it?
  4. Challenge accepted. Was at the tweezerfest show, but it’s been ages since I’ve critically listened. The free webcast tonight has a 17 minute tweezer from 2018. Don’t get me wrong, in the 90’s they were becoming what they are, full of youth and energy, and looking to make a mark. Today they are on the back 9 of their career and playing for fun. Apple and an orange. I believe what they are doing today is still a fucking blast to watch / listen, just curious if others thought they’d gone to shit.
  5. http://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/05/11/854014516/health-officials-close-colorado-cafe-that-hosted-a-huge-crowd-on-mothers-day Colorado restaurant that had the Mother’s Day deal discussed up thread got bitch slapped
  6. No, no they are not. If the country adheres to small gatherings and general social distancing we’ll ride this out and “win”. It’s not flash tag.
  7. “Peaked” implies ongoing declines...where’s your head at with what they bring to the table these days?
  8. I was calling bullshit, but looks like Denver Post confirmed. Still now way it wasn’t somehow a publicity stunt for those in that camp. I have a hard time believing zero masks wasn’t some orchestrated “meet up” with the owners permission. I am confident the huge majority agrees mask are prerequisite for slowly turning things back on.
  9. When Trey got sober it really turned the personality of the band around. IMO the 3.0 stuff is generally more melodic happy jams versus some of the old spastic dark stuff that turns many people off. I love the 96/97 porno-funk, but think these days they are playing for the pure joy and some of the new dad rock’ish songs bring positive energy to the live shows that’s a different vibe from the old stuff.
  10. This is where the regional disparities are leading people to struggle with global solutions. I know two ER doctors that have had their contract hours dropped in half. They work on an hourly basis and are at 25 hours per week.
  11. This is encouraging. In the absence of a vaccine, this is the pathway to normalcy. EDIT - Twitter quote fail...refers to article on South Korea.
  12. https://www.businessinsider.com/brazil-coronavirus-no-nationwide-lockdown-results-are-grim-2020-5 Not quoting left, not quoting right...but “business insider” is a click bait rag.
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