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  1. You go to A&M undergrad, you also go to A&M grad. Literally every other university in the world does it differently, but it's part of aggy admission policy.
  2. I think everyone from DFW and Houston would even agree that that's completely moronic.
  3. The Browns GM and a Browns DL have both said that Garrett told them during/after the game that Rudolph dropped the n-word.
  4. Do you even watch baseball or do you just post on baseball threads for the arguments?
  5. I remember someone on this thread who was upset because only a bunch of third-line pitchers were speaking out. I hope he's getting his fill.
  6. Was a D1baseball.com subscription $99 last year or was it a lot cheaper? Because $99 seems pretty steep.
  7. Even the Big XII refs would call holding on that.
  8. The thing that makes less sense is that the data shows the he was the main guy who didn't rely on the trash can, but people think he wanted something vibrating on his chest instead???
  9. Except that Finster and I both pointed this out a week ago.
  10. Haven't clicked, if you agree with Harold Reynolds, there's a very large chance you're wrong.
  11. There is a lot that makes me feel old these days, but nothing make me feel older then being reminded that I was in the stands at rosenblatt for aggy's last CWS win. That seemed for ever ago. They beat Kansas.
  12. He's going to ultimately pick Madison. I don't even understand why Victoria was even at the rose ceremony, but once she was there, I knew he was going to pick her. I couldn't stand Kelsie, so I'm good with that, and he wants to go to town with Victoria on fantasy suites, and I can't blame him.
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