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  1. We charge a $150 course fee for online courses. I asked an assoc dean why and he said it was to cover the cost of hosting videos and all the other files associated with online teaching. I told him that McGraw-Hill provides that service if I require the students to purchase the Connect HW system, which I do in the basic class, but he said we still charge them $150.
  2. Like I said, I was floored. I had a required-attendance course last Monday, and none of them turned their cams on, so I don't know what the fuck the point is.
  3. I'm legally 1B, but there was nothing on the HEB site to verify this and once I booked, it didn't tell me to bring proof of 1B status or anything.
  4. They added a bunch of slots in the last hour, more than I've seen in a week. I got an appointment for Thursday. Unfortunately, it's in La Vernia.
  5. He doesn't give a shit. He was the first person in the state vaccinated.
  6. It must be a coincidence that the HEB vaccine scheduling site just went down.
  7. Any college/dept that's governed by an accrediting body is almost certainly required to do yearly assessment. But I wouldn't exactly argue that assessment is doing a good job of measuring the quality of education.
  8. I asked my chair if I could get reimbursed out of my discretionary budget and was told no.
  9. I asked my fall class what one thing I should do differently when I teach the class in the spring, and about 80% of them said I should require attendance. I was floored.
  10. We keep getting told that students want to come back to campus. I have no doubt that's true, but it's definitely not for class, because you can look at any course in my department where there's an in-person section and an online section, and the online sections fill up first (well, they don't actually "fill up" because they keep upping the enrollment cap on them because they're not constrained by room size).
  11. I had to buy my own microphone and external webcam once my internal one went out.
  12. Disagree. I think literally anyone else would be a good solution to replace Larry Scott.
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