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  1. This continues to be the most aggy thing this side of aggy, yet you continue to think it's clever for some inexplicable reason.
  2. Maybe the dumbest thing ever posted on the internet.
  3. Carlos Gomez retiring. Hader, Brett Phillips, Domingo Santana for Gomez and Fiers. That turned out even worse than everyone thought.
  4. Not the greatest time to make a look-ar-us announcement...
  5. Shit's gotten out of hand when Golf Digest is covering this:
  6. And when there was no crawdad, we ate... ahh.. nevermind.
  7. I'm not a Yankee fuckwit, but it wasn't Beltran. Beltran was hired by NYY in 12/2018. I asked in the main thread what he did during the 2018 season, but no one offered an answer.
  8. I think what's really amazing about all of this is that Passan wrote a column back in 2018 about sign-stealing that detailed 4 different teams accusing the Astros and even mentioned the trash can banging. And the commissioner's office twice did investigations that "cleared" the Astros, investigations that were apparently of comparable rigor to an SEC school investigating its boosters for paying its football players. Why is Manfred not being called on the carpet for his (at best) complete inaction at stopping this early or (at worst) his tolerance of this stuff? https://sports.yahoo.com/sources-red-sox-warned-indians-astros-attempting-steal-signs-information-032027336.html
  9. I notice that she doesn't say that the Beltrans don't know this girl, just that she is "not related to the family." My best friend is Puerto Rican, and both of his kids call me "Tio Beau," so excuse me for thinking that's not a great denial. Still, this doesn't match any time line. Altuve had a buzzer in the 2019 playoffs, and where exactly was Beltran in 2019?
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