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  1. Was wondering how he got crowd-sourced. Turns out he went full retard in the Ruth Bader Ginsberg thread in Cloak Room.
  2. To be fair, those two skinny, white junior high kids chasing him made him look faster.'
  3. I'm too old, but I did know a girl who fucked Boris Becker.
  4. My favorite team ever -- 1989 Flyin' Illini. 6'4" Kendal Gill, 6'5" Stephen Bardo, 6'6" Kenny Battle, 6'5" Nick Anderson, 6'7" Lowell Hamilton, and 6'8" freshman Marcus Liberty, who came off the bench to only shoot threes. Nobody really had positions because everyone was basically the same size, and they outrebounded everyone. Every day in practice, they'd give "The Kenny Battle Award" to the person who worked the second-hardest that day. Lost 4 games when Gill was out with a broken foot, and only other loss was by 2 in Final Four to Michigan, who they'd already beaten twice by double digits. Second favorite team: 1985 Georgia Tech: Mark Price, Bruce Dalrymple, Duane Ferrell, John Salley, and Yvon Joseph. Dalrymple is one of my all-time favorites -- was 6'4", played guard, couldn't shoot a lick, would frequently lead team in rebounding, and would always seem to put up a 15-8-6 line and shut down the other team's best player. They won the ACC Tournament, but lost to #1 Georgetown in the regional finals.
  5. Argyle 35-7; Lavega lost their starting QB to injury 2 weeks ago and is literally playing a RB at QB. They cannot pass at all. Shiner 13-7; despite 7 turnovers WOS 70-0; I believe I mentioned that this is not the Newton we're used to Post 26-7 TPG 46-14 Brock 42-35; very impressive win over a ranked 4AD1 team WImbo 21-20 Also, Cuero 42, Navarro 21 Graham 31 Decatur 14 RF 44 CC Miller 41 Sweetwater 40 Boerne 35 El Campo 55 Wharton 35 BEllville 42 ROckdale 14 Yoakum 43 Needville 42 Wall 42 Mason 7; Mason is 0-4 after going 40-4 over last 3 seasons
  6. Were you there? I watched the last 9 minutes of the game on stream. CL announcers were lamenting how badly they shot themselves in the foot and how the refs were screwing them.
  7. No man, they're playing on teal grass.
  8. Holy fuck, my eyes are bleeding now.
  9. You think NBC gives a shit about guys playing 2 days in a row?
  10. One of my best friends growing up -- his father played for OU in college. Every once in a while, he would show up and play with us, 30 years older, less athletic, but much much much smarter than us about how to play basketball. That's who who I see when I watch Jokic.
  11. To be fair, it doesn't say they had sex. Most likely, poor Robin was making out with her and started copping feels and felt a penis and ran away. Bravely bold Sir Robin Rode forth from Camelot. He was not afraid to die, Oh brave Sir Robin. He was not at all afraid To be killed in nasty ways. Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin. He was not in the least bit scared To be mashed into a pulp. Or to have his eyes gouged out, And his elbows broken. To have his kneecaps split And his body burned away, And his limbs all hacked and mangled Brave Sir Robin. His head smashed in And his heart cut out And his liver removed And his bowls unplugged And his nostrils raped And his bottom burnt off And his penis ripped off by KarenKeyLargo Brave Sir Robin ran away Bravely ran away away When danger reared its ugly head He bravely turned his tail and fled Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about And gallantly he chickened out Bravely taking to his feet He beat a very brave retreat Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin!
  12. I think even Walton would agree with that. I've heard him say that he still thinks about that loss to NC State in the FF every day. Walton's senior season was kind of a disaster by UCLA's standards.
  13. Tampa looked like easily the best team in the league when they were putting it to Boston and when they went in dry on NYI in game 1. But they have looked tired and kinda ripe since then. I FUCKING BELIEVE!!!
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