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  1. ME ME ME!!! Because I once got banned on Hornfans by Huckleberry.
  2. I salute whoever 33 is: I'm sure Aggies reminisced well into the 50's after their national championship.
  3. I bolded the most important part. Default/bankruptcy is the last thing lenders want, because it guarantees that they won't get fully paid.
  4. In 5 years at ND State, Klieman's teams played 16, 15, 14, 15, and 15 games.
  5. Just answered my own question by reading Mack Brown's reply. Never mind.
  6. Is there a smarmier, more selfish asshole in college football than Dabo Swinney?
  7. It's less than I want, but I think I have enough to retire right now if I wanted to. And the wife says she wants to work 10 more years, too.
  8. He didn't troll him; he eviscerated him.
  9. Those guys at the front right are pretty wide-eyed for Rakuten fans. I'll just see myself out...
  10. Jim Cramer might be the stupidest man on TV.
  11. I'm 53 and planning on full retirement in about 5 years. I'm all cash. And I've realized I'll probably stay in that. Before all this shit, most of my money was in VTTVX (or similar). Now, it would be stupid of me to take a big position in the stock market with such a short investment horizon, and it would be stupider to buy bonds, because I can't see them doing anything but getting killed by inflation.
  12. "Pau Gasol was as good as Dirk Nowitzki" is one of the most unexpected hills I've ever seen chosen to die on.
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