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  1. Ag4coal 11:16p AG I'm glad he hit him. I know it's not ok in today's climate, but Rudolph acted like a ***** and got treated like a *****. Whatever punishment Garrett gets is sad, and I would gladly say that had it been a tu player instead of Myles. Be a ****ing man. Take your licks and get up (if you're Rudolph). Or put a ***** in his place (if you're Garrett). That'll probably trigger all the beats out there, but hierarchy is important. Know your place. And your place isn't talking **** to a dude who can kick your ass
  2. Spicewood Ag 10:47p AG Hell yeah swing that thing Myles Rudolph was being a little punk messing with the guy who's been up his colon all day. Rudolph shouldn't even be on the field #StandWithMG
  3. azulAg 10:56p AG No loyalty whatsoever, y'all flip faster than girls when they hear their friends talking **** about them Emilio Fantastico said: I'm guessing Rudolph might've used the N word while trying to rip Garrett's helmet off. Because he just completely lost it.
  4. Tmoneyag99 In reply to Gigemags382 • 10:46p AG .I'm going to give Myles the benefit of the doubt because: 1) He's an Aggie. (you don't get to yank that away from him) 2) He's usually a chill cat. It's Remarkable how quickly some people will turn their backs on their own.
  5. Gigemags382 10:42p AG Just ripped off Mason Rudolph's helmet and then swung it at Rudolph's head. What a fool. No longer an Aggie. Federale01 In reply to Gigemags382 • 10:45p AG It's not really your right to rescind his Aggie status.
  6. I just went over there, and the top 6 threads are all about Garrett. 3 of them are titled "Myles Garrett."
  7. Yeah, I can't wait for people to start blowing whistles and setting the whole MLB world on fire.
  8. Oh yeah, that's a tough one... have you heard of Ted Williams?
  9. ?!?!?!?!?! Here is the actual title of the original article:
  10. Your mom wouldn't toss my salad tonight.
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