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  1. Can we just give Trump a participation trophy and call it done?
  2. I have two Seattle Kraken shirts. I won't be wearing either in public for a while.
  3. I don't know much about law, but if I may interpret:
  4. I don't like you any more. If Washington wins out, they have as much right to claim a championship as whoever wins the sanctioned popularity playoffs.
  5. What a win ! Imagine how badly we would have snotfucked BYU.
  6. Huge stop. Get a score and this gets interesting.
  7. Prison rape ongoing. Wish we were playing BYU...
  8. Sooooo many spam phone calls... The Broncos just called and asked if I was interested in playing QB.
  9. 5 for 60 already. Fuck you, Tom Herman.
  10. Yes, just like last season.
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