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  1. Cellartracker tells me it's $89.90 but that was skewed from when I was heavily building up a cellar from around 2012-2017. I really haven't bought much the past few years except my annual buy of Burg futures and maybe a Bordeaux future or two to keep my Lynch Bages vertical going. On a side note, I am moving back to London in April and need to unload a Eurocave that holds around 100 bottles and is about 10 years old. Let me know if there is any interest on the board. Have a Klose smoker too if anyone is interested.
  2. I did backofthebike in Sai Gon last time. I've done a food walking tour in Bkk as well. I would likely do a other one in each city. For Hanoi, I found Hanoi Motorbike Street Foods to be fantastic.
  3. Same with mine. I took last years version out to look at it before Thanksgiving. Smelled fine, looked like a runny cottage cheese so I ditched. Need to get going on a new batch.
  4. It normally doesn't have the roast beef, or at least not when I have had it (lived in the UK for 7+ years). It's essentially the vegetable leftovers from a Sunday roast, fried up as you mention. I've never been a fan, but maybe the roast beef would make the dish for me.
  5. My first true love..... It's looking great.
  6. Clay Helton had a split lip and black eye in the fourth quarter. He didn’t have that in the first half. Some shit went down in the locker room. My SC wife gladly pointed that out to me.
  7. We will expand the bullpen by 1 arm for the ALCS, and that position is certainly Peacock's if he is ready. I think Miley will then stay as the only leftie and a guy that can burn innings if we need to.
  8. I tried both in London (7 years) and Houston (3 years) and just gave up and bought the VC Overseas.
  9. I hate Trump as much as most of you, but that is the song that Rivera used to come out to so it's not so crazy...
  10. While I have been singing the praises of the VC Overseas, I have now become very frustrated with it. It was purchased Oct 1 last year, and I just today sent it back in for its second service for the same issue. The minute hand keeps getting stuck at 11:43am and won't budge off of it. Fortunately the VC Boutique has been accommodating. They want to look at it closely this time and see if it's just a minor fix or if the entire movement has to be replaced. And they did confirm that if they repair it and it happens again, they will replace the watch or movement.
  11. I wouldn't try to squeeze in Thailand and Vietnam in the same trip. Pick one and go with it. You can always go back and see the one you miss another time. I have done both, and slightly preferred Vietnam. Maybe that's because it was the most recent (last year vs. Thailand in 2015). If you are looking for the city/food/drinking scene, you can't beat the Hanoi to Hue/Hoi An/Danang to Saigon route. That's what we did and loved it. You can see some of my comments and pics on previous pages of this thread.
  12. We look like a bunch of La Flama Blancas out there
  13. Congrats! I bought the Dual Time last year when I finally gave up on the PP Nautilus. It’s a great watch.
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