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  1. Yeah, they have a great direct flight out of there. The runway is a bit short for a big plane, but it's doable.
  2. I'm moving to London in mid-September. House in Houston closes late August, movers pack up a few days later, then driving to Terlingua for one final hurrah before flying out. The move isn't Covid related as it's been in the plans with me and the wife for around 5 years. We have passports from our previous 6 years over there so getting in is easy. It's just taken that long with career, money, etc. to get it done. Wish I wasn't moving in the middle of a global pandemic but it's now or never for my work opportunities in London and E. Europe. And if it doesn't work out or we find it's not what we want (or remember), there is always a path back.
  3. Most of what made the news was Soho, which I heard was an absolute shitshow. Other parts of Central London were pretty reasonable from comments I had from friends over there. Many pubs are also requiring bookings for up to 2.5 hours of drinking at spaced out tables. The bars tend to have shields to avoid contact with customers and bartenders. It certainly didn't look ideal over there but not as loose as we have been in the US.
  4. You are right, the 14-day quarantine is based on where you are coming from, but that's not a big deal to me. My point is that I don't think I will run into a situation where a country like the UK prohibits its citizens from returning under any circumstance. I guess it's possible if they shut down all flights from the U.S. but I don't think is likely and could find other means to get over.
  5. You think the UK is letting you in by September? That sounds wildly optimistic to me. I am certain they will. I have a UK passport in addition to a US passport. And they are letting US citizens in now, but you have to quarantine for 14 days. But it is different than a quarantine here. You have to provide your address upon arrival at LHR and are likely to get a visit or two from the police to ensure you are following the quarantine guidelines.
  6. For me in the early 80s, it was the kickass BMX like a Diamondback, Mongoose, Haro, etc. I was always livin large on my Huffy or Schwinn.
  7. Just booked United to London in mid-September with miles. I have always found it difficult to use miles for international business class travel on relatively short notice. Award travel has historically not been available or around 300k miles for a round trip flight. Picked this one up for 60k miles and the business cabin looks empty right now except for 2 other seats.
  8. I was down on my luck and didn't have a buck? Nah, I will take London over Houston any day. Love that town.
  9. Going to get my antibody test today. I was pretty sick in January and just assumed it was the flu. But I found out yesterday that one of my co-workers in London (I was spending around 2 weeks a month working there since August last year) just received a positive antibody test from when he was sick in mid-March. I was around him 10 hours a day for about a week during that timeframe, sitting and working side by side, and did not get sick despite his almost constant coughing. I flew home as soon as the Europe travel ban was put in place and was fine after as well. I guess it is possible that I didn't catch it or was asymptomatic but seems more likely that I may have already had it in January. Will know in a few days.
  10. Cool, thanks for the info. My summer hols have likely been turned into a week at a Galveston beach house so going to put in an order.
  11. Is it that much better than say a good steak from Central Market or Snake River Farms/44 Farms? I've thought about ordering for years but just haven't done it.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikDEHygZzlI Saw this one live nearly 15 years ago. Was cool as shit to see them together again, and you can still feel that hate between them on stage.
  13. I was supposed to move back to London in April but that all fell apart for the near term. Hoping to make the leap back over around the end of August if things continue to improve here and the UK is opened back up. It's a bit of a juggling act with a house to sell, movers to book, etc.
  14. Of course it would, but you think airlines that are already financially distressed are ready to draw that line in the sand with its consumer base?
  15. Because people will fuck it up and not bring masks, at a high percentage of the cabin. I think it's a no-brainer for airlines to require masks, but they need to be supplied with a large amount of spare masks to hand out for those that forget or choose not to comply.
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