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  1. Yup, saw spinach and thought the same thing.
  2. Definitely taking notes, whole apple pie carryon is genius.
  3. That's when you put them on your head.
  4. Uh, yeah, no. 2-3hr maybe. Put in a temp probe and watch core temp.
  5. @Mitch Cumsteen Mitch Cumsteen to the white courtesy phone.
  6. It's more a question of personal priorities - some people drive a 100k car and live in a $500k house, but wear a $40 watch and eat $10 meals while wearing $100 clothes/shoes, while taking $25k vacation trips. Those are just some of the expense areas that readily come to mind where it's really personal what you prefer to pay up for/have very nice, and what areas you really just dgaf. Plug in your own dollar values for those items and see what you value. FWIW I bought my first Speedmaster when I was making barely 60, a few years into the workforce. The Speedmaster was intended for collectin
  7. This is good advice. I've eaten at the Chilis in CLT too many times. Really don't know if anything makes it past Covid, so this may be outdated by now, but Sushi Kyotatsu near NRT gate B33 was always good.
  8. This looks incredible. For someone who knows zero, what is involved in doing a trip like this? Need to get some sort of permit way in advance? What level of proficiency on the boat do you need to have beforehand (any serious rapids?) What general fitness level? And if you use a guide (or is guide mandatory?), what's a ballpark total cost for a turnkey trip?
  9. Yeah, like a peeing Calvin.
  10. Hint: to most of management, 3rd shift does not exist.
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