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  1. BMW already tried that shit charging an annual fee for Carplay, and just stopped charging last year. I hope this fails. Not that I care until the nostril size comes back down. The e30 comparison above is comical, and the new M4 looks utterly stupid, esp when half the nostril is fake grille for aerodynamic blockoffs. https://www.thedrive.com/news/33886/feast-your-eyes-on-the-2021-bmw-m4s-massive-nostrils
  2. I use them to remove hard water rings in the toilet bowl.
  3. Cocktail sauce needs its own thread. I've had some great ones at restaurants, but I've never made one myself that really was special. Please post your recipes! And on thread topic, raw clams on the half shell are better than oysters much of the year.
  4. I really like his channels, because they apply a bit more scientific method to the questions than most. He cuts comparison steaks from the same piece of meat, the testers pick the same slice from each steak, etc. He shows some great tricks and techniques in a very common sense kitchen way, no deep discussion of theory.
  5. Soft plastic...on a hot grill. Yes, this will go well. Use a steel brush, be careful with a steel scraper. Wad of aluminum foil works surprisingly well as well. And get the stainless grates in 15yr when it's finally time to replace the grates.
  6. Noodling for reds? That's a thing, right...?
  7. How hard do you have to throw it to make it go all the way through her?
  8. Had a coworker years ago who would label his socks L and R as he hated how they stretched in the toe box if he switched feet. Didn't make me surly, did make me raise an eyebrow, briefly.
  9. If you ever open very old wine with very iffy corks, you need a 2-prong corkscrew like this: https://www.amazon.com/Monopol-Westmark-Germany-Two-Prong-Puller/dp/B0002WZR4K You can also use one of the argon injector needles to pressurize and push the cork out, but that's more cost and complexity. For normal use, I'm with Chewbacca, the basic folding screw and knife tool.
  10. <tangent> - I enjoy looking at the sky and making chemtrail comments when near total strangers. Sometimes gets a good reaction.
  11. That's exactly what I'm wanting to achieve, except a larger surface as most of my steaks don't fit under a normal chimney.
  12. That should work fine, is very similar to the Slow n Sear add-on to Weber, and you're in a kamado which has better insulation and more even temperature distribution. That said, depending on the heat distribution, you might rotate the meat 180' (point the bones to the left) midway through the cook.
  13. Hard to beat the chimney for a single steak. Uses little fuel, no real cleanup. If you have an appropriate sized cast iron pan, you can also put it over a chimney. Just don't use a pan that overhangs too much, as any overhang not receiving heat is acting as a heat sink and losing heat to the atmosphere. I've been wanting to modify a cutout chimney to be able to slide the steak underneath, to get the radiant heat sear without the smoke fumes from drips, but it's buried in my projects list. Saw it on Guga, want to try. Should give a cleaner sear taste.
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