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  1. We lost a fish years ago that we didn't find until we were tearing down the tank for a move years later - he'd jumped and somehow stuck to the dry section of tank wall near the rim. Terrible way to die. Check the underside of your tank cover and under the rim of the tank. And of course, check the obvious jump-out locations, don't discount trapped between something and the wall or stuck to a wall, or hung up in water piping or power cords.
  2. I also had them in upstate New York, and they were effing awesome. Mine were on a RWD Porsche (not a humblebrag, this was a 944 Turbo.) Never tried any other snow tires so I can't compare, but they let me drive through anything with confidence.
  3. I've been a huge Fallout fan since the first game. After the huge disappointment of fo76, I tempered my hopes going forward. Then Outer Worlds comes out and the reviews seem to unanimously agree it nails fo3 and fo4. I'm stoked.
  4. Sam Lin


    SpaceX launch scheduled for Nov11. Notable for 2 things - this will be the first time a Falcon booster is reused 4 times, and this will fly with a previously-flown and recovered payload fairing. It says a lot about how much SpaceX has changed the "norm" of space operations that neither of these items is making many headlines. Payload is another stack of Starlink internet satellites, SpaceX internal cargo, which makes it easier for them to take the reuse risks.
  5. Pressure cooker at ~15psi will give liquid water at 250F. https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/water-vapor-saturation-pressure-d_599.html
  6. Lange is always turn right choice.
  7. You need more heat, use a higher temp, and preheat a stone a good long time as suggested above, or use a cast iron pan like the serious eats pizza. Your pics show little browning on the crust but the toppings are already done. How did the crust chew? Was it crisp on bottom, or or chewy? Give up on perfectly round crust, it doesn't happen at home, and if your dough has some elasticity, try pulling it out to shape vs rolling it out.
  8. If he's willing to answer, ask if he can tell how he's getting a full range signal out of the Mazda head unit. Did he edit the Linux code to use one of the USB ports as a spdif output, or a signal processor onto the factory analog outputs? I thought the analog outputs all had a low freq cutoff and have been trying to confirm where to find a true full range signal. It's for my Mazda in a foreign country. If it was in the US I'd have tools in the garage to hunt the signals myself.
  9. If it's a multi-day stay, I leave a decent tip the first night and don't tip for a few days. I've found it pays off in little extra perks like an extra bottle of water or another shampoo if they see you using a lot of it. If a single day, then I leave a small tip. I also leave a small tip in airport lounge showers if I use the shower, as they have to mop and dry it for the next person.
  10. Many head units, you can just wire the parking brake detection to constant power and they'll work fine. Smarter ones check for this by detecting if the signal is toggling on and off - for those, there are "parking brake bypass kits" available for most brands of head units, to let you have full functionality at all times regardless of Park or parking brake. Look on Amazon. Don't have Best Buy install a stereo on a car you plan to keep.
  11. Did a multi-day steak visit to NYC with friends maybe 10yr ago and already had that impression of Luger then. It was clearly living off its name and reputation, the majority of customers were foreign tourists looking to check it off their list, and the service clearly reflected the clientele. Was the worst steak of that trip, both objectively as a steak and subjectively for value of visit as an experience.
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