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  1. Sam Lin

    Bidet Meta Threas

    For anyone who was on the fence and missed the Black Friday deal at Costco, the Bio Bidet is on sale there again for even cheaper than Black Friday: https://slickdeals.net/f/13803272-bio-bidet-uspa-6800-luxury-bidet-seat-179-99?src=frontpage
  2. Modern phones are cdma and gsm, roaming overseas you will connect to gsm networks. Verizon has decent service in Cambodia, but honestly I'd tell him to buy a tourist SIM at the airport on arrival, $10-15 will get unlimited data for a week.
  3. Why isn't the man slugging the whiskey straight from the bottle? Bottle's almost empty, no need to dirty a glass.
  4. Sam Lin


    Pizza Studio Tamaki. Make reservations well in advance.
  5. Sam Lin


    might can _______ ... (used wherever you'd say "might be able to ______) He looked like all the cheese slid off his cracker.
  6. http://www.oprah.com/food/egg-in-an-avacado-recipe
  7. Note that with the increases in efficiency of home solar, and the distribution of wind power networks, this is no longer consistently true. Many rural areas lose a significant percentage of "power" due to grid transmission losses, so a less efficient energy source located nearby can still result in better system efficiency due to far lower transmission losses. https://theconversation.com/we-calculated-emissions-due-to-electricity-loss-on-the-power-grid-globally-its-a-lot-128296
  8. Wedding scheduling talk not going away.
  9. For anyone who's discovering this series via TV, the books are fantastic if you like the fantasy genre, and the games are also very well regarded, though can have a bit of a learning curve. There's nothing wrong with setting the games to the easiest mode and just playing through them for the story. There's a ton of side story and world-building in both the books and the games.
  10. This is the only correct answer for Nostalgic: https://www.nintendo.com/nes-classic/
  11. I laughed. The Germans laugh. They accept your challenge.
  12. Lulz at BA being considered a "nice" airline. It and AA just brought up the last 2 places in an airline survey, even behind Spirit and Easyjet.
  13. Second the comments about getting custom molded earplugs if you plan to wear for any length of time. For a few hours, disposable foam earplugs are great and have some of the highest NRR ratings. For any longer, it's worth the custom earmold. I use custom earmolds on my earphones and can wear them for 12hr flights and not notice them at all the entire time, and ears feel completely normal when I remove them. Most of the recent gun shows I've been to have had someone there making custom silicon earplugs. These work fine, but unless they're an audiologist, I have concerns about the quality and hygiene of their product, as well as whether they know how to safely make an earmold. A proper earmold will have a wax guard inserted first, prevents molding too deep, which can damage the eardrum or get molding material stuck in the ear. Excessive earwax will be removed prior to taking the earmold. Any audiologist can make earmolds for you and should be able to recommend a shop to send them to to get earplugs made. Sensaphonics is a big supplier of hearings aids and has a large network of affiliated audiologists - their audiologists will know how to make the proper open-jaw ear impressions so you get the best fit and seal: Scroll down and select your state for a local Sensaphonics certified audiologist: https://www.sensaphonics.com/pages/find-an-audiologist Sensaphonics earplugs - this is the most noise reduction you'll get in an in-ear: https://www.sensaphonics.com/products/fullshellsolid If you're taking new shooters or someone very timid/prone to flinching, use a disposable foamie earplug and then put an earmuff over their ears. The sound is a huge part of the intimidation and the more you can eliminate the sound, the more enjoyable it'll be for the shooter. Helps to prevent them from developing a flinch or other ingrained bad habit.
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