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  1. Holy hell, I had to zoom out so many times to be able to tell where Marathon was.
  2. Go eat at someone else's Shank party.
  3. Please post your cornbread and biscuit recipes also, I love those and have never hit one that I felt was amazing.
  4. There's since been a lot of conflicting info, it may only be a temporary closing. One can hope.
  5. You can vac seal and freeze large chunks of brisket after cook, warm with sous vide or warm pot of water on stove, then slice and serve at any future time. It really keeps well.
  6. Sam Lin

    Time to visit Waco

    Specific to this, unless it's a really short drive and I'll be eating immediately, I always open the box of a takeout pizza and let it cool as quickly as possible. Prevents the steamed floppy crust, and you can reheat in an oven or on a hot pan on the stove and it's nearly the same as hot and fresh.
  7. Tangent: If you can answer, how large is your current company? I'm quite surprised any decent sized company, esp in a financial industry, doesn't offer a 401k in this day and age.
  8. Dubai Porta Potty https://travellingjezebel.com/dubai-porta-potty/
  9. Might also want to look at Microsoft Teams. Not that it's better, just another alternative often mentioned alongside those two. FWIW, I use both Slack and Discord and don't have a strong preference either way.
  10. Sam Lin

    Tool Talk

    Wera, Wiha, Festool for tool porn.
  11. Yeah, they picked up some value: https://hypebeast.com/2019/10/1997-acura-integra-type-r-bring-a-trailer-auction
  12. With modern gas and the fuel system in modern cars, 6mo is no issue at all, don't bother with stabilizer.
  13. You might try the bottom of a spoon instead of a butter knife. The curvature means you always have a wide spreading area regardless of handle angle.
  14. That was fantastic, thank you.
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