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  1. I'd preorder one right now. Set mine for mosquitoes-only. I can handle the rest myself.
  2. Can someone explain to me which of these I should buy, and if you're feeling wordy, the flavor/texture differences where I'd want to use one over another? Please speak slowly, this is literally foreign to me.
  3. The missing jalapeno is driving me nuts. (referring to CoachTex sandwich)
  4. Re: cabbage Fairly well known Thai restaurant Supanniga Eating Room has a really famous riff on a normal Thai dish, cabbage stir fried with fish sauce. Theirs is wonderful, if expensive. During Covid they sold "cook at home" sets and released this little YT short showing how to cook it. Flash fry/blanch, then quick wok fry with fish sauce.
  5. The Way My Husband Is Coping With Our Month of No Sex Is Infuriating https://slate.com/human-interest/2023/01/husband-horrible-surgery-advice.html
  6. I learned that lesson pretty quick, turns out each partial execution costs a trade, so my $5 in shares cost me $9.95 to trade. Will never make back that loss on the remaining $25 in shares! Now I always uncheck the "allow partial execution."
  7. Just now, more cancer than ever before.
  8. Welp, that was an underwhelming finish, it's very clearly half of a 2part story and not intended to stand as its own book. Onward, now starting "Judas Unchained" - the second half of the story.
  9. Thankfully, we can now choose drug-resistant gonorrhea! https://arstechnica.com/science/2023/01/gonorrhea-is-becoming-unstoppable-highly-resistant-cases-found-in-us/ Yes.
  10. Just read the first 3 of Scalzi's "Old Man's War" series and really enjoyed it. Fairly easy read, quite human story. Bought the fourth but it's stylistically different enough I'm not sure I want to continue (I only just started it, but the first 3 books were such a nicely finished trilogy that I'm not sure what the rest of the series can add.) Currently reading Hamilton's "Pandora's Star" - definitely harder sci-fi, goes into probably too much detail describing just about everything. I find myself skimming over paragraphs at a time where it's just description that doesn't have any affect on plot (but at the same time I'm incredibly impressed at the amount of detail that he's thought through in creating his worlds). I'm 80% through; will see what I think when I finish. Do find the writing to be very clever, this is almost a grand epic of a book; so many different but converging plot lines, such diversity in imagination of worlds, species, motivations, and some fun humor tucked in there. I'm enjoying it, just need to decide if it's good or great.
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