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  1. I often order an extra pizza and leave it lid open on the counter just to cool it down for the next morning.
  2. Get a feel for vent settings, what vent openings give roughly what temps. Then start the coals however you want (I use a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol), up front near the lower vent (draft into the vent will push the fire toward the rear). Once you have a tennis ball sized ball of red coals, close it, set the vents, and start the cook whenever the smoke looks clear. Don't wait for starting temp (using this method it should be too low at first), trust the vents to end up at your target temp. Fine adjust the vents to tune your temp after the temp comes back up after adding food.
  3. I love how each new BMW looks like a cheap Chinese copy of a BMW.
  4. October Sky, esp if he's a bit of an engineer mind. It's a great engineering movie, plus a great family story.
  5. The Trek series book "The Kobayashi Maru" by Julia Ecklar is a very enjoyable read that goes into how Kirk, Chekov, Scotty, and Sulu did in each of their Kobayashi Maru tests. It's a very touching story that I think does a great job personifying each of those characters. Highly recommended, easy read.
  6. Can @immamac add a "Post Less" option to the vote selections?
  7. Fake news, no Surly wife is going to admit they A. hit a curb or B. popped a tire Come home (driving on the flat tire with alignment all out of whack from the bent control arm), park in garage, "Don't know, it was fine when I went to the mall yesterday!"
  8. Yup. It's Asia, extended family still does it. To their credit they do a lot less than they used to, esp on my steaks. It kills me inside every time.
  9. Note that Google Fi on their domestic "strictly unlimited" plan is also a fairly cheap $20ea (+fees) if you have 4 people.
  10. I've slept through a couple 4.x and 5.x in Taiwan, usually wake up, see the lamp and paintings moving, doze back off. My thought is if it's bad enough to drop something and kill me, it's too late for me to seek cover anyways. This one was really big, even for Taiwan. That mass damper in Taipei101 is huge, and it is super cool to see it moving even on a windy day. Would have been terrified, but wish I could have been there to see it in person during this earthquake.
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