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  1. I read this as "various neighborhood females" and was wondering why you were complaining.
  2. Dealer called and told us the car needed a new engine air filter and would we like them to replace it while they had it? No. The car has 4000 miles and this is the first oil change on it. Service advisor backed down instantly when he overheard my brother yell "are you fucking kidding me" in the background.
  3. How is that negative news? Severance money goes into the economy and circulates! People get money and a new job, it's a win win!
  4. I, on the other hand, still have my 1998 Land Cruiser.
  5. The two of you should stop doing this, it is idiotic and dangerous.
  6. Not even a humblebrag, just a brag.
  7. Got it. Putting a limit sell on my UUUU at $300.
  8. Sounds like they made up for it.
  9. Diminished value the easiest way to fight is hire an independent appraiser who will send a market analysis. Example, Collision Damage Consultants, rates are on their site. Almost always gets you more than their fee. No affiliation and no firsthand experience, just seen their testimonials a lot.
  10. Wait. You tried to carry a fully loaded medical bag on? And you expected TSA to blindly let it through?? This is completely on you. Pre 911 I carried tool sets and calipers/measurement equipment on every time. Post 911 I check all that shit in, after getting questioned about calipers one too many times.
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