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  1. I'll bet NowThis knew what a thick log in his lower colon felt like.
  2. It’s like the No 2 topic RVer’s talk about.
  3. Home Depot has 21’ lifts that are less than 36” wide. Need to protect your floors for sure but you should be able to get one through the front door.
  4. We've had better luck in cleaning the black tank after driving around a while. We have a dump at our storage facility and when we have boondocked we come back and dump there. Seems like it gets stirred up and everthing cleans out well compared to leaving a state park and drive 100 yards to the section dump station. Last state park trip we drove around the place looking at other sites for a bit before we went to dump. A lot of forums and groups have posts about people prepping their tanks with dawn dishwashing soap and calgon liquid water softener. I'm sure you can google to find info on e
  5. That's a pretty awesome video. Were you in a boat or kayak?
  6. Assuming Mark, he uses D'Addario Chrome flatwound 12s, throws away the big fat E, moves everything up and puts a 10 on the first string.
  7. Just a practical joke to mess with someone. "You gotta be a platinum member and sign up early to get one of the sites with hook-ups"
  8. This is pretty awesome if you are boondocking at places with a lot of other campers around.
  9. Kinda wanna see a lightning made hole in the road.
  10. Looks good, that will probably be there longer than the house. I would probably just sister a 2x2 or 2x4 along side the joist where the deck plywood hits short but if it bothers you just cut the deck. I assume that the deck isn't more than 16' long so you would have to make a cut anyway.
  11. Looks like a cop. Bad enough we have to worry about cops and our dogs but now our tigers too?
  12. Just need a shitload of pepper. Tigers love pepper.
  13. Seems like we had a discussion on gel coat repair kits before. Maybe search this thread.
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