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  1. That's fantastic but I want to neg that second video for the stupid music playing instead of the roar of twin v-12s. Whoever edited that video sucks.
  2. Here's a summation of the house/flag argument and pretty much every other point in this thread ...
  3. davidg


    What did the EHT go for? I saw 6 or 7 at a little place in the country a week or so ago and thought their price was too high.
  4. It doesn't really taste all that good, but this used to be the best beer because the only way to get it was to be in French Polynesia. I say used because according to google it's now available at Spec's
  5. You need to do some research on setting and lubing the friction rings on an Auto-5 if you are having jams. Is that 12 a Light Field or Magnum? Magnums won't cycle light field loads unless you remove one set of friction rings and swap out the spring for a light spring. Lube it up pretty good and then you can shoot clays or dove loads with it.
  6. Here’s the thing on RVs, they are all dogshit. You are basically buying a cheap apartment, then driving it down the road repeatedly to where you sleep, then driving back home. Things will break. They are all built with the same components, use the same fridges, A/Cs, stoves, power converters and axles so any of them can have the same issues with components. What mattered for us was floorplan (we looked at 3 mfrs with the exact floorplan), interior color scheme and the reputation for the mfr in dealing with warranty issues. I consider myself pretty handy and while not a tv repairman, I still have an ultimate set of tools and will dive into just about anything given the time; so sorting out issues with the plumbing, electrical or running gear doesn’t bother me a bit. IMO, you need to be able to fix some stuff or you will find yourself bitching about long service lead times and/or costs. Basic skills would include the ability to inspect your roof and seams, then recaulk as needed, chase down electrical issues with a Volt meter, repair leaking hoses/pex/fittings, and service wheel bearings. We picked up our trailer Aug 6 and have spent 2 long weekends and one night at the dealership in it. Including punch items found during our PDI, we have fixed: several spots on the roof caulk, sealed leaky seams between pieces of the roof gutter, glued and nailed a couple of pieces of trim that came loose and replaced a broken spray port cover. Not really a lot so far so we are fairly satisfied with our purchase. We did notice dripping water from the underbelly after backing into our driveway after our last trip. It could be a leaking hose, etc or it could have be from towing in the rain on that trip. Next weekend I will get the trailer from storage and put it in the driveway and mess with the plumbing to see if I can replicate the issue. If so, I will let the dealer look at it the weekend after at our 60 day service appointment as I really don’t want to deal with taking down the underbelly.
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