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  1. I don't get why people bitch about social media on social media.
  2. Should be the only way to access to keep stinking girls out when they are young and to keep Dad from walking in on them and the girlfriend when they are older.
  3. Shoulda bought a sex tent and everything would be fine.
  4. Probably a weak breaker. It happens. Do you have a surge protector or energy management system that plugs between the pedestal and your shore power cable? Some of them have diagnostics that can tell you if the pedestal is having issues.
  5. Do you even Lajitas International Airport, brah?
  6. Yep used it alot in open areas on the treks. I used some velcro cable wraps to hold it to my shoulder strap for hands free. Worked pretty well and keeps your head a lot cooler that just a hat. This pic is from a training hike we did on the way to Philmont. We stayed two nights in cabins at the NRA Whittington Center and did hikes during the day up into their back country. I think we had full packs, water and two meals worth of food and did about 9 miles. Good way to acclimate if your are coming from flat land like us Texans.
  7. I did two treks wearing NB 1210 trailrunners and Dirty Girl gaiters. No foot problems whatsoever on either trek other than wet feet on the first trek as it rained continuously for the first 4 days. Most of the crew had wet feet during the first portion even with high top Goretex boots and I know mine dried out a lot faster. My suggestion would be trail runners and work on reducing your pack weight. I might have broke 30#s on food pickup days and full water. I'm a packrat and worked real hard at eliminating and lightened my pack and my personal gear was just under 18lbs and that included a big leatherman as my contribution to crew gear and a Philmont Field Guide book. These are the shoes I wore and my lunch on the top of Mt Baldy. It sucked walking my fatass up it but the views at the top were nice. That's Eagle Nest Lake in the background.
  8. Even if your fridge is only a 2 way power ( runs on either AC or propane) it might take battery power to run a controller or relay. A lot of the fridges, when running on propane, Need dc power for control via a charged up battery. Furnace blower is the same way when running on propane.
  9. Is your onboard battery charging? A lot of your trailer systems take 12VDC even when running on propane. Don’t want to run down the battery and lose refrigeration or ability to run electric jacks if you have them
  10. So what happened after the breaker (I'm assuming on the site power pedestal) tripped? Did you ever get it working again? Go without power for the weekend? Did you try power at another site? It could be an old, weak breaker on the pole. One way to initially troubleshoot without a voltmeter is to manually trip all the breakers in the trailer and see if the pedestal breaker stays live after plugging in the trailer. If not, you have an issue between the trailer breaker panel and the pedestal in your shore power cable and connections. If it still stays live, turn on one trailer breaker at a time in the trailer until you find the branch circuit that has issues. This isn't the best way to troubleshoot but without a meter its about the only way to figure out what is wrong.
  11. How much elevation, how far away and how big is the trough that you want to pump into? Solar pumping can be done but all 3 of those can affect the size of pump needed. ETA: Obviously I can't read. A better question would be how much do you want to spend? Solar panel, charge controller, 12V battery, 12V pump and float switch or timer. 20' of head is less than 10psi so any small 12V marine or rv pump would work.
  12. How long have you lived in the house? IMO, you need to check your closets a bit more.
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