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  1. We will see her today. Thanks y’all.
  2. Losing my momma within the next couple of weeks. putting her in hospice care tomorrow. Fuck you 2020. And the turd you rode in on.
  3. I saw a 20# brisket today for 2.99/lb. Didn't buy it cause I'm doing chickens and pork and sausage this weekend. That one just above - mike - looks damn good.
  4. That's not a bad idea... Incredulously, there was a bobcat yesterday afternoon not more than 25 yards to the west of our garden. The crows were going berserk. And in broad daylight, too.
  5. Does that have a top to it? Not yet. It will though. I sprayed some natural squirrel repellent all around the edges. Hope that works for now until I can get it enclosed.
  6. Never had any complaints from neighbors but a good fire shouldn't be belching smoke either. I'd be more concerned about creosote than neighbors griping Yeah, it wasn't doing that.
  7. Fuckin squirrels forced us to put up a cheap fence. Bastards.
  8. I’m glad I have y’all to learn from. Got an old high school friend who’s been smoking for years that helped me out too. The whole subject fascinates me and I’m psyched to have the tools to learn this stuff.
  9. Not Austin, but the one I got at Smith's (Kroger) was $55 for 13.86 lbs with the shopper's card discount thingy. Plus I went early in the day because later in the day the meat section has been picked over lately. Hadn't seen a brisket in quite some time.
  10. I know right? i’m pretty sure the problem was me crashing from 1 o’clock till 5 o’clock and the temperature went down so far to about 180. Otherwise I was up at 250 to 280 from 5:15 AM till 4 PM. Thanks. It is really good.
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