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  1. How many freshmen on that lineup roster? 5?
  2. jw4381

    2021 NCAA Baseball

    Thank you kindly. I would not have guessed that in 1 million years.
  3. jw4381

    2021 NCAA Baseball

    For us morons, what does the 4.03 mean?
  4. jw4381


    I do have astigmatism.
  5. Bush league from what I watched today. Game ending interception hit the ground with no mention by the announcers or replay. Play of the game looked like the guy dropped the ball before he ran across the end zone in his celebration. Heh.
  6. jw4381


    Yeah. Old age and genetics I guess.
  7. jw4381


    So I have no fucking clue how this happened. Thursday afternoon started seeing a shadow in my peripheral vision. Wife starts doing some research says this is an emergency. Go in to the eye doctor immediately set up in an emergency appointment in Santa Fe. Guy down there says if you don’t get something done in three days you’ll be blind. Holy shit I say. Gnarly ass procedure with a hellacious five hours afterwards. Got a bubble in my eye to keep the retina in place now got a hold my head tilted it’s all fucked up.
  8. jw4381


    Any of you assholes ever had a detached retina?
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