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  1. Don't know if this is the best thread, but wanted to give a data point for anyone who might need to get a passport renewal. I mailed the renewal application on 4/8 and it was marked delivered on 4/12. I didn't receive an update that they received it until 5/4, but based on how quick the rest of the process went, I'm assuming that is the time they started processing the application. On 5/14 received an email that everything was approved and it would be shipped back to me in 1-2 business days. I received it back yesterday 5/20. It was basically about 6 weeks including the shipping back and forth. I was given an estimate of 10-12 weeks when I sent in the application, so it ended up being much faster than I was expecting.
  2. I just watched this podcast with a lawyer who primarily does lemon law cases, but also works to fight unsolicited robocalls and collection calls. He said most of these operations (like the car warranty calls) make about $5mm per year and pay out about $500k in penalties, which they consider a cost of doing business. He claims his practice can get you $500 per call for robocalls under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, but I know nothing about that so would defer to the legal eagles. Thought it was an interesting interview.
  3. What are the thoughts on GBTC. I just rolled my 401k over into an IRA and am looking at this to get 1-2% exposure to bitcoin here. I see it is currently trading around -14% to NAV and looking at history it appears to trade at a premium during run ups and a discount during downturns. Other than the risks with BTC itself are there any unique concerns with GBTC that I should be aware of? I've just started doing research on this.
  4. Ok, just reread your quote. I never wrote about Chili's. I said I got chills (ie. shivering, feeling cold).
  5. Maybe my sarcasm meter is off, but didn't mean to upset the grammar police while reporting my vaccine experience. I had some chills and a low grade fever around 11pm on the day I received the vaccine. Is that better?
  6. I got the J&J shot yesterday afternoon. Felt fine an hour after and went for a couple mile hike. Got some chills and was running a low grade fever right around 11pm while laying on the couch watching a movie. A couple hours later when I went to bed I got really hot and had a hard time falling asleep. Felt ok today, just a little tired, some soreness in my arm, and some light muscle aches, but that could have been from the hike. This was not my experience. The needle was only in my arm for a short time. It was over before I even had a chance to wince. I wasn't really counting but it couldn't have been more than 5 seconds.
  7. In my very quick research I've found a few companies like Bit IRA, Bitcoin IRA, and Equity Trust that seem to specialize in self directed IRAs for investing in bitcoin, but it seems like the fees on them are pretty high. I'm doing more research and will probably reach out to a financial adviser friend of mine to see if he has any advice, but was just wondering if anyone on here was already doing something like this.
  8. Is anyone here investing in bitcoin inside of an IRA? I have a 401k I'm going to be rolling over and would like to put some of it into bitcoin.
  9. Did you call Matthew's in HR? They serviced my Omega a few years ago. I did call them. They were the ones who hadn't heard of Sinn.
  10. The two places I called were Oster (they wanted to send it off) and Matheu's (hadn't heard of the Sinn brand).
  11. I didn't call Right Time. The online reviews seemed good for people that just went in for battery changes, but were mixed for mechanical watch servicing. Do you have experience with them? Is there a better location between the Colorado Blvd or Highlands Ranch locations? I did get the VAT refund. I paid around 1900 EUR for it and off the top of my head, the VAT refund was around $375.
  12. Thanks for the replies, I guess I'll give RGM a shot. I called around to a couple local watch shops here in Denver and one said they couldn't do it in house because they didn't have access to the gaskets and seals they would need for the case, but they could send it off somewhere to get it serviced. The second one I called hadn't heard of the Sinn brand, the guy put me on hold, and then came back and said they could work on it. Neither of those gave me much confidence. This watch has tons of sentimental value, I bought it from the Sinn factory on my 30th birthday during my first trip to Germany. And, it was my first mechanical watch. It is a watch I will never get rid of and plan to pass on one day.
  13. I've had my Sinn 356 for about 8 years now and it is starting to run fast, so figured its time to get it serviced. I was wondering if any of the Sinn owners on here have a good place to get one serviced without sending it back to Germany. I've read mixed reviews on watch forums of RGM, the official service center, so wanted to see if anyone here had any recommendations.
  14. I was born in Victoria too, but we moved to New Braunfels when I was 1 or 2, so only really know Victoria from going back to visit relatives or staying with grandparents during summer vacation. I have a few relatives that still live in Victoria, so I'm usually there once a year at Christmas.
  15. My grandparents used to own Moo Moo's, but sold it about 5 years ago when they retired. I used to work there a couple of weeks during the summer when I'd go stay with my them. Agreed on the gizzards. They have always been my go to when eating there.
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