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  1. Dave Chapelle's Equanimity is one of my favorites with him. Agreed on Delirious Gabriel Iglesias-I'm not fat, I'm fluffy Brad Williams-Fun Sized-I think he's a little known comic Chris Rock-Bigger and Blacker Someone upthread mentioned Kings of Comedy-Agreed. The Bernie Mack bit about his devil child niece getting cookies is one of the best bits ever. Used to quote that one all the time.
  2. I played at Choctaw a few times last month. Had a night where I kept rolling hardways (I don't bet on them, but a lot of people where) One guy was putting A hundred on the pass then 1k on odds and I kept hitting my point. Several times during my roll, he tossed me a black chip. I slowly build up my inside bets as I'm rolling. Ended up htting THE ATS too with a $5 bet on each on. Walked away up over $1500. Nights like that don't happen often, but that's what keeps me going.
  3. Is he still going to work with Barstool during this or is that a violation?
  4. Do people actually look at the circulars that come in the mail every week? Feels like a lot of waste.
  5. There is horrible cell reception in my office and no wi-fi available. Makes it very difficult to browse surly from the shitter.
  6. Binged this yesterday, solid show. Apple hasn't but out a ton of content so far, but what they have done has been solid and has been backed by some big names.
  7. Question for the experts. I've played a little in the past when I was younger, but never really fully committed to it. My youngest daughter (soon to be 10) is showing interest in playing. Her mom and I are looking into giving her a guitar and lessons for her upcoming birthday. What would you guys recommend she starts with that's not a crazy investment, but decent enough to learn on? I feel like she is pretty small for her age too, so I don't want to get her anything that's hard for her to play.
  8. I feel like a lot of games at this stadium will be pretty split as far as the crowds go. I think People will schedule Vegas trips around when their team is playing there. I could be wrong. I just don’t see this as being a big “home crowd” stadium.
  9. When I was a kid, I saw a drunk accidently light this woman's hair on fire with a lighter at Garth Brooks show at Texas stadium in 95.
  10. I get all my news and life advice from Surly. I should probably branch out more.
  11. I worked by the North Dallas location on Campbell and had lunch there a few times. it's typical Tex-Mex, nothing outstanding about it, but not bad either.
  12. https://www.fox4news.com/news/family-of-dallas-woman-conceived-through-fertility-fraud-files-lawsuit-against-obgyn Katherine Richards is now the plaintiff in a lawsuit against a Virginia OBGYN who she says led her to believe she was receiving an anonymous donor’s sperm in 1980 after having trouble conceiving, but using his own sperm instead. “How many others are just one Christmas DNA kit from having their lives forever changed?” Richards said. According to the lawsuit, Julie Druyor of Dallas, Richards’ daughter, learned of the alleged deception and her father’s true identity after receiving a home DNA test kit as a gift. The test revealed she’s half Jewish, which didn’t add up with the information about the supposed anonymous sperm donor. A genealogist helped trace the dots back to the doctor. “I’m a product of my mother’s abuser,” Druyor said. “I don’t know if I’ll ever come to terms with that.” The lawsuit says DNA tests also confirmed the doctor used his own sperm again instead of the anonymous donor, as promised, to help Druyor's mother conceive her younger brother. According to the suit, Druyor says the doctor passed on to her the gene for Tay-Sachs disease, a rare genetic disorder. “Now, I have to deal with the fact that I’ve passed down his genes,” she said. “Am I going to see him in my children? I hate that I even have to think about that.” Druyor isn’t alone. Bev Willhelm of San Diego is suing a doctor who once practiced in California for allegedly doing the exact same thing. Her son, James Mallas Jr. also learning of the alleged fertility fraud through a home DNA test kit. “It turns my stomach,” Mallas Jr. said. “And to think that he did that to my own mother makes it nearly unbearable.” As for Druyor, she’s found online support group healing with others who’ve made similar disturbing discoveries. “Listening to other people share their stories has given me an immense comfort,” she said. Both of these cases date back several decades. It’s unclear if one of the doctors is still practicing. FOX 4 was unable to reach him for a response. The other now appears to be a drug addiction counselor in California. His office had no comment.
  13. I had a complete flat on a loaner car recently. Discovered that there was no manufacturer supplied jack/tools with the car. Also discovered that I somehow failed to include roadside assistance with my insurance, FML.
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