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  1. I’ll get pics next time but the other night i made a fried bologna, egg, grilled cheese sandwich.
  2. I'm going to see him for the first time in a few weeks to open for Chris Stapleton at the new ballpark.
  3. I'm about 3/4 of the way finished with season 3 of clone wars. It started a little slow, but I'm really into it now. Decided to watch all of it because Star Wars. I know I've slept through a few episodes though.
  4. BROWNS LINEMAN GREG ROBINSON BUSTED FOR 157 LBS. OF WEED Facing Up To 20 Yrs In Prison TMZ WTF? $29 million and you're running drugs.
  5. Can’t forget about the Romeo Rose saga as well.
  6. I like the Campisi's lunch special. $10 for a personal 2 topping pizza and a side salad.
  7. Storage units! Cheap to build, low maintenance. Then you can repo shit when the rent's not paid and auction it off.
  8. Anyone else watching this? I know we’ve had some LEGO threads in the past. It’s a weekly competency wheat teams of 2 are given a challenge to build something from scratch and then judged. Will Arnett is hosting. It’s only 2 weeks in, but I’ve found it pretty entertaining so far. My oldest daughter (she’s 12, so no pics) has really enjoyed it too.
  9. I was there about that time last year. Took the gondola up the mountain to Heavenly Ski Resort. Up there you can hike, ride the ski lifts, alpine coaster, zipline. Incredible views from up there. I Also hiked into Emerald Bay and kayaked around the bay and the little island there. Then of course at night you have the casinos.
  10. Butterfinger & Snickers or Butterfinger and Cheesecake
  11. One if my coworkers had food delivered from a place that was literally next door to the office. I walk to said place all the time for lunch. As far as the kitchens, I remember seeing a similar delivery services a few of my trips to England several years ago before they started popping up here. Some of my coworkers there said most of the food those guys were delivering (mainly on bikes or mopeds) were coming out of warehouse kitchens with no storefront space.
  12. Yeah, according to the article, Tucker and Allegre were the only one's of have scored in a SB per their point tracking.
  13. According to the article, the points go to the receiver.
  14. Found this breakdown interesting. Damn if all the greats we’ve had, not a lot of history in the SB. https://www.bannersociety.com/2020/2/4/21120619/super-bowl-scoring-history-college
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