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  1. As someone who lives near Temple, I can attest it's full of no driving ass clowns.
  2. I'm stunned. I'm pissed. It's Nick Rose.
  3. ^^ 392 minutes huh? And they had me at stalking stuffer
  4. Of course he did. Because if he dragged her by her ankles she would have filled up with mud.
  5. It's not the cats fault. He saw everbody else pissing on her.
  6. Gotta go all in tho. Bunker Dwarf featuring the anal swabs.
  7. Wait, so Craig James was the previous owner?
  8. In true Surl fashion I'm betting that someone on here still has the polaroids.
  9. A library in a home owned by Adrian Peterson seems like a waste.
  10. Ice pick and the frozen lake hookers is a catchy band name.
  11. Agreed, but it's not going to generate revenue for the cops. If anything, it would cost money. Some shithead in a shitbox, possible warrants, etc. Can't get blood from a turnip.
  12. Will there be a "doctor of neighborhood" booth out front manned by the monkey? Or at least have the monkey pouring the shots
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