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  1. We're all mid 30s w toddlers/young kids who bleed us dry. Game trips is an option. We're all alums from different schools so UT centric stuff might be out unless it's my year. I like national park ideas but hungover hiking might suck. I gotta ask, wtf is in pampa? Not sure if it's a joke or not which probably means it is? And typical gilbang with dicks on his mind.
  2. Some buddies and I were talking about doing another guys golf weekend and, since one of the guys doesn't golf, the conversation turned into another idea. We discussed having an annual guys trip where someone selects the trip and we go through a rotation. That way we don't get stuck doing golf trips every year with the one guy who only wants to spend money on golf every chance he gets. I was trying to get some ideas but, when I googled it, all that came up was stupid shit like "guys trip to Italy, trek the Amazon, spend the night sleeping on a volcano." Don't get me wrong, I like a good guy's golf or Vegas weekend, but I'm looking for some other ideas that we can consider. Budget wouldn't be huge $500-$1K for the weekend, probably sans travel costs.
  3. Apparently there is an existing thread for this, so I'll move my post here My brother wants me to smoke a huge boar ham...or whatever cut it is but equivalent of a ham of a wild boar. I've heard bad things about wild boar meat. Is this going to suck? Any recs of how to brine and smoke it?
  4. Interesting timing. My brother wants me to smoke a huge boar ham...or whatever cut it is but equivalent of a ham. I've heard bad things about wild boar meat. Is this going to suck? Any recs of how to brine and smoke it?
  5. I got drunk and bid on something at a silent auction. Dont even know who it is, but I'll sell the grab bag mystery to you for tree fiddy
  6. That 3 surgeons in the US thing is bogus. Does the area have neural and vascular structures around it that make the procedure more difficult and a bit more risky? Yes. Is it so risky and difficult that only 3 people know how or are willing to do it? Absolutely not. Every medical school has someone that has done or does this surgery. There are also a small subset of guys in private practice in DFW who I would trust to perform the surgery. My company doesn't really have a market in NM otherwise I would try and get you a rec. I just saw your biz is located in TX. If you need recs here (DFW, ATX, Houston, San Antonio) I can provide some.
  7. Air Tahiti flies there as well
  8. We honeymooned on moorea and had a great time. Toured the mountains, a banana liquor distillery, paddle boarded and snorkels, and overall hung out, drank, ate, and banged like teenagers. Great trip
  9. They do look pretty cool. I considered that and RecTec and it's the customer service that won me over. You sound like someone who's been watching ATBBQ youtube channel!
  10. Sazerac, old fashioned, and manhattans are my 3 go-tos. I hate campari so I can't do any drinks involving that, but I've been playing with some vieux carrés lately.
  11. Hot damn this is the truth. I have to answer standard computer questions weekly, not to mention run CCleaner/Malwarebytes frequently due to my dad, ahem, contracting spam/viruses from browsing certain....sites....... why can't that mental flexibility be lost first?
  12. Mother in law got me some sear grates and seasoning from rectec for christmas. Unfortunately I already have the seasoning she gave me so I called them to see if I could exchange it for another. They asked which one I wanted and just shipped it to me free of charge. Their customer service really does kick ass
  13. From what I've heard, it's on the lower end of pellet grills quality wise and the PID controller is sub-par. They also were sued for false/deceptive marketing or something on their pellets Prime rib from Christmas. It was awesome. I overcooked it by about 5 degrees from searing but it was still spectacular
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