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  1. It looks like it was cut the wrong way
  2. Just a quick bump, the "Bar Fly" youtube channel is money for cocktail technique, recipes, and education.
  3. I was just thinking "I think I knew people in hs that did this" but then realized that was w/ Robitussin after this post. Robo-bombing. Never did it -- not sure of the appeal and pre-fb
  4. I saw Samsungs latest short throw laser, which looked amazing but $$$$. I'm confused by the mount amount though. Aren't mounts only like $100? How are you getting to $800?
  5. Bumpity bump Just got a new house w a formal media room and am working on getting it up by week 2 of football. Anyone have feedback on an Epson 3800? Anything better in that price range? We will mainly use for TV and sports, but I would like to do some Modern Warfare-ing.
  6. This is what I want to add after the fact
  7. I dont know what that means. Literally bought a house w a pool and don't know shit
  8. I had to drain abt 5" out after the storms earlier this week and the water line is still at the decking. To not have done that wojld have flooded the entire yard and, maybe, the house.
  9. How difficult/expensive is it to do plumbing work on a pool after it's built? Just bought this house and I'm thinking about having an overflow drain installed after having to drain 5 inches out of the pool from the rain last night
  10. 17" fluorescent. 5 different fixtures
  11. I hate my Jabras and will sell them if you want. Kill my ears and always falling out
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