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  1. Bingo. If it ain't on the calendar, it doesn't exist. I've gotten my wife trained so well on it that if I happen to forget something, I'm screwed. We used google calendar and have 3-4 color coated calendar for each of us, daughter, etc.
  2. Surprised this topic made it here. Glad to see my profession got a little bit of love (guy showing the words to the patient), even if it is a shitty competitor. I trained with Dr. Patel many years ago, great surgeon. I'm not too familiar with his colleagues performing the procedure but it appears they did a good job. I was surprised they actually broadcast the procedure until I saw that it was a venous malformation that appeared to be somewhat superficial. Overall, a pretty "low risk" brain surgery
  3. I'm not cutting meat out completely but am cutting back. I've had some heart issues at age 34, so it's a bit of a wakeup call for me to quit eating fast food, steaks, burgers, fried food, etc all the damn time. I'd call my approach "lazy vegetarian" as I'm still mixing in some meat when appropriate and not utilizing tempeh or tofu. Some really good meals that I've made lately, veggie baked ziti (recipes and boobz to follow), pinto bean pozole (really good with a smoked hock floating then removed), 3 bean "chili". Also, I would recommend the cookbook "Eat Like You Give a Fuck". It's got some pretty good recipes in there
  4. I bought a whole brisket and split the 2 muscles. Flat was cut up for chili and I've frozen the point for burnt ends
  5. Are you fat? I bet you're fat.
  6. Just refinanced 3.95% with Sofi for 7 years.
  7. I, too, am white with an Asian wife. I'd lose my fucking shit. What city/town? I would get cameras and file police reports. Start questioning neighbors to see if they saw anything and just gauge their overall demeanor. And gtfo that shithole
  8. I guess another question is whether or not it takes a few days/weeks for the rate decrease to trickle down to the lenders?
  9. I'm back looking with the rate drop last week. Anyone refi lately?
  10. Damn. What was the original procedure?
  11. I feel like I just saw this picture on Facebook or Instagram or something. Which suggests we might know each other....
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