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  1. Rectec sucks as a grill. It maxes out at 500* and the heat conductivity is just really poor. As a smoker, it's okay. You have the set it and forget aspect but the smoke flavor isn't there, even with tubes. I was looking at a Lonestar Grillz insulated cabinet but that's some serious coin ($5K for what I wanted). The Kamado seems like something that won't get me shot by my wife.
  2. I have a 22" WSM, Weber spirit gas, Ooni Pro, and Rectec 700. I'm thinking about selling my Rectec and getting a Kamado Joe Classic III and Fireboard Drive 2 (for both WSM and KJ). Talk me out of it it.
  3. Apparently Slorch's boyfriend doesn't mind the smell of his taint. I played golf in some Puma mostly-poly blend today (another Costco purchase) and it just trapped in the sweat and was close to giving me a rash. I've gone the ExOfficio route and those stretched out in about 4 months. I don't quite know what I'm looking for but maybe commando is on the table....or I'll be a grab bag of boxer briefs and do a trial run with a bunch of brands.
  4. 3 year bump. I'm in the market again I don't mind my Kirkland brand as every day wear but I need something that is more summer and/or work out friendly as my ball stench/swamp ass gets otherworldly at times. I also must have a power stance when I take a dump bc the elastic waistband gets blown out after 6-10 months. Any new recs? Must haves: 1. Comfort (No crowding) 2. Breathability 3. Durability
  5. No shit? Learned something new today
  6. I've replaced one a long time ago at an older house. I am a little confused, you discharge the contacts on a new capacitor? That won't short it out?
  7. AC service guy said one capacitor is reading 50% and wanted to replace. Does anyone know how long a capacitor at 50% will last (months? Years?)? What is a reliable source to buy the capacitors from? TIA
  8. I don't know if this is like hopping in an XBox thread asking about the latest Playstation....but does anyone have Tonal or have any experience with it?
  9. Headed to Jackson next week but staying in Driggs. Any other recs other than those outlined within? Any of those places not make it due to COVID? We have a 4 year old so we won't be doing anything too strenuous.
  10. https://rosewoodblock.com/ FYI, they were resistant to cnc the longhorn bc of trademark, so I sent them a separate non-trademark that their machine couldn't work with. From there, it became a battle of wills
  11. Breaking the lube out tonight
  12. Well, I got too drunk last night. Looks like brisket is tomorrow
  13. Pizza for today. Brisket tomorrow.
  14. I thought you were joking...and maybe you still are, but it doesn't looking like it applies to real estate
  15. Well that's pretty cut and dry. Guess I'm locked into this syndication shit for a while.
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