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  1. Anyone else use a pumice stone?
  2. Yea, I posted it there too just in case. I'm certainly not married to the numbers. I just now have 3 smokers plus a Weber gasser and just got a Ooni Pro pizza oven...sooooo my wife is a bit feisty as of late.
  3. That's fair. How about I'm willing to meeting in far North Dallas? Gotta keep you pervy fucks away from my family
  4. To be better put -- don't be a schlub, folks, learn the art of using the double-hinged waiter's corkscrew as AustinMT has pictured. I started home happy hour early /shrug
  5. Dont be a schlub, a proper gentleman should perfect the skill of uncorking a bottle of good wine with this utensil.
  6. I'm looking to sell one or, possibly, both of my WSM. 18 -- In good shape but needs 1 new top grate. $160ish sounds good? 22 -- In grate! shape. Newer model w/ the temp port. $375ish? Located in far N Dallas (Prosper)
  7. I have both an 18 and 22 WSM and am looking to offload one of the 2. PM me if you know anyone that might be interested. Posting in For Sale too.
  8. Inside looks good, but pellets can't sear for shit. And this is coming from someone w/ a Rectec pellet w/ sear grates. Gas, charcoal, or cast iron for me
  9. I'll hold off for now. I'm headed to the lake house early next week and would rather not worry about missing it in the mail. I'll re-engage in a few weeks
  10. I'm going to hold off heading down south until things die down a bit.
  11. Spur08


    Have you been over to Bolivar lately? We have a friend trip w kids (5 families) planned there for a month from now and I'm wondering if it might be dicey
  12. Anyone know how Bolivar is looking these days? We have a friend trip planned July 22nd
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