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  1. 1. Log of breakfast sausage 2. Dust in whatever, or nothing, your choice (I did meat church The Gospel) 3. Smoke at 250 until 165* (abt 2 hrs for me) 4. Dominate
  2. First time using the pasta roller so I just picked one. Once we had the noodles it was more of a "now what do I have in the pantry where i can use these". So it was either jarred pasta sauce that I keep for my daughter or a bastardized cacio e pepe w fontina and parmesan cheese. It actually turned out pretty damn good. After all, it is just "cheese and pepper"
  3. Smoked a fatty while I was making my brisket. Breakfast for the week
  4. I dont know why but he annoys the piss out of me
  5. Homemade pasta turned to cacio e pepe
  6. https://m.soundcloud.com/user-747693885/toilet-paper-frenzy-caf
  7. Still going. I bought like 4 of them when they were on sale and insanely cheap. The others will probably be used for chili or something else. As far as cooking, cooks just like a brisket -- has it's own stale and take it to 200ish. Currently stalling now around 150
  8. Smoking a chuck roast with the B&B championship blend. Using Meat Church Holy Gospel with a layer of their VooDoo rub
  9. Bump since everyone is probably self-quarantining and bored.
  10. Possible positive COVID 19 case at THR Allen reported. Staff that had interaction is being isolated for 2 weeks.
  11. I appreciate all the advice but think I need to set up a few parameters (as I drink this delicious pour over I had to go by from my local joint). With the chaos of getting the toddler ready for school in the morning (and ourselves for work), we need something that has a programmable function to start when we (she) wakes up. While I love espresso, I think we only need a unit for coffee. I'm willing to spend around $100 for a setup that makes a. good coffee b. has programmable start times and c. isn't a k-pod type unit (allows us to use our own). I have both a french press and a moka pot for other delicious coffee preparation but we don't necessarily make an experience out of it.
  12. I have a feeling I'm posting in the wrong thread for this. It coffee maker shit the bed and we need a replacement. With my wife and I both being coffee drinkers, but at different times, we need a single serving type setup. We dont want a kpod type system as we prefer to buy and grind our own. The one that crapped out on us was the Ninja system that allowed us to brew single serving or carafe. I don't feel like that system was worth the money, hence the petition.
  13. Anyone have a good venison jerky recipe? Got a bottom round that I want to make into jerky.
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