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  1. Regarding turkey carving, Alton Brown recommends using an electric knife and it’s a perfect tool for the job.
  2. So, this is weird. I just opened this thread and skimmed/read at least 100 posts. Do people really think that a new OC will result in any meaningful difference? Do some of you think that Herman will bring in some great OC and say, “Install whatever system you think is best and run it.”? Fuck no. The OC, under Herman will always be Herman. Playcalling is not the major flaw in our offense. It’s the entire concept and philosophy, coupled with Herman’s inflexibility regarding tailoring his concepts to actual personnel issues (like running plays that can not work without a solid blocking TE when we do not have one). Maybe this is a thread derail. I’ll sit back and enjoy Flight Aware posts.
  3. What’s the approximate weight of those fuckers? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Do you even Popeye’s Cajun Sparkle, bro?
  5. Everyone REALLY needs to see the documentary on Netflix about “The Family”. This is exactly where this belief comes from.
  6. Convicted felons can already vote in Texas, as long as their sentence, probation and/or parole is completed.
  7. Of course they are, and it’s probably quality info and analysis. I wouldn’t put any blame there given what we have seen from the actual coaches. There are accounts of our consultants self-scouting us and telling the staff that we are tipping off plays with our formations like 75% of the time. The HC/OC don’t think that’s a significant enough number to warrant any changes. Why? Because they are the “smartest motherfuckers, and just as soon as we get enough talent, you’ll see how genius their system is!”
  8. It was a mistake by our sideline to have him removed. And I’m not “all there right now either”, but on the play in question, IIRC, Shack got a 15 yard PF for unnecessary roughness and then Braun got an unsportsmanlike for throwing a fit about it. 30 yards of penalties in one play.
  9. I don’t know exactly what your post means, but Braun was escorted to the locker room because our staff THOUGHT that he had been ejected. Punchline: He wasn’t.
  10. Reading lips, some female official or something came up to Braun and I could see her say the word “ejected”. Pretty sure he thought he was booted.
  11. I dunno. Maybe it’s because this is Levy’s first every job involving a sports franchise?
  12. Wtf does “Mexico and Canada ready to flee”?
  13. We did exactly that in TH’s first game/loss vs MD. The only difference is that the ref chose to clarify/ask/assist the Texas player who elected to kick both halves. It was documented and briefly discussed on TOS, but it’s way easier to just point to that glaring example. To answer the question from the OP: No, Herman is not a worse HC than strong. However the edge is so marginal that it’s meaningless. * With the exception being that CFS without question fucks up the end of the KSU game/clock management. Like, if we had actually lost to KU, I wonder how different perception would be right now.
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