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  1. Chicken little white cowards and brain dead morons...there it is, folks, the bread and butter of the modern Republican party.
  2. Pretending that complaints about the governor overseeing the election for his office is comparable to whatever the fuck happened between November 2020 and January 2021 is peak GOP.
  3. Hey man, don't judge me for watching a train wreck in real time. This shit is hilarious.
  4. So you found that article from Google and randomly remembered it a couple of years later? It's not from some right wing shit site who compiles all of the "We're right, here look" half-truths that you've been known to frequent? That's your final answer?
  5. You were just randomly googling, "current supreme court political biases 2022" huh? Do you ever not lie?
  6. Right, I get that. But that's not where you found it. You were directed there. By whom, I wonder.
  7. Where does one go for all of these utterly useless graphics?
  8. I don't care what side of the political spectrum you're on.....what a fucking douchebag.
  9. Moana is the greatest achievement of cinema.
  10. The unabashed racism in every Johnny Sack posts never disappoints. "So what if you were born in housing projects next to industrial factories with the worst funded schools in the country. Just be thankful that you don't live in Haiti, and bootstrap that shit. You're already on 3rd base! Be more like Asians. We only let them own decent property for a few decades before we let some of you move into our neighborhoods, so stop your bitching!"
  11. So weird how the common perception is that no one plays defense in the NBA anymore when, year after year, it's the best defensive teams competing for a title.
  12. You also said these things. It was a dumb semantics argument by all involved, myself certainly included. You took "better" to mean more skilled. Others took it differently.
  13. About that... That was through 3 games. Jokic did have some amazing games to finish off the series--after it was already decided--punking everyone who tried to guard him. Great offense ultimately beating great defense has been the story in the NBA forever.
  14. C'mon Derka, this is factually untrue. No one really challenged you on Luka being more skilled (did anyone?). You also said the Luka was better then than peak Dirk. That was the pushback.
  15. That's probably the bigger part of it. Slow, "fat", relatively unathletic big is a tough gig in the NBA, even as a superstar. Pretty much free reign to be physical and chippy. He's not going to get the ticky tack stuff that even fellow bigs like Embiid get. Maybe he should fall down more?
  16. Yes. And I can comfortably say that you're coming at this with some slight biases and preformed opinions. You're wrong on this one, but I understand your frustration. It's okay. Denver will be deadly next year with Murray back.
  17. A real coach on the court. Sneaky athleticism. High motor.
  18. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. We're still talking about two totally different things. On one hand, Draymond is a Grade A cunt, agitating, talking, bitching, and flailing. He's not trying to injure like Laimbeer, but he'll do anything and everything to get under your skin like Rodman. But he gets called for those things, and is the only player in the league that has his "flagrant/technical points until suspension" brought up during every broadcast. However, without any of those antics, he's still the premier defender of the past 10 years based purely on IQ, being two steps ahead of the offense, directing traffic, and his ability to switch 5 positions. I think the uncalled "mugging" is largely in the heads of opposing fans because of who he is. He doesn't get away with any more live ball fouls than the next guy. And he certainly didn't require uncalled fouls to be great.
  19. This is such a weird take to me. Was MJ "shitty" for knowing how to sneak in a subtle shove? Who are these great sportsman who would never dream of bending the rules?
  20. And 90% of the league's superstars wouldn't be as good if they called traveling and carrying. Still failing to see your point here. Knowing what you can and can't get away with--and using it to your advantage--is Basketball 101. Smart players realize this. Dumb players bitch about things not being "fair."
  21. For sure. He has many Rodman-esque qualities of pushing boundaries. As long as we can all acknowledge that we'd absolutely love to have him on our team.
  22. If Golden State is going to win this series, in two weeks time, we'll all be saying, "What a great, underappreciated series by Andrew Wiggins." Which obviously makes me nervous as hell as Warriors fan. But he's their only perimeter defender who's capable of even making Luka work a little to get his.
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