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  1. 1989 Flyin' Illini loss to Michigan in the Final Four. They were a dominant group of 6-4 to 6-6 guys who got up and down the floor, dunked, and blew teams out. Just a huge amount of fun to watch, and grew to love that team. They scored 127 points of Dale Brown's Tigers and he thanked Henson for not running up the score (and wasn't being sarcastic). They lost 4 games in regular season because Kendall Gill broke his wrist, otherwise would have had one loss tops. Handily beat Michigan both regular season games including blowing them out on the road the last game of the regular season. D
  2. The coaches thinking was that they needed 8 and even if the get the TD there and fail the conversion, they still need a score anyway. Terrible logic. Kick the FG and you still need a TD to win. Go for it and fail and you have four time outs and TB inside their own ten. Go for it and get the TD and conversion, game is tied. Go for it, get the TD and fail the conversion, you still need a score to win, but it's a FG, something that can be feasibly accomplished with 30 seconds on the clock
  3. I'm 57 and feel the same way. What people may not fully understand was how lowly regarded the military was when we graduated high school (just before Reagan). The stink from Vietnam was still strong, and it was basically a last chance bastion for losers and criminals. No one I knew even gave a thought to joining.
  4. I remember watching that scene during first airing. Blew me away then and still does. Tony and Chris hugging each other with eyes wide open to close....amazing
  5. Might be my favorite Sopranos scene. So, damn ominous, especially when the closing song drumbeats kick in. Say what you want about Phil, but he was a badass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD2hHGF81OU Sorry for the lack of embed. I can't figure this fucking site out
  6. Ok, going through my rewatch and saw this episode this morning. Re. the fight, my man Tony was just about to take full control of things when Carmela jumped on his back. Bobbie put a quick end to things after that. Not sure why when Tony was fretting over the loss he was pissed about the throw rug but not that.
  7. Wade

    Getting old sucks

    My favorite is, "you woke up early...no one cares" I've been known to whine to family and neighbors about lack of sleep and waking early
  8. Would be a tough choice between Selma and Maria Bello
  9. My thoughts as well. He was good in this role, but it was his wheelhouse and there were plenty of times where you could see through his acting. That AAA baseball stadium was bad as hell. How has no other director used that in a film? Re. Davidson's success with pretty women, rumor is he's packing a monster.
  10. My dad was in WWII, he died fairly young in 1989, before getting to enjoy retirement. I never thought much about it as I was growing up, but as I see these interviews with men from various war documentaries, and they talk about their comrades. I realized that the relationship my dad had with his squadron mates was at a different level from any friendships he developed after, even though they only spent a few months together and later a few days a year at a pilot reunion. There was a level of respect and endearment he had for this group that he didn't have for anyone else. My dad was as
  11. Just watched that episode today. Seen that scene a few times before and I never drew any sexual connotations from it. They even flashback to the young German he shot as he's looking at the boy, it's obvious he reminded him of that shooting.
  12. It wasn't the character, it was the actor. He's just a smarmy unlikeable guy, imo
  13. Good point. They could have developed Furio's character many interesting ways the last two seasons. My issue with Season 6 is that so many of the interesting characters are gone. I mean Bobby B. as a main character and underboss? Guy was milktoast.
  14. They should be going to low level bowls at least every year, and a big one once a decade or something. Grew up in Illinois. Never understood with the wealthy alumni and Chicago how the program could be so consistently poor.
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