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  1. Meh, just strong negotiating tactics, imo.
  2. You told him to take off his Jew cap. Yes, I did
  3. 0.7 seconds left and under the opponents basket?! Gonzaga just letting that ball roll up the court, a quick grab and shoot. That's about as bad a beat as they come.
  4. Incorrect. Don't know about the '80s or '90s but in the '70s their pizza was made to order, a thirty minute wait, came fresh out of the oven and was delicious.
  5. Can't recall the exact dialogue, but the cult leader made it pretty clear that the group at the university were from his group when Ellie was holding a shotgun on him while they waited for the penicillin.
  6. Hey, gofuckyourself.
  7. The scene is the crescendo of everything the movie presented prior. Love that they took 30 minutes to present the dumb, well-meaning, schmo, who doesn't see a way out of his world, before coming with the "golden ticket" angle. The music makes this scene unforgettable.
  8. It's unbelievable the incestuousness of the NFL. He's a nice guy. He's not going to take your team to the promised land. Hell, they saw hours of him on HBO last year. This is the best candidate they can come up with? It was only within the last few years that teams figured out a measure of clock management. If some team would go out on a limb and hire a really smart dude, I'd love to see what he could do with game management. That's the next frontier.
  9. I know it's just me being awkward, but I don't like those type of deals. I generally like to tip generously, but like in this instance, once the free drinks started coming, I would start questioning, "ok, should I tip this cat even more now". And then the awkwardness once you've become accustomed to said free drinks, and you get charged for one. "WTF, dude!?" Even worse if you've upped your tip game to compensate for the free drinks. It's all too confusing...
  10. Was fully expecting a response along these lines. Nah, I reject it. My wife is in the upper echelon of women when it comes to common sense. Sometimes their womeness just gets the better of them.
  11. This reminds me of a family trip we took in 2021. Driving to Utah and Grand Canyon with the kids on the 15 from CA. Wife is driving current leg, and we've driven past Vegas into the desert. I'm in the backseat behind her, hungover, and ask her how the gas situation is looking. She says fine. There's really no way for me to see myself, so I take her at her word and go back to half asleep. I sort of wake up and see a billboard, "last gas for 40 miles or something". I again ask her, she says it's cool. You know the rest. We get into a very hilly area with twists and turns and no cell coverage at all, and she notes that the gas light is on. Fuck me. Thirty minutes of sweating, internal rage, and praying, and we eventually made it to a gas station.
  12. Wade

    Top Gun 2

    This movie is the new Shawshank. It holds up to multiple viewings, and you can flip it on at any point and get sucked in.
  13. Don't think I agree here. Dude didn't trust his wife to handle the situation professionally, so she fucked with him a bit. I would have taken it with humor, but whatever. Also, that neighbor guy is an asshole. Not sure I'd want my kid hanging with his anyway.
  14. Held his own with the great Michael Caine.
  15. Cotdamn, this makes me fear for our future. I grew up watching this. That abominabal scared the shit out of me
  16. I was gonna say, I think this costs the CEO his job. And to a couple above posts, BODs don't get involved in shit like IT upgrade budget decisions.
  17. Yes, tremendously noble of the politician to get on global camera to console them.
  18. Not directly related to Oscar month, but watching TCM right now, and they have a "Philip Marlow" movie with Dick Powell as Marlow. Wow, what a lesson in taking the talents of legends (i.e. Bogey) for granted.
  19. I had to do a rewind of that scene. Damn.
  20. https://movie-sounds.org/famous-movie-samples/quotes-with-sound-clips-from-deliverance-1972/you-can-t-judge-people-by-the-way-they-look-chubby-you-can-trust-them
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