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  1. You "kind" of have permission?? The door is open.....walk through the door my friend.
  2. We don't take too kindly of illegally shooting whitetail deer at night in these parts.
  3. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Bitch.
  4. I might just get back into NASCAR after all......
  5. What State are you hunting in? With that information, I'll decide if you're worthy of my expertise.
  6. Let's hope so. And nobody who is being critical here is saying they were/aren't a good team. That's what makes it so frustrating. They didn't need to cheat. But the Championship is forever tarnished in my mind, so much so that I choose not to even recognize it now.
  7. So you've bought into the buzzer conspiracy? Get a grip. Not 100%. But, it doesn’t change the fact that Altuve is a cheater.
  8. Fuck me. Trying to edit an old post and it makes a new post for me. Twice.
  9. Don’t rip my jersey off because my wife will get mad. Really?
  10. Good grief. Letting a little air out of a football and a hitter knowing what pitch is coming is not comparable at all. Think back to the 2017 WS and some of the huge hits the Astros had in that series. It was so close that one of those hits could have easily changed and probably did change the outcome of that Series. If an Astros hitter was tipped off in any AB where there was a big hit, then this championship is fraudulent. I remember the heartbreak in 1980 and I cried like a bitch in 1986. This abortion is much worse. Crane has done as good a job as possible in this deal. I love the way he fired AJ Hinch and Luhnow instead of “parting ways” with those fucksticks. Hopefully he’ll remove those fraudulent World Series banners at some point.
  11. Beltran should be available soon also.
  12. Glad I didn't buy a lot of World Series gear celebrating this fraudulent championship. I did frame a Houston Chronicle front page along with the Sports Illustrated cover from 2014 announcing them as 2017 champions. I'll probably take a bat to those and throw them away. Hope at some point in my lifetime we'll win a legitimate World Series. I still remember sitting on my sofa on November 1, 2017 and watching the last out. Man, what a feeling that was, and it was all for naught. In closing I'd like to give big FUCK YOU to AJ Hinch, Jeff Luhnow, Alex Cora, Carlos Beltran and all the players who cheated and/or did nothing to stop it.
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