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  1. Are these guys really wearing masks when they’re not on camera?
  2. Wonder how much NASCAR is paying Pitbull and Michael Jordan to be team “owners.”
  3. Damn, I really need to get out in the field and get this thread back on track.
  4. Comparing it to the ATN 384 2x8 I had, the Hogster is the better scope. It’s $600 more brand new, but it’s worth it. PQ is better, but the ATN is pretty good too. What I like most about the Hogster over the ATN is the form factor. It is so much smaller and lighter than the ATN. It would work perfectly as a handheld scanner. The ATN was just gigantic and heavy as shit. Happy to have that off my rig. What prompted me to make the switch was that I had my ATN freeze up on my twice after pulling the trigger on a pig. No bueno. Serious operators need to be able to rely on their equipment
  5. Love watching shit like this.
  6. So, wait until he leaves and break the fuck in.
  7. Why don’t that wait until the target makes a grocery store run, etc. to arrest them? Breaking into their habitation seems unnecessary and dangerous.
  8. Had a little activity tonight. The second video is less than 10 minutes after I launched 18 .308 rounds at those bastard. I drove over to the feeder (yeah that was it going off mid firefight) to change the timer. After I was done, I did a quick scan with my handheld and saw the hog walking not far away. Scrambled to get my gun up and phone recording audio. I hit him with the last round in my magazine. Good times.
  9. Don't matter. We have an ass sprayer.
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