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  1. Falcons are on the take. No other explanation for that.
  2. PSA: I bought a YHM Resonator from Capitol Armory that went pending with the ATF on 4/25/20 and it was approved on 9/2/20 and in my hands on 9/14/20. That's less than 5 months to get approved and in hand. Just thought I'd post this for all you heathens that are still shooting unsuppressed.
  3. I did the 45 minute one tonight. It wore me out pretty good. I cast the weightlifting parts to a TV with a fire stick and then back to the bike for the riding parts. I’ll be doing more of them.
  4. It’s the Thor 4 384 2x8. Used a 308 Remington Core Lokt out of a Tavor 7.
  5. Got my first double last night. These two pigs appeared at different locations in the pasture as I was climbing my hog stand. When I sat down, they saw each other and started snorting, etc. They then ran to each other and I figured they were either gonna fight or fuck. Before I could get my popcorn and lube out (for either scenario), the got lined up perfectly and I took them both out.
  6. I guess I left out the fact that he conspired with the Russians to steal the 2016 election....lol.
  7. I'm really not. In fact, I would love to have an alternative to Trump. He annoys the shit out of me and talks too fucking much. However, I don't consider Biden a viable alternative right now.
  8. Sorry, posted from Tapa. Here you go bro.
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