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  1. Corby was on with Doocy the other night on Free 4 All and said they'd more than likely make the announcement the 1st day of Super Bowl week. It's going to be Jake.
  2. Why would I need a driver? Other than the tastings, the only time we will be drinking heavily will be at dinner in Louisville. The way I've tentatively planned it out it doesn't seem that bad. Friday we head to Maker's first which is an hour or so outside of Louisville and after there it's an hour or so to Woodford Reserve, head back to Louisville to do Old Forester and Michter's. Saturday head to Wild Turkey first then Four Roses which are 15 min apart then head to Buffalo Trace. Yes, it's some driving, but it doesn't seem to difficult to pull off. Am I way off base here? Thanks for any input!
  3. It's like everyone forgot it doesn't matter who the damn coach is as long as Jerrah is the GM.
  4. That’s the one I debated on and definitely will see if we can do it.
  5. Wife came around on it so just booked a Kentucky trip for Spring Break. Been looking forward to this for the past few years. 3/19-3/22 Tentative Itinerary: Thursday: Land in Louisville and have a nice dinner and relax Friday: Maker's Mark- get to hand dip bottles from my Ambassador program barrel that has had my name on it for 7 years. Old Forester Michter's Saturday: Wild Turkey Four Roses Buffalo Trace Sunday: Heaven Hill Angel's Envy
  6. Awesome. Wish Pearson would get his recognition as well but good for Cliff!!!
  7. https://973thefansd.radio.com/media/audio-channel/mike-rhyner-woodsys-radio-hero-mike-rhyner-reflects-on-his-40-year-career
  8. trade? I've got one I am willing to give up
  9. I haven't tried the KC 12, but every review I've read says it's not worth the $. Most are saying it's a $30 bottle.
  10. Bong bong bong! Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, he’s an English guy, he came to fight the Turkish!
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