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  1. https://www.fox4news.com/news/texas-parole-board-recommends-delaying-execution-of-rodney-reed?fbclid=IwAR1pEk6KPTdaU8FFtCRqQKwF51QDT4TbAddpHx7pbJZOdh81mb1baje_4Es
  2. Saw them open for Aerosmith as well. After their set, my brother and I both stood there speechless. Don't remember a damn thing about Aerosmith that day, but never forgot how good the Crowes were and still are.
  3. and everyone in my office just turned to me when I yelled Oh shit! lmao!
  4. Get the Booker’s Rye above all others and drink that divine bottle. Get the pappy’s and flip em.
  5. Had such high hopes for this after going through 2 bottles of the BatchProof. This one just doesn’t really do it. You can definitely taste the chocolate, it just lacks overall though. Disappointed.
  6. Looks like they will have an app for LG smart tv’s. Fuck yes.
  7. Supposed to hit Texas in the next couple of weeks. Ch 1 and 2 were both great, looking forward to Ch 3
  8. Best bottle I’ve gotten in a real long time.
  9. That Toasted SourMash is so good.
  10. Does anyone have a contact for anyone with the softball team? My cousin's 11 year old daughter collapsed and passed away on the field during a softball tournament this past weekend in Denison. Her life was softball and she looked up to the Horns a lot. I wanted to hopefully get a message to someone with the program to see if there is a possibility of getting an autographed jersey for her Mom. TIA if anyone has any info.
  11. Doesn't appear to have an app on the LG WebOS, so I am going to either have to get a roku or 4k apple tv damnit.
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