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  1. Removed that blue fuck and this thing will strip paint now. Jesus.
  2. I don’t. I’d like to smoke em, but just don’t have a good connection
  3. Both are great but I prefer the barrel strength over the Toasted.
  4. As far as ryes go, The MBSR is hard to beat.
  5. Yea, Catman may take him off the air for a bit after that one.
  6. If you ever get out to Lux Row Distillery do yourself a favor and get as many of this bottle as you can. It’s fucking delicious
  7. It shows up on my phone, but not on my pc at work. stupid IT dept.
  8. I can't find it anywhere on Disney.
  9. Anyone got any recs for a good shower head with strong pressure? We don't have the greatest water pressure in our master shower and need something that can help. TIA!
  10. Damn, isn’t he over 50? Good God man, get a fucking vasectomy
  11. Oh this is something. It’s Texas through and through. It’s a blend of IronRoot, Lone Elm, and Balcones. The Balcones Pot Still worried me at first, but it’s pretty tasty. Really looking forward to taste how this changes. It’s got a ton of potential. Glad I bought one. It’ll be in stores in late April.
  12. And you know what else goes really really well with a cigar? Fucking chocolate milk. Do it and thank me later.
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