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  1. Figured out biscuits are pretty damn good on the BS. 2-3 min a side then put them on a wire cooling rack and put the basting dome over them so the middle got done. Awesome!
  2. It’s a slush beer. That is carbonation coming to the top. 903 has a ton of different ones and they are pretty damn good and refreshing as fuck.
  3. Picked it up at Goody Goody this afternoon.
  4. Get this bottle. It’s good. Real good.
  5. Rotten Radio all day on Friday. Fuck yes.
  6. They are gone after this year.
  7. yea I am about 99.99% sure it's Dickel. Just not my bag baby.
  8. On the back of that SAOS, does it say distilled in Tennessee or Indiana? If it's Tenn, that's Dickel and a HARD pass for me. If it's MGP, then you gotta good fucking bottle.
  9. Tried the pico burger today with jalapenos. It was pretty pretty good.
  10. Sure wish I could find some more of this one. Delicious
  11. Chili dogs made with pillsbury pizza crust.
  12. Weekend Blackstone breakfast. Nothing better
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