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  1. I’m guessing “betalab” is some shitty new variation on beta from the incel internet or something?
  2. So nobody has any doubt at this point that fatty would’ve enthusiastically volunteered to gas people in a nazi death camp, right?
  3. Bregman needs to get moved down in the order.
  4. He's going out of his way to prove Brisket right with every post he makes. Ignore his ass. He's not rich enough to avoid what's coming when he gets what he thinks he wants.
  5. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's just that you're full of shit on every subject.
  6. Your posts on this sound amazingly similar to your posts on abortion.
  7. Well someone just like them got elected President, called them very fine people, and when he lost the next election he tried to stage a violent coup.
  8. We really shouldn't allow billionaires to be a thing if none of them are willing to allow democracy to be a thing.
  9. Well sure, but aside from the President of the United States is what I'm sure he was asking.
  10. Or it's the fact that Democrats don't routinely encourage people to murder them.
  11. Where did I say that? I don't think "the country" wants any one thing.
  12. That's ok. Lots of people think stupid things.
  13. I posted this back in January, as part of a discussion about whether the party needed to continue to pursue a progressive agenda or moderate and stop trying to change things. Well, the party has moderated. In fact, they've done essentially nothing of significance this year except for the bill they just passed to help address the formula shortage. How's that worked out? From Incredulity's link: And his approval among young voters is fucking dead: The Democrats have been following the centrists' recommendations. They're basically repeating 2010, but without even passing something equivalent to the Affordable Care Act. And it is utterly destroying their electoral chances. And any hope for maintaining American democracy along with them.
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