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  1. I actually think his second paragraph is more word salad, while his first is basically "Republicans depend on support from police and we don't want to fuck that up, and I certainly can't be the one to do it because they'll just call me a n******."
  2. This here is infinitely dumber than defunding police.
  3. Those people are called teetotalers and they’re insane.
  4. If they were competent at politics they wouldn’t be Democrats.
  5. They don't need to be legally empowered to do so, they just need to have enough sympathetic people with guns and the rest of America to not rise up and overthrow them. Can they successfully pull it off? I seriously doubt it, because he's too incompetent and too unpopular, but they're damned well going to try.
  6. You lack imagination. Trump can keep talking about how the election has to be delayed. Then the GOP officials running elections in Texas, Arizona, Florida, etc. go "he's right, we can't safely administer the election on November 3rd!" and close a shitload of polling places, because they don't have sufficient volunteers to staff them or whatever. So November 3rd rolls around and some people go out and vote and those votes get counted, but GOP officials start talking about irregularities etc. and Trump files a shitload of lawsuits challenging the validity of elections in swing states. You seem to think in a scenario like this, there would be some official resolution. No. What would happen is the courts would go "look, this isn't our bag, man," and a bunch of Republicans will scream and pound the table about how the Dems stole the election and shouldn't be allowed to be sworn in. Then Trump says the American people are demanding that he not hand over power to a bunch of communist cheaters. Would his term legally end on January 20, 2021, after which time he couldn't legally exercise the powers of the presidency? Sure. But the obvious response to that is that Chad Wold can't legally be the acting secretary of homeland security. He can't legally give orders to federal police to do anything, and they can't legally obey any orders he gives. What good has any of that done for people in Portland?
  7. They can't legally do anything about it. That doesn't mean they can't actually do anything about it. There's a huge fucking pile of things they can't legally do, but have done anyway and everyone has just gone along with it.
  8. Of course the one prominent Republican politician who gets it and isn’t completely fucking fine is their only black guy that anyone knows about.
  9. You know who is responsible for exercising the 25th Amendment, right?
  10. To be fair, a lot of GOP House reps do spend some of their time trying to represent local business interests. It’s just that they spend the overwhelming majority of their time playacting tough guy cowboys on Fox News and representing the interests of the billionaires that really fund them. Oh, and when they’re representing their local businesses it’s basically the most scummy used car dealers in their district.
  11. The national chamber uses local chambers like yours to pretend that it represents small businesses.
  12. I haven't read the full articles yet, but if he urged the Court to deny cert in June Medical I would say that's absolutely a form of judicial activism and a pretty extreme one, though operating under the guise of judicial restraint. Urging the Court to permit a lower court to blatantly overturn a decision that SCOTUS had just made a couple of years earlier can hardly be said to be a demonstration of restraint. Also, Wulaw, if you're going to argue that Roberts isn't a partisan ideologue we're going to have to fight.
  13. Either a justice or someone very close to a justice has been leaking a ton of shit about this past term to Joan Biskupic. This is part one of what will apparently be a four part series: https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/28/politics/neil-gorsuch-supreme-court-lgbtq-civil-rights-act-alito/index.html Someone is clearly mad at Roberts, but who? I think the most obvious bet has to be Kavanaugh, but Alito and maybe Ginny Thomas seem like good bets as well.
  14. The five conservative justices on the Supreme Court (and probably Breyer too) will find a reason QI applies here anyway.
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