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  1. I almost want to neg you for mentioning law and economics.
  2. It's really cool how we're actually going to incentivize generators to repeat this fuckup but even worse in the future.
  3. I do think we've got a hoarding problem, in that even if that money is "at work" somewhere in the economy, it's at work in ways that distort markets and politics and harm the rest of us. E.g., after 2008 the financial industry and a bunch of wealthy individuals bought up a lot of residential properties and jacked up rents across the country. Had all of those financial resources been more evenly distributed across the American population, you would have seen them spent in many different places and the impact on the rents would've been much less. That's just one of countless examples. When a se
  4. I'm sympathetic to the argument that if 16 year olds can work and pay income taxes then they should be able to vote, but I don't see many of them ever actually voting.
  5. Dems didn't even run on it, which makes this frustrating as hell.
  6. Has anyone on Surly been as consistently fucking wrong about covid as GR Horn?
  7. I would just like to make sure someone told you to take your fake concern for poor children and shove it up your ass.
  8. I was talking more generally about all of the different ways they're trying to kill the rest of us.
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