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  1. This is probably the beginning of the end of the NCAA.
  2. The idea that someone would even bother actually studying whether someone with a gun in a public place is more dangerous to everyone else there than someone who knows martial arts is wild.
  3. Seriously Yaga, that's some of the dumbest shit ever posted here and there's been lots of dumb shit posted. When you defend an absolutist position on gun rights like that, you're actively hurting your cause. So I guess... keep it up.
  4. The history of how modern adoption practices in America came to be is...pretty horrific. I don't recommend googling Georgia Tann.
  5. This topic is always such a beating. Guys, religion ain't going away. Religious people aren't going to suddenly stop being religious and even if they did, they'd be just as irrational and stupid as they are now. Because they're people and people are irrational and stupid about all kinds of shit. The people who thinks there's really a significant number of exceptions to that are some of the most irrational and stupid people on earth.
  6. By 2040, 70% of the American people will be represented by just 30 senators. The survival of the Senate (at least as it's currently constructed) and the survival of American democracy are mutually exclusive.
  7. Yes. And it's the entire party. Hence, the ledge.
  8. This. We've all spent way too long indulging idiocy because we want to avoid conflict.
  9. I'm honestly surprised by Gorsuch's thinking that the mandate isn't severable. That's just... beyond stupid. I'm having a hard time believing that he'd willingly put his name on something that dumb, but he did. I haven't read his dissent yet, but I'm guessing it contains some language he'll cite to in the future to justify something else, but... we're not talking about something ideologically important here. We're talking about severability. He can't possibly care about radically reshaping the law on severability, but I can't imagine what he might've said that might be useful for advancing, sa
  10. I don't think the voter ID is even about luring any Republicans. Republicans wouldn't vote to save the planet from a meteor if a Democrat were President. It's just signaling an attempt at bipartisanship to idiot centrist voters.
  11. That's a good compromise among Democrats. There's absolutely no way in hell we get 10 Republicans on board, so the question is will Manchin, Sinema, and the other squishes who prefer not to stand out vote to "reform" the filibuster to get it passed. Because if not, this is meaningless.
  12. It's pretty amazing that they couldn't even get Clarence Thomas. Gorsuch should be deeply fucking ashamed of himself.
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