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  1. Maybe our next DC will coach run fits. Fucking mediocre Chris Ash did that.
  2. We’re letting a recovering alcoholic and a mediocre HFC get a shot at “redemption” here, yet somehow the second best coach of the past 15 years isn’t good enough for us after a fuck up in the NFL… yeahokay.gif
  3. I was told that we're Texas and that everyone is born wanting to play here. Our logo, name, and the fact that Austin offers so many "things to do" is enough motivation alone. Why would any serious football player even consider Tuscaloosa, Norman, or Lincoln, NE???
  4. Can someone that understands defensive schemes better than I do explain this to me: What does PKs 2-4-5 scheme do better than the traditional 4-2-5 scheme with dedicated EDGE rushers? Is the added complexity worth the recruiting challenges?
  5. Assuming we actually did lose out on Mathis, this is not the end of the world. It would have been great to pick up a solid edge rusher, but if Nebraska wants to throw 600k at a one year project then good for them. He may provide a few impactful plays, but he's not a Joseph Ossai or Alex Okafor game changer type. Sark may go 6-6 or 8-4 this year, and I don't see a big difference between the two. A lot of people were still drooling all over Charlie Strong's cock after two consecutive 7 loss seasons. Sark will still be in a position to either prove his worth or be replaced in 2023.
  6. I really hope I'm wrong about K, but I wish we could just cut to the chase and replace him already.
  7. Can they send us all of their second string LBs? We’d be happy to test them out
  8. I need a brain transplant after reading the screenshots in this thread.
  9. Should’ve just kept Chris Ash last year and replaced him with Patterson this offseason.
  10. I would trade our current starting OL and entire defensive roster with the 2013 team in a heartbeat.
  11. Yeah, I think anyone with half a brain knows that we don’t belong in the same sentence as a playoff team (this year). Sark will say what he has to say to the media. A realistic goal should be 8 regular season wins. Go 2-1 in non-con and 6-3 in conference. That’s a completely realistic goal, considering how close we were to 7 wins last year: -If the refs don’t give OU a free first down when they were down 0-14 in Q1, maybe we stack a bigger lead early in the game and hang on. -If the refs call the cheap shot on Casey against OSU, maybe we hang on to the lead. -If Moore doesn’t blatantly shave 17 points vs Baylor, we have a bigger lead against them and maybe we hang on. -If Sark doesn’t inexplicably throw Card in the game against Kansas, we don’t spot them 14 points and… you know the rest. Two out of those four things happening would’ve led to 7-5. We were just a mentally weak team with terrible luck and roster cancers.
  12. Yep. A dominant line could make Tom Herman’s scheme look good.
  13. Sark showing up last year and saying that he wouldn’t have come here if we didn’t have a good QB room is almost as bad as Tom Herman’s preseason comments about our 2017 offensive line.
  14. More like “staged much?”
  15. 190 proof everclear. Fucking Mississippi…
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