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  1. Why did the line open up at -7?
  2. Ah yes, the sure fire way of getting negged to Bolivia.
  3. Usually when I hear or see the use of "I told you so", that is preceeding by whatever was told occurring. Anyone else ever read those stories about dumb criminals, Darwin Award winners etc and it makes you feel better about yourself? This thread brings that feel. And for that, I thank the OP.
  4. CDC has been nothing short of amazing since his arrival. Those game time posts are ridiculous. It's always the case on here, but damn, some posters have short memories.
  5. And you repped it. Come on Derka, you have to disguise your socks better.
  6. Damn. Some sandy vaginas in here 10 minutes into the season. Be happy there's hoops on. Jeez.
  7. Speaking of whiny, bitchassed, embarrassing posters. Thanks for the corroboration RD.
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