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  1. Winning is hard... that sums up every fucking post game and Monday press conference he has.
  2. Are you always stoned when you post here?
  3. Obviously once again Tom shits the bed, proving that we failed another G5 coach experiment. Last year's 10 win season, Big 12 CCG appearance and Sugar Bowl win all now seem to be fools gold. Now don't get me wrong, I wanted Tom to succeed here, same with Charlie when he was first hired. However, Tom, just like Charlie, has tripped over his dick and fallen flat on his face. Only difference is he doesn't have losing seasons. With that being said, can we just hire a complete dipshit like Jeff Fisher, Bret Bielema, or Bobby Petrino? That way I won't have any high hopes and can laugh when they inevitably shit the bed. I've been drinking to forget today's game.
  4. Orlando fell flat on his ass tonight.
  5. The LSU fans sitting in my section were a bunch of dicks. I think I heard one of them yelling for the defense to hurt Sam or something like that. Classless fucks!
  6. Bless you Thujone! Another classic!
  7. Not surprised he asked for $15M from the A's. Selfish little prick.
  8. @immamac can we start a classics page? I agree with Fudge that this game thread is an instant classic.
  9. Game was a shit show, game thread on the other hand I would read again.
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