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  1. The elder statesmen of the Bay Area rock scene, playing alongside Heart, Eddie Money, and Sammy Hagar in the early days. Respect must be given. Especially in this goddam household. God bless Dave Meniketti.
  2. When my wife (no pics) and I got married and bought our first house, I had to insure her violins separately. I had no fucking idea. Some of them are Paesolds...? I don’t know shit, but they sound awesome to me... Just a humblebrag (I guess). Carry on.
  3. After 30 years of using Norelco, I splurged on a Braun 7 series 4 years ago, and I love it. I have a heavy beard, and I have to be somewhat methodical with it, but I still love it. No irritation and a damn good shave.
  4. Some of us had self-esteem, a future vision, friends, played in bands, and didn’t have to work to slay pussy. What the fuck did I need a frat for?
  5. In every store in various bottle sizes in my East Texas town. Makes me laugh when I’m in Houston and I see “limit 1”, but I always see it in the North Houston stores I occasionally pop into.
  6. Jesus, that sounds like work. We just wanted to chill.
  7. Jesus, that sounds like work. We just wanted to chill...
  8. I did too. And then immediately felt stupid. What a waste of potential.
  9. Get some of these. You can thank me later.
  10. I’ve been hitting the Ranch Waters all summer, but never considered adding Topo into Bourbon. Will try it!
  11. Care to share your rubs on both meats?
  12. I figured that's where you were. Love Wapping, and I'm pretty sure I'm familiar with the building you're talking about. Freakin' awesome. So jealous. We shitcanned a London trip this Christmas, but will (hopefully) return again next December for 3 weeks. Normally stay somewhere off Piccadilly Circus. Planning on a Wapping flat next time around. Claim a regular stool at Turner's Old Star, maybe share some nog with Helen Mirren, etc. Best wishes for getting settled into Marylebone and starting your new adventure.
  13. Feeling fairly surly today and trying to snap out of it while I hack up some meat in the kitchen for tomorrow. Seems like a “music to break shit to” kinda afternoon Started with Hanging In The Balance by Metal Church. Then The World Won’t Miss You by Reverend. Balls deep into some Comeau-era Annihilator right now.
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