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  1. Your marriage sounds like it's regressing nicely...
  2. Hookem and Mach bringing strong stuff to this thread. Pos rep all around. And...condolences.
  3. Old Forester Rye has become my new standard.
  4. Spot on posts. You are doing it right!
  5. How is that Metallica swill anyway?
  6. Vodka and Gin in pewter cups is “East Texas”? What kinda Bizarro East Texas do you live in? Around here, I assume it’s Fireball in Solo cups while warming yourself around the fire, where last night’s date is slowly turning ans becoming tonight’s dinner. Or so I’ve heard.
  7. Why do they have be straight? Homophobe.
  8. Last year's Thanksgiving with the in-laws was a train wreck. It involved cold food being brought in and a dead puppy. Good fucking times. Taking refuge in the Jacksonville Best Western was the highlight of my day. Never again. This year. New house, badass new kitchens (both in and out), our menu, our schedule. I made it known to all relevant family and friends as to where I would be this year. And very specific about where I will NOT be. When our guest rooms fill up, I will gladly put people up in the myriad of decent hotels down the street. Any and all are welcome to come. Or don't. Don't really care either way. I'm cooking the same amount of food whether 2 or 20 show up. The astute people in my circle are already locking in their RSVPs now.....
  9. Chick in the middle looks exactly like a good friend I used to fuck. Chick had serious Daddy issues that worked just perfectly in my favor. Good times...!
  10. Does anyone have any tips on cooking horse? Seems beaten to death pretty well here.
  11. Thanks for setting me straight, you Surly Bastard.
  12. Is Blanton’s Gold so much bette? I had some in London last year and found it to be fine, but not appreciably different from what we buy in the States. Purely my opinion, of course, but I don’t get the mythical status.
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