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  1. Your OCD doesn’t extend to maintaining a clean fridge?
  2. Wings (extremely hot) and beer (extreme amounts) yesterday. Squirting flaming orange napalm today. Not sure how my short stayed clean, but I had some serious seepage while peeing. Combined with the hangover, much indignity today.
  3. Had the exact same problem with a fridge last year. Solved it the same way, too. At least they’re consistent in their fuckery.
  4. No one? Really? C'mon... Username totally checks out.
  5. Vodka is neutral in flavor. OK...I guess I can roll with that. Flavorless, however? Not hardly. Although, some vodkas are pretty bland. Stoli falls into that category for me, but I drank a LOT of Stoli Peppar back in the day. Tito's seemed a bit...raw...to me. Granted, I developed this opinion back in the late 90s when it first came out. Other than seeing it throughout Texas, I never gave much thought to the brand at all until I moved to Florida in 2015 and realized that it was everywhere and (seemingly) universally popular. I think his success is awesome. He's a master of marketing his craft (a la Jim Koch). Ah well...subjective opinions are subjective. We consume a lot of vodka martinis in this house. Only two brands make the cut (and permanently reside in our freezer): Ketel One and Finlandia.
  6. Never liked Tito’s. People look at me like I’m crazy when I say that. Not gonna talk shit about it. Just don’t like it. Is that wrong?
  7. This hits close to home because I was planning on being creepy in The Woodlands this weekend.
  8. Well...when we’re done there, we can always go lick the ice cream at Wal-Mart. Maybe set the chip aisle on fire. Doritos are highly flammable, ya know? The possibilities are endless. Wanna make it a worthwhile trip for ya.
  9. Come to Lufkin sometime. I will double-down on a shitty HEB experience for ya.
  10. She’s lovin’ it!
  11. Our intention was to start 2020 with a bang (and some bangin’), but this year is a total bust. Wife was in the ER on the 1st. Had surgery on the 3rd. Been healing ever since, and then I leave all of next week. After that is a Vegas trip, so...possibilities? Fingers crossed. No pics, ya savages.
  12. Damn. I am shockingly disgusting.
  13. MOST people, huh? Really? You’re sure of this?
  14. Username...checking out nicely.
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