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  1. From your article, evictions were way down starting in March and have just returned to pre-Covid levels in SOME areas. They haven’t increased so much as to make up for all those that weren’t evicted in March-June, and we aren’t at historic levels of eviction country wide(or anywhere according for this and what I’ve read, but I’ll leave open the possibility it is somewhere) Eviction filings plummeted at the beginning of the economic crisis in the United States, both in places that implemented broad eviction bans and those that did not. As of July 7,2roughly one-third of rental units in our study are no longer covered by temporary policies, and eviction filings have now returned to their prepandemic levels in those places no longer covered; filings remain subdued in places that have continued eviction bans.
  2. Was unable to edit. wanted to add: Edit - while I don’t think there is evidence that we are at “historic” highs, and in fact with the restrictions that have been put on landlords (some as law, some as judges preferences), I do think we’ve got the potential to get kicked over the ledge. I’ve said it in other threads, but there will have to be a shared suffering by all. Tenant loses job because their work place cut back/ahutdown due to Covid and can’t pay rent. Landlord can’t pay mortgage now (don’t kid yourself, majority of landlords aren’t the rich 1%). Lender has a bunch of landlords as well as regular home owners missing payments, and everyone wants to make the banks evil, but banks are just machines, and yeah, there are a handful that own the machines that are so rich none of this matters, but if the machine stops, lots of “normal” people running the machine now become the tenants that can’t make rent. Each group in the triangle is going to have to give a little to get through it, but if we keep things throttle back too long, people are going to run out of give.
  3. Evictions are at historic highs? With evictions having been put on hold in many places. Please provide support for your statement. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-08-18/u-s-evictions-are-down-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic With a few exceptions, every week of the pandemic summer through August 7 has seen fewer eviction filings than on average for the 17 cities where researchers at Princeton are publishing data. Eviction filings are down in Boston, where Massachusetts lawmakers effected some of the nation’s strongest state-level eviction protections, as well as in cities in Texas, where there are next to no eviction protections. In July 2020, filings were low relative to a 2012–2016 baseline in all these cities except Milwaukee, where filings shot back up late in June and July. Over the first week of August, filings were down everywhere except for Jacksonville.
  4. Every time it comes up, I correct my kids and wife and say it was a rain event that got us. Not a hurricane. I get “tone” and eye roll so severe I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten them stuck in the back of her head. Mainly just don’t want the kids to grow up thinking a hurricane is something that just dumps enough rain to turn the streets in to their pool and gives them a 2 week vacation (with power, netflix, food, etc).
  5. Yeah, I can’t imagine this won’t go unanswered by Filoni. Why even cast an actor if that’s not going to change?
  6. Let’s be honest here, the people on this thread probably make up about 50% of the audience that is still alive that saw the syfy version. And that version is 20 years old. Your average 18-30 year old hasn’t heard of Dune. I may be biased because I’m on this thread, but if done right I think it has LoTR/SW/Harry Potter potential as a franchise.
  7. Kind of just dawned on me that with all the mandolorean trust issues, having and actual mando in Sabine running around with the Jedi that he needs to find makes a lot of sense. And the roll she played before, she might also be a good catalyst for him starting the effort of rebuilding the civilization. If that is the direction they are going, I’m sure Filoni thought of that 10 years ago when he was fleshing out Rebels.
  8. All rumors, but everything I’ve read for a while now is Sash is Sabine And just cuz:
  9. Sling orange with $10 +Sports package. You can then log in to ESPN with your sling acct. sling does the first 3 days free, so if you want you can cancel and watch for free. It’s only $40 a month, so we’re probably keeping this for our Sept - Jan live streaming service ( Netflix, Hulu, and now Disney+ are the year rounds)
  10. 1/2 guard on the sides and around back, half ass blend it in. Haven’t cut the top since March. Close to being able to put a rubber band thing in my hair.
  11. Phantom Menace overdid it though , and then they doubled down on it for attack of the ones. Harry Potter has some over the top moments (early on only) that went beyond what the technology was capable of, but to me it was still mostly character driven with real actors when it mattered, terrible broom stick scene aside. LoTR is the gold standard imo of that time. Yes, they relied on cgi a lot, but they had the right mix of sets and “real” actors. To me it was what ANH was when it came out - technology pushed just the right amount to make you feel like you are being submersed in a real world, as opposed to PM that was so jarring it kept you from just experiencing it. PM was first in line, and it seemed like a lot of sci-fi at the time thought it was really cool and decided they could do big budget stuff with their green screen. I remember SG1 even feeling like it was going to far after a few seasons. Shit didn’t look good in PM, and you’re trying to replicate (no pun intended) it on 1/100th the budget? Wtf? Obligatory nerds.gif
  12. Wait, I thought our superiors in Europe had this under control.
  13. yeah I think Phantom Menace set sci fi back a bit around 2000. Look at all the cool stuff we can put in our shows now! Yeah, well, it looks like crap. Build a set and stick a person in a suit.
  14. Granted it is more hoops for @SuperSport to jump through, but could he, sometime after doing the cash out refi, move to an apartment (or better yet friends/family) and get a signed long term lease on his rental that counts 50% (75%?) towards his dti?
  15. Same here on missing it in the 90s. Didn’t realize it existed until we had kids. I’ve enjoyed most of the new live action movies as an adult more than the cartoons except for the great ones (Toy Story for instance). It’s probably heresy since Will Smith is in it, but really enjoy Live Aladdin.
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