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  1. Chips and salsa are my kryptonite. I’ll eat 2-4 baskets by myself before food come out with tons of salt added. Won’t be able to get my ring on/off by the time I’m done. Not even hungry when my food comes out, but I eat it and another basket or 2 of chips
  2. There is time, but do you want to see that story told with cgi Luke or someone besides mark hamil playing the character? I’m not sure I want to see that. re Disney making all the money: Shang Chi did really well considering how poorly theatres were doing (broke memorial weekend record?) Spider-Man still made a billion dollars despite people getting sick left and right. Theaters aren’t dead, and Disney will continue to make back on some combo of box office, $30 premium probably after 30 or 45 days that they don’t split with theaters, and monthly subscriptions as long as they continue to put out good entertaining shows.
  3. Squats with any or no weight are great for you. But do watch out for your knee. Maybe try getting a brace that you can Velcro on before you start. And nothing wrong with high rep light weight dumbbell work, although I might be concerned doing that high reps on curls since the bis are so much smaller. Maybe some of the older guys can speak better toward that.
  4. No issues with the stationary bike the morning after about 5 minutes. Easy ride for 35 minutes burns about twice as many calories as compared to walking that same time. Ice and Advil after finishing and what little pain I had was gone.
  5. UT_OB1

    Gym Pet Peeves

    @pearlandhorn @PittsburghTiger I’m have trouble visualizing which way you mean on the 90 degree elbow thing. And is to help your elbows or shoulders?
  6. Well it wasn’t always a desert planet. Interesting story. You see…
  7. Managed to do 10 body weight squats before the inside of my knee had enough. Much progress. I think I can start on the stationary bike again. Hopefully be able to up my cardio intensity this weekend. Been averaging right at 1700 cals a day with my 1500 weekday/whatever weekend since 1/1. I’m only down about 3 lbs, but pants are already a little more loose.
  8. I ended up being negative. Sinus issues mostly cleared up after a dose of NyQuil.
  9. When are they coming out with the Disney+ Adult channel? All the twileks need their own show on that channel.
  10. Those are CDC recommendations IF YOU Were exposed to COVID-19 and are up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccinations No quarantine You do not need to stay home unless you develop symptoms. Get tested Even if you don’t develop symptoms, get tested at least 5 days after you last had close contact with someone with COVID-19.
  11. I don’t even know where to start. 400 sqft? When you’ve been snowed in for 7 days, how do you escape one another? How have you not murdered her? How do we know she hasn’t murdered you and is posting as you? Your whole post:
  12. I agree, that’s what I include in the list of drawbacks. Don’t you have the same thing with association feeds with condos? And you still pay property taxes.
  13. @DFWTexEx So why not just get an apartment? Condos have never made sense to me. Seems like you get the drawbacks of owning a house and renting at the same time.
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