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  1. Last episode looks to be 50 minutes per the Reddit user that had been correct on the last several run lengths (can’t believe I just typed that). I was hoping for an almost movie length episode.
  2. I'm highly skeptical of anyone in the states having covid before March. It doesn't make sense it spread undetected for another three months. There was a nasty adenovirus going around from November to april. You probably had that. Get your second shot. Really? There are verified results. The first death has been confirmed to be in February in Cali from someone who had not been traveling. They got it in the wild in Cali. Its a fact at this point that people had it in January here. Edit - the person didn’t die til the first week of Feb
  3. My parents and PiLs are between 60-63 and don’t QUITE meet the underlying conditions criteria (although my FiL has chrones and I don’t think he’d make it if he got it). Both sets live in areas that haven’t moved to them being able to sign up. My bil and sil however, mid 30s, great health, were able to cut in line in center Texas and drove 6 hours. Things like that piss me off. After frontline workers, it should just be age based and a DL or some other documents to prove it.
  4. Last I read, we were also supposed to get the Hawkeye and Ms Marvel tv series this year as well. Edit - interestingly, and probably not surprising, Pugh who plays Yelena in Black Widow (and likely is the new BW) is listed as being in 8 episodes of Hawkeye by IMDB.
  5. Falcon and winter soldier should get us through March and April.
  6. 2022 is what I’ve read. Said they didn’t start filming until end of last year and it usually takes them 12-18 months.
  7. You could get a heloc to get most of your down payment out, use that as down payment on your new house, rent it out and let someone else pay the mortgage. Get the tax benefits for renting and then sell it in 10 years when you won’t lose money on it 😀
  8. That’s kind of crazy right now (I’m in and look around Houston). How old is your home? Most recent uodates? Your realtor or anyone give you feedback on something that stands out that is turning people off? is it possible you overpaid 6 years ago?
  9. So some of these refineries that shut down, are they going on to full catalyst change out turn around since they are already down?
  10. It didn’t look like the one they used in agents of shield.
  11. Finally convinced my wife to watch it, and we just binged them first 6 episodes. I’d forgotten that she really doesn’t seem to know what is going on in ep 1 and 2. I think we get big cameo 2 this week. Still crossing my fingers for Ian or Stewart. That would make my nerd day
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