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  1. Boba was brought back in the expanded universe that George had complete control over. If he had that much of a problem with it, why did he sign off on it the first tine around?
  2. The big sign that just says JESUS headed north bound on 45 that is on the edge of Oceans parking lot cracks me up every time for some reason
  3. I actually started googling heartbreakers. Thought that sounded like an odd name for a place to hunt.
  4. She’s supposed to be dead (was dead? Multiverse?), and Vader thinks she’s dead. Gotta wait until he’s gone to hop back in the timeline.
  5. I live in the Clearlake/Seabrook area. Growing up in Lumberton/Silsbee area, there were a number of public hunting areas that we’d park essentially on the side of the road and go hunt squirrel and birds on (and occasionally deer). Am I going to be able to find anything like that here on the SE side of Houston? If like to take the 7 year old squirrel hunting.
  6. Wtf Wally? Where/what is that from? If it was an SO2 burp, that would be pretty high on the shitty way to die list. Probably longer than suffocation, and incredibly painful. 2-3 ppm sucks and hurts, can’t imagine what something measured on the % scale would be like.
  7. I actually thought he was going to see if she was still alive. It is odd to me that they would cast her, give her only 5 minutes of showtime and a few lines, and then kill her off.
  8. That was Mae from agents of shield, right? Is she now in the 2 largest universes in existence? Surely they didn’t kill her off with 10 minutes of screen time. I interpreted the last scene as Mando going to get her.
  9. When’s the last time you actually saw that on a cop car? I haven’t seen it in a decade. I don’t believe it is their motto any more.
  10. Without seeing how the percentages in each age bucket has changed, not sure what to take away from that. For instance, has the percentage of 25 year olds buying houses stayed the same while 50 year olds are doing better financially than 50 year old 3 decades ago and buying more houses? Or has the percent of 30 year olds that want to get locked in to a long term loan plummeted?
  11. I’d take PM over TLJ any day, at this point. JarJar isn’t much worse than the combo of Rose and the horse rabbits, and I really didn’t care about any of the characters by the end of TLJ. RotJ was great. R1 was really good too, has a completely different feel to it (honestly could be non Star Wars movie if you call the BFG something besides Death Star), and I could definitely see that being someone’s cup of tea more than any of the other movies.
  12. Lowering it now and having it rented in a month is better than leaving it and not getting it rented. Im with Gil. If they don’t have a car payment consuming half of their monthly income, don’t have 50k in CC debt, or some other huge loan, go for it unless you’re concerned they are the type to trash the place. If you are concerned about that, then you shouldn’t even be considering them. Even if they end up not being able to pay after a few months, make ready costs plus eviction costs probably won’t be much more expensive than the 2 months of rent you’ve already lost.
  13. 2 months and one submission sounds like your price might be a little high. Have they been at their jobs for a while? If so, I’d consider them assuming everything checks out.
  14. I’m more interested in ease if use than super picture quality. Not to say the TCLs aren’t, but I’m sure anything that is 4K is generally going to be pretty decent. I need easy because a lot of different people will end up renting the place, and I have to be set up for the least technologically skilled person. The Sony we had works well and looks nice, but it can be a pain to navigate sometimes, and I’ve gotten a few bad reviews from the older crowd because “it didn’t work.” And if I don’t get a smart tv and have to plug in fire stick or something, we’ll it will get unplugged for who fucking knows why. The TCL is pretty easy to navigate, and I’m a creature of habit, so I’m happy with it. Now I just need to figure out how to get people to stop logging out of my accounts to log in to theirs (and not logging back in to mine before the next guest).
  15. Well they were sold out anyway. They did drop the TCL to 399 online order, so I’m getting one 65 and two 50s for 899. Wish they delivered the 65. Oh well.
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