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  1. My wife strongly objected to getting a heloc to buy our first (or any other) rental. She’s a bit more conservative and concerned in that approach. I think it would be beneficial, but it’s probably best to have that part of her personality balance mine our or I might have run us into the ground left unchecked.
  2. Yeah people aren’t getting foreclosed on in this market. You sale or you just go on forbearance. You have to have really screwed up to be getting foreclosed on right now.
  3. Per the Mayo Clinics website, the 40-49 year old group is at 65% for the whole nation, and even Texas has 60% of its 18-64 group vaccinated (90% for 65+). We are not all that far off from the numbers everyone kept telling us we needed to hit. We (nation, everyone) lag quite a bit in the under 18 group because half of them can’t get it, and the other half just got approved within the last couple months. we need to get the authorization for the younger ages.
  4. We got seeds. I know for a fact we never ordered seeds.
  5. Has anyone seen what parental guide rating What If?.. is going to be? Been looking but haven’t found it.
  6. The TVA is outside of time. That’s why the stones don’t work there. Assumed to be the quantum realm between all universes. So how can there be another TVA? That part still confuses me.
  7. I’ll lead with I know we’re talking about a comic show with time travel AND they mildly defined the time travel rules in Endgame and this show, but… Where they implying the timeline is a loop? If so, each branch becomes its own loop? Did he get knocked back to a different branch at the “same time” or did he get knocked back to his line that had been altered?
  8. I’d run too if I was pulled over for registration violation and suddenly they’re trying to stick their fingers up my ass on the side of the road.
  9. I am entertained.
  10. I case anyone else needs to buy $30k worth of lumber that they were only expecting to be about $10-15k, lumber down to $600
  11. Well I feel better about the $11k I was quoted to dig a hole and a trench for ours. I did ask about connecting to the sewer, but it was going to be $5k to run the line a hundred feet (and they said I get on a waiting list for that), $5k to install a grinder pump and tap in (no slope, so pump required), and still $80 a month just for sewer service, water and trash not included in that number. Seemed ridiculous for sewer. Didn’t like the idea of paying that much and still having a pump that I know going to crap out on me at the worst time.
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