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  1. Ignoring the male/female responsibilities, if you had to be responsible to go to the grocery store again, is she at least responsible for creating and cooking the patties? Either way, I’m kinda thinking this comment falls under “stupid shit husbands does/say”. .
  2. This guy pretty much summed it up. I had the same experience with a RR and wife with a RRS. I am pretty positive mine spent more time in the shop than I actually had it. Finally got it back from its last 6 week stint at the dealer and sold it. I love the way they look. But, they are total pieces of shits on 4 wheels that are barely attached.
  3. I'll be honest, I had to look up several things in that post to figure out wtf you were saying. In hindsight, it does make perfect sense.
  4. I think they all were which is why they loosened up by the back nine. Next time they need to start earlier.
  5. Yeah, when I probed it at 3 hours it was already 195. At that point, I expected it to be in the stall point and need another few hours at least. I gave it another half hour and probed again and it was actually a little higher so I pulled and let rest. it did come frozen from Cali and moved straight to my freezer a month or so ago. Thawed, brought to room temp (I think, maybe this was the issue) and then put on. I am not a pro but not a novice either and that was worse than my first brisket I ever made. Don’t think I will be doing one of those again.
  6. Weirdest thing just happened. Became part of a Wagyu beef club attached to a winery I love. They delivered a brisket which I was pumped about. To my dismay, when it arrived it was less than 6 pounds and just the flat side. Trimmed up a little fat and cheated and put on the green egg since it wasn’t worth firing the smoker up. Used pecan and apple at 225 to 250, it was at 195 in 3 1/2 hours. Weird. It also blew up and went from a couple inches thick pre-cook to almost 6 inches afterward. Also weird. Let it rest and carved it. It wasn’t dry af or chewy but just not a lot of flavor. I would think the flavor is the lack of time but wanted some thoughts. Also, any clue why it blew up from 2-6 inches? Or, is it just the type of beef since it doesn’t have a ton of fat? should have taken pics but pretty sure it will show up on the steel shank thread as chopped beef shortly.
  7. Just a heads up, others may know more but I am pretty sure that is one of the models that is super easy to break in. If it is the same as one of my old ones, my front locks got busted through several times back in the day with a simple screwdriver (still have one from one of the crooks). Would suck to be stranded sans truck. I eventually replaced the front handles with the ones without a keyhole like in the back. This was in Houston though, fwiw.
  8. Really just starting this process and a buddy is the one that mentioned and joined one flight so that’s the first call I scheduled. If/when I do anything, I definitely wanted to check out all options as they apply to my criteria so thanks for this info. If it’s cool with you, I’ll pm you after I dig up some more data.
  9. Wow, I am not a big fan of Brady at all. At first, I was like, how does someone with an 8.1 handicap not know the simple rules for hazard play. Then he continued to decline. Then the hole out. The guy is freaking clutch. Still think the right people won but when the pressure came on, Brady and Phil responded.
  10. It’s linen, with glasses, a mustache and those white shoes from the other thread.
  11. That’s the part I am trying to figure out the math on. I have a feeling with a couple trips a month at 2-3 hours each way, fractional would win but I am new to this and could be wrong. Besides one flight, wheels up and net jets, anyone else I should check out. I also don’t know a ton about jets but I don’t see taking any more than 5 passengers at a time. Usually 1-3. But, I want safety too.
  12. That’s kinda what I am seeing from one flight but have a call with them Tuesday to get the full details. Have you checked out net jets and wheels up...or others? Just starting this process and pretty foreign territory.
  13. I still have nightmares driving up that mountain in a Sprinter that sat up high with huge windows and snow on the road (not used to driving in the snow and I hate heights). Had three beers and white knuckled it the whole way down at the end of the day. Next two days we found a driver.
  14. Wow I don’t miss corporate America and I think it has only gotten worse since I left in 2011. And, sorry to the above poster for not having an avatar. Can you reach out to hank hill for some new material and I will update with that. Thanks in advance.
  15. Lol, was this the old GCWA days? I never could flip for control freak reasons but managed to get several huge bruises in the process. I did finally learn the spin after breaking a knuckle. At 43, my knees, ribs, and everything else say honey bunches of nopes to those things.
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