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  1. I am more coming from the standpoint of they just don't matter and they don't really hinder that much if you adapt (except 18 but i hear that is fixed). Everyone is dealing with the same set of conditions. Now, if it were to the point of being in Harris Hill shape, that's a different story. At least in my opinion, it's still a great track, arguably one of the best, and one that people literally come from all over the world to drive. With the elevation, mix between technical parts and high speed parts, it's width, it has a lot going for it. At any rate, I don't think we are going to see eye-to-eye on this one which is cool. I get where you are coming from, you expect it to be perfect-ish which is your right. And, it doesn't really bother me that it's not. To each his own.
  2. I know we have been here before but it’s really not that bad. As someone who clearly likes racing, I don’t know what your hard on is with having, arguably, the best race tracks in the country in your back yard. I drove it since the last time I posted here and T1 is a little annoying. But, nothing major. T2 is annoying to some but I stay farther left there than most and straighten the first two turns. The esses are fine. At least as much as esses with descending apex’s can be. And, if you’’re thinking about weeds at that point, you are doing it wrong. T9 sucked but if you eat the curb, it’s much more manageable. T18 does suck...a lot. The bump was right at the apex and has sent many into the adjacent wall. Thats my only real complaint. I will race there in a couple weeks and see how it is after the re-surfacing. But, from what I have seen, they appear to have most things corrected...however temporary that may or may not be. Also, from some of the times I saw last weekend from amateurs (which I am too), it seems to be in pretty good shape. A 2:15 in a street legal 3.8 GT3 (minus the tires) is nuts.
  3. Really good looking car. Congrats!
  4. Apparently Darwinism missed this time. It'll come back around.
  5. It’s almost always going to fail in that and a G Wagon. And, love the 63 motor.
  6. Hah, point taken. But, in the context, more meant ones that can turn.
  7. None of my business, but, why? I mean, you could make a tractor fast if you wanted. But, as long as you are spending a lot of money for very little in return, why wouldn’t you start with something a little more suitable?
  8. Pretty cool. Didn’t know that was going this weekend. The blue GT3 looks decked out nicely.
  9. No problem at all. Hope it works out and hit me up if you take delivery here. on a related note:
  10. I reached out to my guy here and they have an allocation at MSRP. DM me if you need it.
  11. Well shit, I did miss that scenario. But, I did lol.
  12. What does "real life conditions" mean? It would stand to reason if something is faster on a track, then it would be faster in "real life conditions" too. But, maybe you are saying smoothly taking off from a stop light quickly and then slowing at a normal pace to a stop? I can see that.
  13. Ahh, that makes more sense.
  14. We used Debby Gower with Gower Goldens (http://gowergoldens.net/Our Dogs.htm). At that time, she was in Austin but has since moved to Colorado. Even so, when it is time for another, I will either drive or fly to Colorado to get one from her if she is still breeding. Clearly I am biased, but, he really is the most perfect dog from a temperament, looks, intelligence standpoint and can't imagine not having him or a relative of his around. Now the shedding, that's a different story. Couple things if you check her out: She did just have a litter that are likely already sold so may be a little time for the next one. You do have to "interview" with her first. And, she picks the dog for you rather than you picking the dog.
  15. You know, I almost typed that exact same thing yesterday along the lines of I have never considered Tesla since they can't turn. Then, I looked and it destroyed the Taycan at the ring which surprised the shit out of me. I didn't research why/how in case there are other variables. Was just pretty surprised.
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