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  1. I love lobster. And, I love mud bugs. But, unless there is a Cajun version of lobster I am not aware of (which is possible), they taste nothing alike.
  2. Bro Country music. It’s an abomination.
  3. We have help and I will still say, that's the truth. Only being able to operate in 1-2 hour increments is not easy. Wake up, eat, play, sleep. Wake up, eat, play sleep. Brutal routine.
  4. Congrats! I started/and finished about 7 months ago at 43. It's a little weird since most of my friends have kids going to college and I am just starting. But, in my eyes, it will keep me young. Enjoy your freedom for the time being. Shits about to change.
  5. Hate to admit this, but had the “small version’ (only one pack of Fritos), for lunch/dinner yesterday. Just as glorious as the day before. My gut is now pissed.
  6. Got inspired by some of this. Allow me to present one of the few good things that came out of Waco, the “gut pack”. For those that don’t know, now you know (Fritos, brisket, sausage, cheddar cheese, beans, bbq sauce, japs and pickles).
  7. Just for info purposes, the Austin market is still nuts. My house sold in 8 days and the one I am buying sold in 2. That’s after losing on 3 previous bids, one of which was full price the first day the house came on the market. In the end, very happy with where we chose but just had to dig a little deeper. I will now be doing Uber driving in the evenings.
  8. Had quite a few. But, the worst is, I dislocated a rib on a hard right handed fast turn with a bump at apex (I know, username and all) due to a seat that was too short and the side barrier not being lined up properly. I sneezed the next day and felt paralyzed for about a minute. For the next month, I feared any sneeze or cough. Compared to some others on here, I am pretty lucky.
  9. HEB by me has wagyu every weekend and it is good. But, in a blow out moment the night before little man was born had real Japanese Kobe at Vic and Anthony’s in Houston (which is by far my favorite steak place in texas) and it was life changing. When they say it literally melts in your mouth, that steak is what they are referring too. I could have chewed if it I had no teeth and used my tongue and the roof of my mouth and the flavor was powerful. If you see it and are on someone else’s dime, or not, do it.
  10. I hear ya. I am much more concerned with being on one property and buying another and the market takes a shit and the property I am not using drops like crazy. So, not putting a contract on a new place until this one has a contract. Hopefully that happens by Sunday. I don’t really mind moving to a high rise or something for a couple months if this one sells before the new one happens. Just not vice verse.
  11. Not sure if already posted....But, selling a house. This used to be pretty easy but now we have to get everything "staged", grab the dogs, grab the kid and all his stuff and go hide out for awhile. Which, totally fucks up kid's schedule which means it fucks up our schedule. Been going on since the end of last week but expecting it will end this weekend. Can't wait.
  12. Totally agreed. I was asking the wrong question. I was more interested in “programs” but then realized chartering is the route to go for my circumstances.
  13. Here is what my sources said in no particular order: Brian Mazzarella - Dell Dr Shaw with Austin urology Michael trotter with mid-town urology.
  14. I ended up in the same spot. In hindsight, my question should have asked about program options since there is a difference between fractional and programs. But, even then, no matter how you slice it, it’s 5k/hr. For a couple personal trips with the three of us, a charter would work. But, neither program or charter are really feasible for every couple/few weeks for work when it’s usually just me or one other.
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