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  1. I was really bummed to see Cam go. I’m confident we will see him on ESPN highlight reels.
  2. Hey Mickey! Disney crushing it with 10m subscribers on the first day. #long
  3. Video links are down that have been posted here....anyone have another link? I’m a juror.
  4. I have this same set up regarding BGE and Bull and love it also.
  5. Ya, it’s really good. Obviously like other shows with big budgets...it looks like a beautiful movie. Stoked for the next episode.
  6. Speak for yourself. Take a look at the subscription numbers in a few months and see the number of people who have a different opinion. It will be a shit load.
  7. South of Shanghai is a town called Hangzhou. Highly recommend it. It’s like the Austin of China. Only way I can describe it. Marco Polo called it heaven on earth. Had some great times there on a couple trips.
  8. We did Thanksgiving at the original Eddie Vs in downtown Austin a couple years ago and enjoyed it. Turkey, fish and steaks...gave everyone all the options we needed.
  9. Buddy went to Arkansas...his texts each game day were brutal...basically drinking enough to try and contain themselves as the train is derailing.
  10. We will go nowhere throwing passes sideways....for fuck sake throw the ball downfield.
  11. Italian restaurant running a booking operation. I’m shocked as well. When I was a kid my uncle took me to see his bookie. The guy ran a video rental store. Remember when we used to rent VHS movies? Dude had the gold chains and the whole bit. My uncle let me place a bet and I lost but luckily he covered because I was a poor at the time. it was when Bo.jackson played for the Canadian league or some shit and I bet his team would win. still have never bet on a game again.
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