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  1. Damn....thoughts and good energy to the family. Too young....very sad. \m/
  2. I remember seeing several of his billboards around Austin. Wonder if he’ll survive his sentence. Last people you’d want to scam. SHERMAN, Texas — A Texas lawyer known as the “DWI Dude” has been sentenced to more than 15 years in federal prison for falsely promising Colombian drug traffickers he'd get their charges reduced or dismissed in exchange for cash, prosecutors said. Jamie Balagia, 65, was sentenced Monday to 188 months in federal prison. He was convicted after a two-week trial in 2019 of conspiracy to commit money laundering, obstruction of justice, violation of the K
  3. Tailgate


    I’ve done the Delta 8. It can be “interesting” and surely make you feel better than nothing...but always wanting more and trying to chase it for me. This Nor Cal variety blew my shit up today. Been a while since something packed a punch this good.
  4. I had to stop melatonin because of this shit. I can’t sleep in a Ridley Scott movie every night.
  5. Had a great one a couple weeks ago at the new one near the cell lot at ABIA.
  6. Fuck Rogers. Entitled little bitch. Stay away from my Raiders.
  7. Enjoy those incredible times with your little ones new and recent dads. My oldest graduates from college next month and when they say time flies...you have no idea until it does. Take those mornings off to hang out and days when you can...I cherish all the time we’ve been able to spend with ours. Youngest is off in college too...hard to believe my nest is “empty” already.
  8. Just finished 90% of my BTC purchasing. I will let you know when I complete my position to 100% of target....expect a drop right after.
  9. Looks tasty. The fry looks perfect. Ended up in Shanghai one year during Hairy Crab Season. That was some good crab as well.
  10. Tailgate


    Nice to be back in California. Beautiful day in San Jose.
  11. How long have you had it? Two years now. I should be paid by them for the amount of people I’ve turned them on to. It’s very hard to exceed my expectations...this cleaner did and it’s a beast and super easy basket to remove and clean. My pool builder got one after he saw mine in action. They included some extra filters for the basket...haven’t even had to use them yet. I just hose the filter basket off really good after each run. In pollen season (now) I’ll do back-to-back runs for a total of four hours and seriously...it’s insane how well this thing grabs all the debris. I still hav
  12. I got the Dolphin M600. The best purchase I’ve made for my pool. Drop it in, press the power button and every piece of debris in the pool is gone in two hours. Even climbs the walls and cleans the tile all the way to the coping.
  13. Topps releasing their first NFTs on 4/20. https://www.topps.com/blog/topps-debuts-its-first-mlb-baseball-card-nft-collection-with-topps-series-1-baseball-launch-.html
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