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  1. Vandy doing well. Really happy my youngest (freshman) will be on campus the whole fall semester. No senior prom and no graduation. She really didn’t want remote and glad she got to campus.
  2. Likely the coolest UT gear I’ve seen in some time. Nice score.
  3. In for a lost tooth the last few weeks. They grow back right?
  4. Why you would allow a player to wear nose jewelry is beyond me.
  5. My daughter always talked about her friend who was dating a Dallas Star. His name is Tyler Sequin I found out tonight....I’ll be watching now to see how this team/kid is. I’ll take any sport right now.
  6. Anyone use a rottiserie system on their Big Green Egg they can recommend? I am really haoppy with the system on my gas grill but need to try it on charcoal.
  7. I lost complete respect for “Texas Exes” when I found out (right after I graduated in 91’) that anyone can join Texas Exes and put that little sticker on their car. Was mind blown. Why not create a “Texas Fan” club? To have a Texas Exes sticker, license plate...whatever...on your car/home/whatever and not to be really a Texas Ex...is complete stupidity. I wonder if Stanford runs “Stanford Exes” in the same business model.
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