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  1. Tailgate


    Finally made it back to Cali. Was literally here the week shit started hitting the fan. Stocked up on some good flower and cartridges today. Almost had to pull the car over after a couple hits of a Blueberry OG pen.
  2. Will miss Sam and team if we don’t play. Very anxious to see Bijan IRL. Also wanted to see Shane kick ass another year at SMU.
  3. I don’t need another reason to buy a Tesla.
  4. Decided to jump back in yesterday after it got hammered. Also doubled down on my EV plays of AYRO, BLNK and SOLO. Now, just to determine which ones will stay long.
  5. Thanks guys! Appreciate it. Last minute trip and trying to get some fun stuff pre booked.
  6. Headed to Napa next week....will review thread. Anyone have cliff notes on a couple must visit wineries? Restaurants? Thanks for any thoughts until I have time to read the threads.
  7. I’ve stayed away after a small play with the big “news” they were announcing a couple months ago. I’ve still got it on watch and it’s still moving like a jumping bean.....but long term is interesting and a cheap price atm.
  8. No fear at 16. Has he been sentenced? Didn’t know how recent article was.
  9. A Dr can answer better than I can...but from my stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night...it appears the humidity you create with “any” cloth mask on your face helps you to not spread it. Also...there is a Longhorn owned store in ATX that sells some cheap nice masks. $9.95 for two. I can’t count how many I’ve given away to family and friends that ask about them when they see one. I bought more last week. I get the ones labeled “Pom.” SuePatrick.com
  10. Looks like Friday was a good day to grab some BLNK and AYRO even with their jumps....thanks gain @NateHitch for posting these.
  11. I feel bad for the .7 person. Some serious shit wiping 30% of you out.
  12. Have a great Fourth you crazy bastards! About to jump in the pool!
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