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  1. Buddy is getting remarried, he’s mid-40s. Meeting him out tonight bachelor party of sorts in Austin. Aside from strip clubs, other alternative clubs downtown? I’m not in wedding party but might steer venue. He likes house music so maybe along those lines.
  2. Time to buy more. I’ve 9 Amazon apps on my phone...hard to imagine this isn’t a buying opportunity.
  3. Options expiration day. AUG Covered calls expiring Out of the money. Now looking to write again. NVDA and DIS I do have some short covered calls Sept AMGN that will be called away, so be it, forced profit taking. #insertT&Agif
  4. Let me expand on my statement for puts as more risk to reward than calls: for selling the Put, assuming at-the-money, you may collect 3%. Max upside is 3%, downside theoretical risk is 97%. Also time-value of capital reserves. For buying a call, ATM, it may cost 2% (calls typically cheaper than puts). So downside is 2%, with theoretical Infintity upside. Ergo, infinity > 3 % on the upside; 97% > 2% on the downside. I’d hate to be waiting to invest while the market moves higher Or if you go with selling OOM calls, you might cap your gains, say 6-8%, while collecting 1-2%. I like this strategy as it’s defined returns done quarterly; not too bad over a lifetime. Bottom line though both are conservative strategies, and you are usually making money either way. Of course you can always pick a historical example which shows one beating the other. Markets up up this morning. Glad I’m in. Insert strippers-and-blow gif.
  5. 4thgenhorn


    Looks like solid results to me. Tesla’s are so common here in Austin; seems a pretty obvious trend here. Wish I had bought more shares sub$200...oh well.
  6. All I know about puts is they cost a lot more than calls. I’ve sold puts, but in hind sight that was a lot of risk for small reward. Let me know how you model a reasonable trade as I’m always interested in learning.
  7. I paid off my house last year. Let me tell you, awesome feeling. I highly recommend it to anyone. I don’t like the idea of market timing at all. I’ve never done it with much success except maybe 1-2% of my portfolio. I’m ballz deep 95% equities, the rest bonds and 6 months cash. I’m young enough to welcome any pullback, especially with no mortgage. Just gets me to buy more, which I did in last week, and will do more this month, and next, etc. last buys were NVDA...small pop so far this week, and I wrote $175 August calls for $4.50ish (closed today $162ish). Seems a pretty rich return for a few months time.
  8. So I’ve been getting all sorts of calls last few months from computers telling me my ID has been hacked; it’s probably a scam. Also wife was part of the experian data breach. I’ve had 2-3 other companies in last year say data has been breached. So wondering if it’s time to start paying an ID theft protection service Co. anyone using a service that they recommend? Good or bad? Also thinking about freezing credit. I won’t need any credit for the foreseeable future so wondering if this is the right thing to do. Anyone with experience here also? Good or bad?
  9. I coached two seasons. Get as many assistant coaches as you can to keep all the kids actively fielding grounders and playing catch, while you work with batters. Also, it a must to have a dedicated parent at first base keeping kids attention there. Occasionally the throw to first is actually accurate, and the kid better be looking. Lastly make sure to emphasize not walking into the batter. Crazy how clueless 5 year olds with bats are, just swinging away.
  10. BTW, this thread got me thinking, what are actual practical measures to use over time to maintain ideal weight? Do any of you regularly get body fat measured? Another approach, simple tape measure of chest waist, legs, arms, etc? Shirtless photos like a beotch? Clearly weight alone is insufficient, especially if lifting for strength gains.
  11. 6’2” and 200, plus minus 5 lbs depending on my turd schedule. My waist is same 34 it’s been since high school two decades ago. But the chart says I’m fat. Also strongest I’ve ever been...do you even lift bro? I could prob drop 3-5 lbs and be at my ideal weight in my opinion.
  12. You are prob right. However I’ve had very bad experiences early on in my trading career buying out of the money calls. So I moved to selling puts and calls a number of years ago. It’s only on a small percentage of my portfolio and I only do a handful of these a year. However, I view it as real life learning that I can apply the rest of my life. Hopefully I can get better over the decades; you’ve helped me this week for sure! Also I don’t view missing out on a huge upside as a big loss, of course it will annoy. Instead I view it as defining a sell strategy for a profit which is a good problem to have. Otherwise I don’t have a sell strategy, just hold to infinity? I’m really bad at locking in gains when they happen, sometimes letting an equity round trip to a buy point or worse. Another thing coming to mind with all your Greek definitions is to incorporate the options view into picking the equity to buy. If options maket are showing a really highly priced beta on an equity, probably a good equity to think about buying outright.
  13. Thanks JJ, much appreciated. I like Ike the idea of collecting theta as you say. Fortunate to not need home runs, just consistent base hits.
  14. JJ, appreciate the thoughts. What do you mean by a 20 delta? Help me with the definition As as I said I’m not a pro, just picking what I view as reasonable 2 month return. And I like collecting the time decay. This example fits what I’m typically looking for in terms of percentages. What would be a 20 delta on VTI? I’ve not sold covered on ETF, but would love to as I can write many more.
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