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  1. Sold half mine as well; the remaining half I have decaying covered calls. The calls are so rich I think I’ll be holding for a while just based on that alone. New pick is SGEN...cancer drug co...looks to be breaking out this week.
  2. Made some good cash in BYND today. Also wrote 185 covered call for this Fri. Crazy when 20% OTM call gives you > 1% return, weekly. Hope it keeps going up, but don’t want it past 185 by Fri.
  3. They really got a bit Surly with each other. I missed that, thanks for posting.
  4. More of investment mindset or goal discussion, do you guys outline specific return metrics you try to reach? Like X% return weekly/monthly, or just keep making MORE? The problem with the later is that it’s not actually achievable...I find myself in that camp these days. Years ago if I had a big purchase like a new PC or phone, I’d challenge myself to manufacture that via options or a trade. I’ve not done that in a while, and it’s just a MORE ambiguous goal; maybe outperform S&P. One goal Id like is to add more short covered calls as a percentage of NW. My issue is I sell em on my speculative pics where you get a lot of premium, but that ultimately is a small percentage. Shorting calls on index funds doesn’t give that juicy return. Anyway, curious what others use as your personal performance benchmark or goals.
  5. Ugly chicks have to give blowjobs after marriage on the regular or else. Or else they take half your sh*t.
  6. Is this how we’re supposed to get our stimulus checks?
  7. I dumped about 5% back into cash today. V shaped recovery and last two days action spooked me. Since I sold, it’ll probably keep going up to all time highs; you’re welcome!
  8. I’m thinking the same thing. Been eying what to sell. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but probably will be sorry if I don’t take some off table today.
  9. I’m doing same as u guys with BYND. Currently short 130, 150, and 160 covered calls for this Friday. Surely it won’t bust through them all, but I guess that would be a good thing. I was short a 115, which I covered then rewrote at 130. Shits going parabolic
  10. You made profit. That’s all that matters. Can’t beat ur self up on Twilio too much. I sold Shop for a 50% profit, 200 pts ago. I sold PayPal at 108...oh well.
  11. I’ve never tried the food and have a freezer full of beef. Just seems like a high growth space...and it feels like I’m back at the craps table, which is always nice. im sure in time they’ll make foods that don’t kill u as much, and are better for green house gasses.
  12. I just started a PTON position...figure they are in a good spot right now for pure growth. I was also looking at SQ this AM...it’s already moved a lot back up, I hesitated on putting cash there today, so it’ll go up for sure. for me ROKU sort of competes too much with big tech dongles...but I’ve been wrong for 100 pts on that one.
  13. I’m hoping for a pop in PTON tomorrow. Chart looks good...hard to believe they won’t report big growth tonight.
  14. I’m lucky to have my ticket on this ride. Selling one third.
  15. 3 steps to making cash in the market: 1. Write down your best investment idea 2. Do the opposite 3. Profit
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