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  1. Do we have an Israel "on the beaten path" thread? I'll be there as a non-religious person in May, and have questions (but don't want to thread jack).
  2. I’ve been walking around Roma Norte all day. It does not suck here. Will post some more when I get back
  3. There isn't even a point in responding to this with logic. It was laughably bad in the moment, and it has become exponentially worse with time and hindsight. Edit: What aggie said. Also, going in on Kendrick Perkins. Laughable.
  4. Virtually all of his roles are well acted. That doesn't mean all of them are likable (e.g., Adam from Girls, or his character in Frances Ha) or well written (e.g., Kylo Ren), but his acting is usually very good. He was excellent in Marriage Story.
  5. Thanks. The Tortas stand is on my list for Monday morning breakfast pre-departure.
  6. Presti has had a very odd tenure. He drafts Durant, Westbrook, and Harden. Great. He trades the second best of the three future MVPs for very little in return (a pick that later became Steven Adams, along with a few mediocre players). Quite possibly the worst trade in NBA history, considering the ramifications. He then loses one of the 20 greatest players of all time in free agency. Very, very bad. He trades Ibaka for Oladip, Sabonis and Ilyasova, who would later be traded for Paul George. On the whole, pretty good. He then re-signs George when everyone assumed there was no chance that would happen. Good He's then forced to trade George to LAC, but extracts SGA and a boat load of picks. He then trades the third MVP on the down slope of his career with a monstrosity of a contract, and gets more picks and an apparently not-washed-up Chris Paul in return. On the whole, it's hard to say that he isn't one of the best GMs in the league, which is bizarre to say about a guy who had 3 future MVPs (plus young Ibaka) and managed to only win a single conference championship.
  7. Seriously, what high school did Napoleon attend? I would have given anything to swap a year of high school for another year or semester at UT.
  8. Thanks, I think given the limited time (land Friday at 11am, fly out Monday at 2pm), we are going to do a few Zocalo sights on Friday, chill around Condesa/Roma and maybe the park on Saturday, then go down to Coyocan and the Frida Khalo museum on Sunday. I'll definitely keep the Basilica on the list in case we have some time on Sunday. I also wanted to do Teotihuacan, Lucha Libre, a bullfight, Xochimilco, etc., but I need time to unwind.
  9. Bump. Heading down for the first time this Friday through Monday. Pujol's Taco Omakase for dinner Friday night, Contramar for lunch Saturday, and Quintonil for dinner Saturday night. Hoping for street food for all other meals. Staying in Condesa right on Parque Mexico. Anyone have any good cocktail bar suggestions? Basically every guidebook says La Clandestina and Limantour, so I'm expecting both to be overrun.
  10. Okja and Snowpiercer both available on Netflix
  11. Thanks man, appreciate the feedback. I’ve wanted to ride (and specifically for some reason have lusted after a Triumph Bonneville), for several years. But I will definitely take the class first.
  12. Could any of you guys point me to a good short rib recipe with a sous vide?
  13. It's hilarious, in a sadistic sort of way, to think back to the articles I read in 2009 and the offseason before 2010. Here is a gem from the fraudster himself (and to be fair, 21 year old me lapped up every word).
  14. It’s really been something to watch you evolve from a hip hop savant to an angry old man yelling at clouds over these past 10 years. I mean, I’m sure this has happened to many others, but, given your omnipresence, it’s really front and center. God speed.
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