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  1. Not sure where to put this, but I've been listening to this podcast called Music Exists (only available on Spotify for some reason). Just two guys (Chuck Klosterman and Chris Ryan) talking about random music topics like can music sound like a place, what does it mean for music to be heavy, what are the greatest songs to do certain activities to, etc. I've really enjoyed it, maybe check it out.
  2. Ran through this tonight. Glad to be with all you crazy cats and kittens
  3. Finally pulled the plug on istanbul/Israel in late May. All hotels fully refunded, but United is still trying to charge $125 to refund miles.
  4. I’ve increased my running to 5 miles every day, but am doing exactly zero strength or other exercises. My diet is definitely way worse, but cooking and drinking with my wife in the evenings is maybe the only enjoyable part of the day, so I’m not giving that up for the foreseeable future.
  5. Curious if any of you have had luck with United waving cancellation fees specifically with respect to miles flights? I have a trip the last week in May I've pretty much given up on. Per the standard policy, I can cancel any time and get all my miles back, but have to pay a $125 fee. Any luck getting this fee waived?
  6. Yes I’m aware. It’s in place for two weeks (and obviously very likely to be extended). Like I said, fingers crossed. About 70 days before we’re supposed to leave, so we’ll see.
  7. Since we’re all just posting our travel plans now, I’ve got a trip to Istanbul and Israel the last 10 days of May. Can cancel the whole thing within 48 hours of leaving for about $200 out of pocket. Fingers crossed
  8. Grand Central was definitely emptier this week. I'm risking it and going to 4 Charles in 30 minutes. Fingers crossed I make it back.
  9. Compare that to our transition class for fun: Sam Ehlinger - 4 year starter, blossomed into one of the top 10 quarterbacks in college football his junior season. Toneil Carter - Transfer. This one really hurts cause we passed on Eno. Ta'Quon Graham - not a super star, but a solid starter last season. We'll see how he handles the move to 3 tech. Gary Johnson - two year starter. great JUCO pull. Montrell Estell - seems ok in spot duty, but stuck behind a 5 star. Josh Thompson - decent, not great, contributor until injury last year Reese Leitao - bleh Marqez Bimage - we'll see if the Utah game was a flash in the pan or a sign of things to come. Kobe Boyce - no bueno Derek Kerstetter - major contributor or starter first three years, and likely to be starting center his senior year. Daniel Young - bleh Jordan Pouncey - transfer Cade Brewer - starting, but bleh IMO Sam Cosmi - will start three years at tackle before a long career in the NFL Rob Cummins - medically retired Jamari Chisholm - bleh Josh Rowland - transfer Damion Miller - never made it.
  10. Saw Wolf Parade on Monday night. Last show of their tour, and it was awesome. I’ve never been a huge fan, just liked some of their more popular songs, but they really kicked ass and impressed me.
  11. Coming up I have Porches at Webster Hall, Angel Olsen in Prospect Park, and Car Seat Headrest at Brooklyn Steel.
  12. I’m doing Istanbul and Israel in May (already booked), and France in August. Fingers crossed
  13. Cool. Did either of you go to any vineyards while you were there?
  14. Have any of you done a trip through the Loire Valley? I have a friend's wedding in Nantes in early August. Was thinking of staying Paris a few nights, then driving through the Loire Valley for a few days on the way to Nantes. Nothing better than Loire Valley white wine in the summer.
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