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  1. Susan Collins is troubled and concerned as fuck right now, no doubt. FUCK!!! FUCKKKKK!!!!
  2. They are so fun to watch and easy to root for. Jimmy Fucking Butler
  3. Lol. That’s nasty. Throw in the Tillman aspect as well...
  4. I just signed up for the VidGo free trial and it’s working great. And I’m way out of Texas market
  5. I really enjoyed the set up at Cafe Altro Paradiso in Tribeca. They take reservations, had a large street blocked off, and had musicians performing during dinner. Was a nice sunday. I've probably been to the new Dante more than anywhere else, but only because we live around the corner. They don't take reservations so it would be be a PITA to plan if coming from another neighborhood (similar to Via Carota, Buvette, etc). But they know how to make a good cocktail, that's for sure. Wallse also has a nice set up if you like Austrian food.
  6. Somewhat related roster question: does the automatic waiver basically give the incoming 2020 freshman an opportunity to have 6 years to play 5 years + 4 games? Meaning, all 2020 freshman can play 10 games this season and still have 4 years of eligibility. Then next year they can play 4 games, redshirt, and still have 4 years of eligibility? If so, seems like no reason to go out of your way to red shirt guys this year. Obviously the great ones will be gone in 3 or 4 years regardless.
  7. Except that Leftovers was a complete 180 from this.
  8. I thought she was definitely in the loop when I saw that exchange.
  9. Yeah, Groff is great on stage. My wife drug me to Little Shop of Horrors previews a few months back. He and Christian Borle were both really, really funny in the leading roles.
  10. Jonathan Groff was the King, not Josh Gad.
  11. I used to live around the corner on Mott and loved dropping by Emilio’s. Once saw Jessica Simpson basically carried out from the back private room. Do they have their tables out on Houston, or just on the sidewalk? I really hope the new outdoor dining/drinking stays in place.
  12. You were dropped on your head as a child, weren't you?
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