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  1. Christ what a player. 20 years old and already one of the best ten guys in the league. How about we don’t fuck this next decade up.
  2. Thanks guys. All helpful. Still not sure if this will be a 2020 trip or 2021, but will definitely use this advice.
  3. Saw this last night. Damn good movie. Hilarious yet super dark. Very well acted.
  4. Gary Danielson’s commentary during that was....interesting
  5. Went with my wife to see Charly Bliss at Webster Hall last night. Their music is a little bit too popish for my taste, but they played with a lot of energy and put on a really good, fun show.
  6. Thanks everyone for the responses and sorry for delayed response. Understand the need to try to narrow down interests. Just as an example, some things that I would be interested in include (i) driving around and seeing cool scenery (oceans, mountains, whatever), particularly if I can get out and walk around - my wife won't be with me and hates to do this shit, so I thought it would be a good time; (ii) hikes if relatively nearby; (iii) good beer and food, particular types that are local or otherwise not readily available in NYC. Probably not going to take the time to do something like Whale Watching or Vineyards in Temecula, but appreciate the suggestions. I have been to (1) Newport Beach/Balboa; (2) Coronado Island; and (3) SantaMonica/Venice Beach. Otherwise, I am a total CA newb.
  7. Always food and drink, but also just looking to explore the area. Tourist shit, cool areas to see, outdoor stuff, whatever. Sadly will have to miss Tijuana.
  8. What do you want to do? Are you an old or under 40? Are you specifically wanting to stay Brooklyn? You should absolutely not leave Williamsburg/Greenpoint/Bushwick to go to some shitty tourist area like DUMBO.
  9. Have to be in Orange County for "work" the morning of Wednesday January 8 through Sunday January 12. Will be staying at the Monarch Beach Resort with a rental car. Most of Thursday is booked with work stuff, and I may drive up to LA Saturday to hang out with friends, but otherwise have no plans and would like to get out and explore the area. Outside of LA (ok, Venice Beach), I'm really unfamiliar with the area. What would you guys suggest? I don't mind driving at all. For example, is something like Joshua Tree cool (or too far)? Frankly I'll just be happy to be out of the barren wasteland that is NYC in January. Thanks in advance.
  10. This is so dumb. Fans of college football suffer.
  11. Word that I have never spoken.
  12. I thought I remembered seeing a thread, but can't find it. Limited theater release started yesterday, and it comes out on Netflix on December 6. 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. I saw it last night (35mm was great). It's not my favorite movie of the year (that esteemed honor belongs to Parasite or Once Upon a Time), but it was a really good movie. Mostly sad, funny at times, and very well-acted (particularly by Driver and Laura Dern). It will definitely be nominated for best picture and very well may win. Maybe don't go see it if your relationship is shaky (or do if you are looking for a way out).
  13. These two posts back to back are **chef’s kiss**
  14. On the one hand: FUCK On the other hand: feeling confident about the sad, emotional hedge I made by taking K-State +7
  15. I fucking love Tamarind. Taking my in laws when they come visit around thanksgiving and can’t wait. My folks are coming to visit this weekend. Pastis on Friday night, Babbo on Saturday night, Carbone on Sunday night.
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