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  1. I realize it’s no surprise to this board, but Bobby threw cold water all over Nolan to Texas on the Andy Staples pod today. Basically said it’s a repeat of Bear Alexander for Texas.
  2. I asked around and found a place that looks good for you to park your home. Prices are a little steep at $40 a day, but I think they take food stamps so you should be good. https://www.missiontrailsrv.com/
  3. I wonder if the hurt feelings on the Texas side kill the chances for Anderson.
  4. Sure, until the 90s. And now he's sandwiched between Garrett Gilbert and Tyrone Swoopes for career yards and tied with She Morenz for career touchdowns. Like I said, tough to compare to modern times.
  5. People throwing out Bobby Lane, Duke Carlisle, etc. I respect it, but they essentially played a different position. I find it tough to compare to the modern era, so James Brown is the cut off for me.
  6. Billy Liucci: "A strong man came up to me, tough kind of a guy, and said: 'I want to thank Coach Elko, for saving our program and hiring Collin Klein as the OC.' And he had tears coming down his eyes. This wasn’t just a statement, because he had tears coming down.”
  7. Klein is who someone like Iowa should go after. That seems like a disaster at A&M.
  8. Fucking christ can you imagine the meltdown this board would have if we were hiring the same staff? We almost marched on Belmont over Mike Stoops, and he would probably be the best hire they've made so far.
  9. You think Texas struggled at home with an overmatched in-state opponent like Washington struggled with Washington State? You don't just stroll into TDECU Stadium or Amon Carter Stadium and expect an easy W.
  10. Yep. People need to prepare for this game to be one of those "who has the ball last" games. Their natural strength on offense is to attack one of the few weak spots on our team. Fortunately their defense is vulnerable so hopefully we can respond accordingly. It should be a great game.
  11. So locked in that you barely scraped by 5-7 Washington State at home. Just absolutely crazy levels of locked in.
  12. I honestly didn’t think a single person outside of Tallahassee respected that raging idiot. He embarrasses himself almost every time he opens his mouth.
  13. I mean, they’ve played like that all year. We haven’t faced many teams who can test them, but we all know we don’t have the dudes at safety like we do elsewhere (or they are a bit too young, like Williams). It’s one of the few weaknesses of this team. I’m sure there will be some frustrating deep passes, and I suspect our offense will need to score is the high 30s to win.
  14. May December. A gosh darn near masterpiece of weird, hilarious, and sad.
  15. You guys need to learn how to enjoy life. We are locked in. I think they give FSU the nod over Bama because it’s the easiest path, but we’re golden. A hearty fuck you to the paint chip eaters who thought we should root for Georgia. Man we have some dumbass fans. I assume most of you got admitted in the 80s or 90s.
  16. He was on ESPN more times than I can count yesterday, and it was really nice to be totally confident that he would handle the situation smoothly. I was skeptical of the hire, and pretty much all the way out after 2 seasons of blown leads. And yet here we are. This is already our 3rd best season in the last 30 years (maybe 40 depending on how you measure shock the nation), and the roster is fucking built.
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