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  1. Let’s gooooo. Bob Meyers and Brad Stevens both checking out the squad tonight.
  2. I’ll be there cheering on the Horns with my degenerate Illinois buddy. Let’s get it
  3. Exactly. Imagine if this guy was such a dildo that he bragged about making a burnt orange shirt with “don’t care got jimbo” on it. We would be busting on that jack ass for years to come.
  4. All HarvDog jokes aside, the Tunmise possibility is gruntling. Kid can play.
  5. Saw thread title and thought someone finally made a movie about my 20s.
  6. Fire of Love. Nat Geo doc about two French volcanologists. Available on Disney plus. One of the best films I’ve seen this year. Highly recommend. Some of the shots are just incredible.
  7. So my first kid is due in a few weeks, and I’m taking it as an excuse to get a watch to keep warm for him for the next 18 years or so. I’ve toyed around with a Rolex OP or Explorer I (I have a line on some from a buddy’s dealer), or an Omega Aqua Terra. Maybe a used Submariner if I got lucky on price (trying to stay under $10K). I have some hesitation on the Rolexes because of the stigma they carry at work (I say that without judgment, as I do like the ones I listed above, particularly the Sub and Explorer). While trying on watches today, the one that jumped out, surprisingly, was the Moonwatch. I’ve never really been attracted to it on paper. I just assumed it would be way too big and busy, but it seemed to wear smaller than many 38s I’ve tried. Obviously this is a super common watch, but what are folks’ thoughts? Too big? Too ubiquitous? I might have thought it too casual for a suit pre-pandemic, but I rarely one anymore. Others that I’m not thinking of?
  8. Thanks for explaining the punch line to all of us. I’m not sure we would have been able to grasp that multi-layered, highly-nuanced joke without your brilliant assistance.
  9. You bet your ass our students would have rushed the field if we’d beaten bama this year. It’s going to happen in the next few years, and the olds are just going to have to get over it
  10. White Noise was awesome. Glass Onion was a movie for dummies.
  11. We go 8-4 in year 2 and our imbecile football board is in full meltdown mode. They go 5-7 in year 5, “recruits are on notice!!!”
  12. This last page or so is a great reminder that admission standards at UT used to be much lower.
  13. You were both dropped on your head as children?
  14. Two best players on our defense this year. Great player development with those two. Hope they both come back next year
  15. Earl left as a redshirt sophomore and the best DB in the country (robbed by Eric Berry of the Thorpe award). He made a great decision for himself.
  16. I don’t give a shit what you were looking for, fuckface. You asked a stupid question that is blindingly obvious to anyone with eyes.
  17. You can just download an offline map in google maps before you go, and it works fine
  18. Fuck me too. I am coming around it. I wish he would calm down on some of the Rick Flair-esque ridiculous diatribes, but better than Pollack. Who is the smoke show reporter this year? Cute
  19. He has 21 touchdowns over the last 2 seasons, second only to Bijan at 23. Maybe he leaves some meat on the bone, but he’s certainly the best we have by a mile.
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