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  1. Fair enough, maybe I should have worded myself better from the jump. I did realize that there would be a wait which is why I was perfectly okay with waiting the original time I was told, but the rest of the night was hampered by how the seating situation was handled. The food (to me) wasn't spectacular enough to make up for it. I will say that the bar made an awesome drink for my wife that I got a sip of. I think it had hibiscus, jalapeno, tequila, soda and some deep dark red liquid that I can't remember.
  2. Except it didn't, as clearly laid out to you, but you seem to be on some weird crusade to go to bat for this place. I worked as a restaurant manager for 5 years and give way more leeway when it comes to places before I'll actually get upset about something, because I know how it can be sometimes. Like I said, it wasn't even necessarily the wait time but mostly the smart assed hostess that bloated the ETA for our table as if I wouldn't notice, then copped an attitude is if I was the one lying, then ending up taking even more time then the bloated time she had already given me. The one lane entry into and out of the parking lot is a fact that literally no one would know about until they got there themselves, and I wasn't even complaining about that, just merely giving people a heads up. It's entirely possible to enjoy yourself at numerous places on Greenville and we have plenty of times, so you can take your whole "you shouldn't ever go anywhere with your family" narrative and kiss my ass. The place is fucking Tex Mex (average at that) with motorcycles and shit just hanging out in the restaurant, so I'm not getting where you're supposed to discern that it wouldn't be kid friendly. Hell, I don't even need it to be kid friendly, my guy was chilling doodling on some paper and playing games on my phone while we sat there for an hour and forty minutes and had some drinks. Not to mention, there were about a dozen kids the at the restaurant aging from infant to grade school. I won't clutter this thread up any more than it has, so if you want to continue your strange tirade that still doesn't make much sense please feel free to PM me. Or don't, I don't give a shit.
  3. Excellent rebuttal. Feel free to fuck off and put me on ignore if you're so goddamn butt-hurt about a review you don't agree with.
  4. Guess what my man, shitty service and terrible accommodations are abundant regardless of where restaurants are located or who I have with me. I've been to a dozen places on Greenville that had neither of those, with my family, and had great experiences. This happens to not be one of them which sucks because I was looking forward to it. I'm not quite sure what point you're trying to make, other than going to bat for a place that allowed all of the shit I described to unfold, while not providing an above average meal to make it worth the hassle. You could go and everything could be awesome and that's fine with me, but what I wrote still happened and I offered a heads up to anyone who might be thinking about going there and can take it or leave it. You sound like you have more than a patrons interest PS, Google searches only go so far and are throttled with fake reviews and ratings constantly, which is why I wanted to check it out for myself. Again, this was my experience, so take it or leave it.
  5. Let's hope the weather holds up this year, it's such an awesome experience for these recruits
  6. I guess you missed the part where I said it wasn't necessarily a problem but ran into problems because of it. Or the part where the website was shit so who's to know beforehand that this is a supposed "grown up" place? Had they had any sort of proper seating flow or just wouldn't have straight up lied to my face about how long it was going to be then it could have been avoided. So, in short, fuck right off.
  7. I didn't notice, I was too busy raging in my own misfortune to look. For the scene alone I might go back during a brunch/hh in the middle of the week if that happens but it seems like a shit show during any sort of regular eating hours. I can all but guarantee I won't be back for dinner. As a follow up, their parking lot is only one car wide so cars leaving and cars entering share the same lane and you have to wait in the road until the valets make enough space to weasel in or out before getting t-boned.
  8. Don't bother with Desert Racer on Greenville. First, you essentially HAVE to valet your vehicle. Not necessarily a problem but it made being told the wait of an hour to an hour and 15 mins turning around and leaving an ordeal. I wish I had. We wait an hour and politely check on our status with the hostess when no patrons were at the stand and she now tells us it can fall within the time she told me of an hour and a half. Except that wasn't what she told me as I stated above. Waited 1 hour and 40 mins and watched several people who were put on the list after us with similar table sizes get seated before us. The manager and I had words and we were finally seated. The queso fundido was good. I got the pork al pastor tacos which were okay. Tried some of my son's chicken enchiladas he couldn't finish and they were serviceable, but would have been run out of town of it were in San Antonio. An app, three entrees and a beer cost $90 after tip which is insane. That doesn't take into account the couple beers I had and two frou frou drinks my wife had at the bar while we waited. Tex mex should never be that fucking expensive, and had I been able to find a menu with prices online I probably wouldn't have gone. The atmosphere and decor was very cool actually but the music being pumped in at night club level volume shut the door on a pretty disappointing evening.
  9. I waited too long to start watching this show. Fucking fascinating
  10. Damn, he was much ballyhoo'd coming out of high school but now that you mention it I do remember Hibbs getting in a ton instead.
  11. He's just being polite to those coaches ya stupid sip. Whoop!
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