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  1. I equate Fallon's ability to interview a guest to the Chris Farley "interviews" on SNL. That being said, it was fun watching my school as the backdrop for the show. Really cool what Samsung did too.
  2. The quote about Cosby was a nice touch. I wonder if that was Eddie's doing or something Rudy actually said. Several laugh out loud moments. Supporting cast was gold. Wesley Snipes should get a Supporting Actor nod.
  3. I am a UT alum and fan and a Ranger's fan. I am numb to misery.
  4. LOL. It definitely was not Mel Torme either.
  5. No love for Kathleen Turner????
  6. I just want to say fuck off to anybody that thinks I am a bad Texan for laughing at Astro misery today. Oh, and fuck you Nellie Cruz!
  7. No kidding. That looks like analyst level work to me at the very least.
  8. "Booger eatin moron" has been a staple of mine for years.
  9. I wonder if Sterns is still considering a redshirt? It was a rumor at some point. I hope he makes it back for the home stretch. I believe he is the tone setter in that secondary with the way he plays in the open field.
  10. Ryan Gosling enjoying some downtime in Germany.
  11. I don't know about being a 2nd place coach but he and his teams have the appearance of only being front runners. I.e. if we can't get out front and keep a lead, we are not winning. 1-9 under Herman when trailing at half-time. Apologies if this has been brought up already.
  12. Also, put me in the camp of legalizing cannabis. Damned big pharma and alcohol industries...
  13. Interesting... good to know.
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