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  1. I bet the Rendon number is gonna huge
  2. https://media1.tenor.com/images/a50640d09cf91cacb5066a98f9ea84f7/tenor.gif?itemid=12103270
  3. This is where I'm at. I wanted things to be different with Nomar but they weren't. He has a career 1.7WAR. Over 4 years. He was incredibly frustrating. Plus he was part of a logjam of outfielders. Gallo needs to play RF. I get hating on JD even though I don't totally agree with it but IMO this shouldn't be a reason to be mad. Maybe he'll break out in Chicago. I'm sure he will with my luck. It was time to move on. I want to find a way to give Willie and Solak as many at bats as possible next year.
  4. I hope this leads to better swag to wear while I'm pissed off
  5. My MIL posted "it's not Happy Holidays it's Merry Christmas" bullshit on FB the other day. It was out of the blue. She's not religious or even very conservative. My wife was mortified. I made so much fun of her.
  6. This is gonna be a longterm mistake for them. But North Dakota gonna Alabama
  7. I'm interested. Got the Stranger Things vibe to it. I understand I won't love it as much as the first 2 and that's ok. Going in with an open mind and fingers crossed.
  8. If you're saying, and I think you are, that 1 Luka is greater than Steph, Klay and KD combined then I agree
  9. Might be time to call up Josh Reaves for some run while Wright is out. Playing well in the G league and gives us some athletic upgrade at the G
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