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  1. He's never gonna love you as much as you want to be loved cuntface.
  2. Someone on LSB said we are on pace for 60wins. Seems about right.
  3. What happened?? If I had to guess, id say it's because KP thinks that Luka should pass to him more ( I kind of agree) and Luka thinks KP needs to stop sucking 1/3 of the time.
  4. Passed by the Fat Ho food truck on Waco Dr and 20th. Wasn't open. Hope she's still slingin.
  5. I came across the darts scene on Youtube and loved it so I searched for more. The more I found the more I knew it was gonna be good. Finally started it last night. Will probably finish it by Sunday. Barbecue sauce.
  6. No way. Uncle Boobs tongue us built like a beavers tail
  7. I was standing in the garage watching the storm, as I am want to do, and my son (5) came out there stood beside me and said "daddy we were needing this rain". I love him so much
  8. We got off easy then. Some small hail and much needed rain.
  9. I was able to get some fertilizer down before the rain. Not everything but something. My trees have bounced back but there are some in my neighborhood that are struggling
  10. Yep. Another chance tomorrow PM.
  11. Hewitt TS Warning. Getting small hail. Yipee
  12. Cecil Hotel. What a fucking mess and a waste of time. Those "web sleuths" can get fucked
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