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  1. Inside looks great. Thanks for the pics TBS.
  2. Post Oak

    Whatcha reading?

    Haven't read that one. It's going on the list. Thanks
  3. Post Oak

    Whatcha reading?

    just finished Heart of the Sea. I think it may be my favorite Philbrick book. Easy to read and quick. What a test of human endurance. Started this one. These people pass down crime like genetics. From Goodreads- The United States currently holds the distinction of housing nearly one-quarter of the world's prison population. But our reliance on mass incarceration, Fox Butterfield argues, misses the intractable reality: As few as 5 percent of families account for half of all crime, and only 10 percent account for two-thirds. In introducing us to the Bogle family, the author invites us to understand crime in this eye-opening new light. He chronicles the malignant legacy of criminality passed from parents to children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. Examining the long history of the Bogles, a white family, Butterfield offers a revelatory look at criminality that forces us to disentangle race from our ideas about crime and, in doing so, strikes at the heart of our deepest stereotypes
  4. If my pancakes don't have pecans in them I don't want it.
  5. Agree on the waffles. We buy them by the 60pack. My kids probably eat too many waffles.
  6. He's such an aggy. Celebrating a victory over Covid at halftime
  7. I loved it. It was mesmerizing. I'm always in awe of the talent of Broadway performers.
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