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  1. They can adopt different OT rules for the playoffs, though (I mean they already have different OT rules for the playoffs). The golf majors are on network. If they go into a playoff they go into a playoff. Plenty of college football and college basketball games are on network. They can go into triple or quadruple overtime. Sporting events go over all the time.
  2. Apparently the leader of the cous dresses in a maroon suit and speaks pretty good English - and even a little Spanish. Oh wow - just saw your comment flatty.
  3. I guess. They're a game up not even halfway through the season.
  4. Not at Morgan Stanley. And I doubt that's what he's doing. I was thinking he may be going to do something like recruiting. Even so - junior analysts at MS make way more than $45k/yr.
  5. None of them are "classic" rock.
  6. They are. Bleed American is a legitimately really good album. I saw them and Third Eye Blind play a show together and they were both great. I love Welcome to The Black Parade and Famous Last Words. More than those songs deserve I'm sure. Some heavy nostalgia there. I'm not sure I'd want to see them in concert. AAR does and they are weirdly underrated to me. Whenever they come on the radio I think "You know - these guys were actually pretty fucking good". Gives You Hell especially is a really well crafted track.
  7. Hopefully he needed a change of scenery. I of course have my concerns. SMU is losing 2 of our top 3 WRs so needed to do something. Also lol Tech.
  8. Great movie. When Gene Hackman is trying to sneak out the window on the ladder and turns to see all the media there is one of the funniest fucking things ever. And Hank Azaria is a genius.
  9. Is it? I would think most jobs at Morgan Stanley would be on a much more lucrative track than local radio. I don't know how much those guys make but I can't imagine it's a lot.
  11. Allen is balling the fuck out
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