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  1. The green screen tells me she respects her professional life. The foot tat tells me she's down to slam a few tequila shots and get weird. I'm a fan.
  2. Just saw the crawl. Yikes. It's embarassing that this clown continues to be allowed to represent such a great university.
  3. I'm pretty surprised KC is favored. Vegas must be wary of setting the line against Mahomes.
  4. Implying the NFL isn't part of the MI complex.
  5. I'll be impressed if the fix can keep GB from getting their ass beat in all 3 phases.
  6. You don't beat Clemson in the first half. Nice lead LSU has but this is nowhere near over.
  7. Anyone else watching? nice little comeback we got going. I fucking love the way DD has been playing lately.
  8. SPOILERS Just saw it. It was good. The first half was pretty brilliant yet maybe a tad derivative of Shakespeare's catalogue in form and structure (at least that was the vibe I got). The second half drifts a bit. I don't understand why today's film director can't let fantastic technical filmmaking stand on it's own. There always has to be some shock value. Some je na se quoi. Just fucking make a great movie. Leave it alone for once. What ultimately bugged me was of course part of the ending. The "poor" father murdering the rich father in cold blood made no sense to me. I mean none. If it's supposed to be a working-class commentary then let it be as such. It displayed as much from the beginning. If it needs violence and shock value then Jessica's murder does fine. The second part that I didn't understand was the young, rich child's complete lack of character development (the "artistic" kid). It seemed like any time he sneezed the plot did a 180, yet he was never really introduced or brought into the screenplay in any meaningful way. It could have been fantastic - even a classic. Ultimately it will be forgettable just like 99% of everything made since 2007ish.
  9. BoB isn't terrible. He's a bumbling idiot at times like you say, but in general he's consistent and gets effort out of his players. Plus he has a budding superstar under center to make up for some of the bullshit.
  10. As a Texans fan, whenever I think of Bill O'Brien's future and potentially replacing him I think of Mike McCarthy. I'm not sure McCarthy was ever a good coach. At times he's probably been an above average coach. But he managed to coach for a franchise with a phenomenal winning culture and lucked into having one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time under center. I guess that was enough to stumblefuck into winning a superbowl. If BoB wins in Houston it will be 98% because of Deshaun. McCarthy winning in GB was at least 90% Rodgers. I'm not saying Deshaun is that good. He probably isn't. And Cowboys fans are welcome to flame me when I say that I'm pretty convinced at this point that Dak isn't that good. This Cowboys team most likely needs a little bit more at the HC spot. Garrett to Fat Mike seems lateral. The elephant in the room is obviously still Jerry. The HC might not matter until Jerruh is six feet under. I'd like to see the Cowboys be good. I'm largely indifferent about their success but I don't hate on them like so many do. Living in Texas, especially Dallas, it's fun when they're good and potential contenders. Unfortunately with Fat Mike I sense more 9-7, ho hum first/second round exits. Those of you that stick with the Cowboys through thick and thin are better men than I am.
  11. Metcalf is a pimp. Reminds me of Josh Gordon. Sans the rockheadedness.
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