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  1. Pau was 2nd in the league in win shares behind LeBron in 2011, and ahead of Dwight, Chris Paul, and Derrick Rose. On a Lakers team that won 57 games. The year before, in the playoffs, he led the playoffs in win shares and posted a 5.9 BPM. There was absolutely a 2-3 year stretch where Pau was a top 10 player in the league. When I said "near MVP" I meant good enough to garner some MVP votes. He never got any, but then again, he was playing next to Kobe. Put him on a different team and his accolades could have been different. This is from 2010, when he was garnering MVP hype early in the season: https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2010/12/8/1863461/nba-mvp-power-rankings-chris-paul-pau-gasol-lebron-james This is an op ed from Feb 2010 calling him "the MVP of the Lakers" https://www.slamonline.com/nba/pau-gasol-is-the-mvp-of-the-lakers/ I mean Pau was basically a poor man's Duncan (obviously Duncan was in a different stratosphere defensively). He gave you an efficient 20/10 every night, maybe a couple blocks, 4ish assists, and lead by example and was always a paragon of what it means to be a teammate. He made everyone around him better - including Kobe.
  2. We already made up unfortunately. I was... on one last night as the kids say. Now if someone could wrangle CTJ for 3 rounds in the ring I'd be down.
  3. Gasol was more than a role player. He was a 6 time all star and 4 time all-NBA player - and from 2009-2011 with the Lakers played at a near MVP level. His peak was better than Marc's by a good margin. But on your larger point, yes, Dirk compares favorably to guys like Durant or KG as a leader, franchise cornerstone type player. Pau was never that.
  4. I've only been to the one on Cedar Springs but yeah their lunch deals hit for the price. It's got a nice ambiance and a really cool bar, too.
  5. I have a feeling this isn't the last we're going to see from quarantine Trixie. If she's anything like the rest of us (which I hope to Jesus she isn't) her brain will accumulate a nice layer of covid fog.
  6. I beleive Havlicek won at least one title without Russell, as well. (yep he won two - 74 and 76) He does. I did a couple of his shooting camps at WAYA when I was a kid and one of my dad's first comments when dropping me off was "Man he's really let himself go". But at one point he lined up on the baseline from about 18 feet and drilled like 25 straight jumpers. Those guys just never lose it.
  7. Loved Street's the couple times I've been. Do they still do good work? I remember their collard greens being very on point.
  8. Bro I'm not taking this anywhere else. You need to chill with the political, SJW shit on the sports boards and that's that. I'd like for this board to maintain some integrity throughout this crisis. So keep the partisan opinion issues to other boards right now.
  9. Case in point - bring up shit like that in a different forum. Hugs and Kisses, go fuck yourself, ztejas
  10. Don't worry man I'll just recapture it. This is the bullshit you brought into this thread when previously everyone was trying to keep the discussion towards hoops: Paul George is a deadbeat who fought paternity, but there are probably more. Porzingis faced a Kobe style rape accusation last year too. Domestic violence pops up with a variety of players. I doubt anyone spread as much seed as Malone.
  11. Oh for sure. I'm just catching you on a technicality. Luka is fucking amazing - and through 2 years is easily the best Euro ever - if not the best foreign player.
  12. You're such a waste of space shithead troll. I don't get why people like you think it's funny to take advantage of some societal downtime to go parade your dick around the entire board. Take it easier on the booze or ratchet down the peanut gallery.
  13. I don't project Luka to be easily better than Hakeem, Derk.
  14. First of all it's not my fault you're a dumbass and make awful takes, second of all, it's not my fault that you go full CR in a lighthearted basketball discussion thread. Bringing up shit like paternity suits, rape accusations, domestic violence, and then further expressing your opinion on each. No one gives a fuck. Take it somewhere else. I'm not trying to talk about Malone having sex with underaged girls when the topic is top 10 players ever. Go to the CR for that shit.
  15. Bro this is a decent thread so far. Please for the love of God don't start bringing in political bullshit here.
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