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  1. Someone came up to me about an hour ago and said "I"ll give you a million dollars if you can tell me when El Bolero closed" and I said January, 2000 and he said WRONG! and drove off in a Ferrari. So you owe me some money, asshole.
  2. Yeah but we aren't chasing TCU for conference championships. We are chasing USC and LSU for national championships. The B12 reg season title means something to me because it displays that in conference play we were the best team in our conference. While that technically might not end up being true this year - we are still probably the best team in our conference overall and so it becomes a bit more moot and easier to stomach when I know that this team has the potential to win against anyone in Omaha. I mean shit - we have a guy on our team that threw a complete game shutout earlier
  3. I mean who in the fuck wants to play these guys once it's nut cutting time?
  4. You're concerning yourself with the wrong thing. And I know that I made a big deal about it sucking to lose the B12 but when we lost on Saturday I had resigned our fate to almost assuredly finishing 2nd. We are past that. Basically the leading baseball poll in the country has us at #2. Right now (to plagiarize) the only thing that's left to do is win the whole fuckin' thing. Whoever commented about us breaking TCU during that Friday night game gets what this team is capable of - and that is ruining dreams and ambitions while we put our nuts on the plate and dare you to beat us. Thi
  5. Just because some "experts" think we are the 2nd best team in America doesn't mean Pierce shouldn't be lucky to retain his job after displaying so many send/don't send errors on 3rd base this season.
  6. So you understand why his praises aren't being sung as much yet it's still strange to you? I mean I think you summed it up already.
  7. Useless? How dare you. You probably think Bill Cosby did nothing wrong.
  8. Yeah the eras make this tough. I'm not saying Dray is a bad defender at the 5 - I just think around the rim in general Wallace was almost unparalleled. Dray is playing against completely different players at the 5 spot. Idk where you're pulling the "fg% at the rim" #s from and if you're able to go back to 2002-2006 but I'm guessing Wallace did the same thing while facing more attempts. He certainly blocked more shots (I think he stole the ball more too). Maybe the best way of putting it is there are assignments Ben had on defense that Draymond would struggle with. I don't think the
  9. A girl pitched this in my entrepreneurship class in college as her business plan project. We all thought it was dumb. I still think it's dumb. I also bet they sell a lot of those things.
  10. Harden should make at least 3rd team I think. Maybe he missed too much time though? And no offense but this isn't a super hot take when arguably the best player in the league is basically inelligble due to number of games played. (and when he did play put up clear-cut 1st team stats) Also are you a little high right now (cool if you are) because you put Steph on your 1st team then also included him on your non 1st team squad. (Nvm I read it wrong)
  11. I rate Dray about as high as anyone else but his legacy gets murky for me when you think about the teams he's played on. He got peak Curry and Klay and then got basically peak KD (I think Durant's actual peak is 2019 - present) to do his thing with. I mean do I REALLY think that the 2017 Warriors needed Draymond to win a championship? Probably not I guess. They of course needed him in 2015 and 2018. 2019 is another weird year where I actually thought Durant was their best defender for certain stretches and Dray's game had declined. This year has been a bit of a Renaissance for him.
  12. I would hope so. I was just getting a cheap shot in. @shadow_operative if you have cashapp pm me and we'll figure it out. I guess whether you do or not we'll figure it out.
  13. Yes. There are these things called "cents". It would come out to $262.50 each. My gambling winnings from last week are conveniently $78 and should hit my cash app soon - whoever I'm paying can I cash app you rather than venmo? Just pm me. I'm also fine with just rolling it over into my 1st place winnings for next year.
  14. Wait... what? That is not the food that they serve. Are we talking about different restaurants?
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