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  1. It's the same swing on top and bottom on each - just slowed on the 2nd gifs. I sometimes do a lot of bullshit. My biggest issue with these clubs so far has actually been pulling it a bit combined with a fade - as I hit a more natural draw.
  2. I never film my swing, and I'm not sure why, because I did today and it really helped me notice some things. This was after an adjustment and I guess where I'd say my swing is right now. I'm worried my clubs are too short - need to measure my wrist to ground length. Have at it (18-20 hdcp). I think club is an 8 iron. 8 or 7. (Adding more) I also feel like I'm struggling with whether my 90ish% backswing produces more consistency vs. my 100%. The science would tell me there's less room for error when I don't bring it back as far, but sometimes (especially with longer irons
  3. Firing Harbaugh would have cost them about $8M. They extended him for ~$4M a season through 2025, with his buyout starting at $4M and decreasing by $1M each year. The catch being, they are sticking with Harbaugh as their head coach. So if we want to be like Michigan football (pardon me while I go throw up in my mouth) then sure, we can kick the proverbial can down the road and hope that Shaka becomes a great basketball coach at somepoint in the next x years. Or we could just fire his ass and not waste time pussyfooting around hanging onto someone clearly not right for the job.
  4. I answered this above. I don't feel like going in circles here.
  5. Yeah because it says sandwich in the first line...
  6. Midnight Run is awesome. Just watched it for the first time recently. Their portrayl of Amarillo is waaaayyy off the mark, but, what're ya gonna do?
  7. I just looked it up to listen. It sucks. I don't think there'd be more than a blurb in the campus newspaper if a group of students claimed it was racist. Then again I'm not sure anyone af SMU has participated in sports traditions for like 35 years. Besides the basketball and golf staffs tacking on more major NCAA violations which is our best running tradition. I guess what I'm getting at is that the eyes really is a great school song and tradition, but I can also understand the "it's just a song" argument.
  8. He's the most obvious #1 pick since that guy that didn't go #1. So maybe likely is the right word.
  9. I sure as shit don't know the words to SMU's school song. That might help the argument for getting rid of the Eyes, though.
  10. I'd like to think that guy could do better. Maybe he's gay and it's a throw the scent off type deal?
  11. Dammit you should have let play out to its completion. Way to jinx us Mitch. But wow, they almost did blow it. I thought it was safe to turn off.
  12. Because no one goes against stale, whitebread Texan culture more than Ray Wylie Hubbard!
  13. Kyrie and Harden aren't giving this one away. On to the next one.
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