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  1. Good call on Lopez. Even though he's questionably white. And Mike Miller and David Lee. It would go KLove, Lopez, Hayward, David Lee, Redick, Miller in my book. None of the other guys were ever really above replacement level. Which is pretty sad. Maybe Korver but he's never been more than a role player. I think Herro will end up being better than everyone outside of that top 3, easily. It wouldn't take a whole lot to unseat Hayward and Lopez. KLove has had a pretty great career but should have been better. Now, if we start including white mommas then the list gets interesting. Blake Griffin and Klay Thompson to the courtesy phone.
  2. You're right. I had totally forgotten Bishop started. Let's hope Friday night isn't a repeat.
  3. Nah. Colorado spanked us in at least one game. Bad. Looks like it was game 5 I was thinking of. They were up 5-0 after the first period and went on to win 6-3. Game 6 they beat us 4-1, too.
  4. Youngest player to score 37 points in a playoff game since Magic fucking Johnson 40 years ago. And they just said he's scored at least 10 points in every single playoff game this year. What a player.
  5. Y'all are just naming movies that you like now. Election? Walk Hard?
  6. God you're turning into Satynash on this thread. We whipped their ass in G1. We outplayed them for 40 minutes in game 2. We came out strong tonight and dominated for a significant stretch after being down 2-0. We need to: 1. Quit committing stupid penalties, whether the refs are calling ticky tack stuff or not. 2. Quit turning the puck over in our zone. 3. Show a little more urgency when shooting the puck. Win game 4 and it's a Bo3 with game 5 the next night. We could wake up Sunday needing one win for the Cup. Let's not forget all of the hockey we played to get here. This team has dug and dug and dug and I don't think they're done yet. If we do lose it won't be because of lack of effort.
  7. They should be favored in the Finals against either team imo. Not that Vegas would give them minus odds against the Lakers.
  8. While entertaining, I don't think White Chocolate was a very good player. He was basically replacement level most of his career. JJ Redick is another one that has an argument. He's had a very good career.
  9. Wow. And probably KLove or Hayward. Unless I'm forgetting someone.
  10. Fuck you're right. 2nd best.
  11. Herro is going to be the best white American in a long time. Probably since Stockton.
  12. And yet it might have been a different game if Kirivanta isn't called for that BS in the first period to end our PP early.
  13. When Khudobin is going full retard you know it's bad.
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