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  1. ztejas

    Orlando fired

    This isn't a football powerhouse like OU or Baylor, this is Texas. We need to adjust expectations accordingly.
  2. Are you ready for backdoor Oklahoma, though?
  3. Yeah that's fair. I'm just sharing my opinion 20 games in. I doubt most people agree with me. Especially with how much the media has LeBron's cock in their mouth right now.
  4. He's at worst firmly in the top 5. I could probably convince myself to take Giannis over him right now looking at defense, not sure about anyone else. The man is averaging 39 ppg on 63 TS%.
  5. I'm not talking about what he has or hasn't done in the past. And he's not a terrible playoff performer - just not someone that elevates their game. Maybe he figures it out this season, he just turned 30. Dirk was 32 when he won it. Hakeem was 31 in '94. Celtics big 3 in '08 were all 30+. Now I'm not sure about the Westbrook experiment, but Harden still has time.
  6. It shows you how little of a shit Texas cares about basketball that this man is still coaching. This was embarrassing 2 years ago, and maybe it hasn't gotten any "worse" but the fact that it's gone on this long is so painful. I guess it's basketball and it only takes about 2 seasons to turn a program around, and Texas will probably just keep Shaka until Moody opens, but I'm almost surprised a BMD hasn't wrote a blank check yet to say "get this man out of here". Almost losing to McNeese State at home. Raise your hand if you can tell me where McNeese State is. It wasn't that long ago that this program went dancing 19/21 years - now it's been just 2 out of the past 4 and this season doesn't look like anything more than a bubble team. The man is just not equipped to be a big time college basketball coach. Maybe he'd be a nice assistant. Who knows.
  7. We don't have him back but yes we are losing a lot. Xavier Jones just broke Dickerson's single season TD record at SMU. James Proche will play in the NFL. Our D is a little younger and shouldn't be hit too hard, if we can keep 70ish % of the coaching staff and find someone to play QB I don't think we just fall off the map. Buechele had a fantastic year but it isn't like he dragged us kicking and screaming to 10 wins. He had a few elite weapons and a well coached team on both sides of the ball.
  8. I guess I'm just piggybacking and giving my two cents. Yes, he shouldn't blast the coaching staff in an interview.
  9. I've really grown to like Sam less this season. He seems too complacent with how much we regressed.
  10. Wish I had've caught the game tonight. Might dig for a replay. Looks like Poeltl (4 blocks in 16 minutes - good shit Jake), Mills and D White were our best players. Hope nothing weird is going on behind the scenes with Dejounte - he has real potential to be our best player - and minus the mins restriction probably would be. You know... we've talked a lot in this thread about tanking or shipping DeMar/Lamarcus or blowing it up and going full rebuild and rightfully so, but we haven't talked much about what the West looks like right now. Our division is kind of murder with Houston and Dallas both being pretty damn good (especially Dallas - I'm not 100% sold on the Rockets yet), but there are really only 6 teams that I would say are a lock for the playoffs (unless Ayton and Booker turn into Wade/Shaq 2.0 for the Suns when he comes back) - #7 and #8 are wide open right now and despite our shitty start we are just 2 GB of 8th. The league is thin this season and with this being a meh draft I'd still like to see us contend for a playoff spot - maybe make a midseason trade - and try and give one of the top seeds hell in April. With the history of our front office the difference between picking 10th and picking 15th should be minimal. I'm glad Pop is shaking things up already: starting D White, playing Marco less, etc. - because I do believe that we have some potential on our roster, even if DD and LMA unfortunately set a pretty low ceiling for us as our 2 "best" players. We can be at least as good as we were last year with our current roster and the '19 Spurs took a good Nuggets team to 7 without HCA. If PATFO can find something out there trade-wise to give this team some juice there's a chance we can turn into an interesting playoff team. Not trying to overreact to one win - just wanted to contextualize our shitty season a little bit. We started 11-14 last year, there's plenty of time to flip the script and sprinkle more fairy dust on Pop's legendary career. @Pistons on Sunday and Houston at home Tuesday. Go Spurs and fuck Tech.
  11. It was on Amazon Prime streaming recently. I watched it. You can rent it for like $3. That being said, this thread should just be titled PTA (*I'm dumb. Missed the gist of the title). John Hughes was a fucking genius screenwriter (although I could be wrong, deferring to @henrygandorf). The entire movie is brilliant from scene to scene and the closure is tear jerking.
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