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  1. At least Hurts' arms look good.
  2. If OU got called for these holds that are going against Dallas we'd never lose in the Cotton Bowl again.
  3. Is it crazy to think Parsons is sort of changing the culture of this team already? Or at least the defense.
  4. Wentz was fucking terrible and couldn't stay healthy. Hurts seems like a clear upgrade.
  5. Being in a rock group is plenty of acting experience, right? I feel like most musicians are good actors.
  6. LeBron AND Saban? Saving Wayne Gretzky and Obama for next week I guess?
  7. Am I supposed to know who Cornell Haynes Jr. is?
  8. I feel like I make this comment every Cowboys game but CeeDee is so sick.
  9. Thanks for reminding me about the Mannings.
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