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  1. Top... 3? Player in the AFC? Behind Mahomes. Plays for a better team than Deshaun.
  2. Black and female Americans alike having a rough weekend
  3. When you put money on the Giants to do something
  4. CDC. Please. I want to be somewhat productive this week.
  5. Serves him right. He put a woman on the field last game.
  6. ztejas

    EPL 2020-21

    If you don't think Pool was cheering for a draw you're insane. Puts less points on the table. Leaves the door open and buys them time.
  7. I'm not faulting Frank because he has had a lot of new shit to deal with in the way of figuring out lineups, even though I would have liked to see the subs made sooner - but Tammy cannot have games like this when the top spot of the table is on the line - and the fact is he has too many games like this regardless of opponent. The defense continues to impress minus a bad giveaway each by Silva and Zouma. Ziyech continues to be a fucking witch and probably the best player on our team right now. Wener and Mount showed quality. Reece was about as good as we can ask. Havertz, just, idk man. I hope he figures it out. It's easy to forget he's on the pitch sometimes.
  8. ztejas

    EPL 2020-21

    Winners: Liverpool
  9. Really would have preferred to see 5 more minutes of Pulisic and Giroud.
  10. ztejas

    EPL 2020-21

    Yep. Could be an immaterial book error.
  11. ztejas

    EPL 2020-21

    That doesn't make sense. Look at the odds for each.
  12. That was the best play Tammy has made all day
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