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  1. Well that was a Wikipedia rabbit hole.
  2. Game 1 losers are 3 for the last 23 in the World Series? That's nuts.
  3. Not sure how I feel about the lead but could be good.
  4. Some of us are clean. I'm a recovering Texans fan.
  5. Astros pretty much pitched themselves out of this but their D needs to be a little sharper going forward.
  6. Do you usually ride in a helicopter over downtown when you are in Houston?
  7. Even Westbrook would have been our best player tonight. If these guys could figure out how to share the ball a bit more and get each other going it could help alleviate some of the halfcourt stuff. But we don't have a great iso player.
  8. We aren't good but we shouldn't have lost this. Murray needs to take fewer shots if he isn't hitting.
  9. A guy thats mostly been on our bench. He needs to get his feet behind the line.
  10. Well I think it was both. I think he aggravated it on the plant they showed.
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