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  1. I swear some of y'all go into a movie looking for shit to complain about. Just like when y'all watch sports!! Why am i surprised?
  2. I haven't watched any of the tv series stuff and was able to follow along just fine. I thought it was a good movie. Definitely not the worst movie ever like some yahoo said up thread.
  3. I Jarrett Guarantano that he's not gonna be here next year, right? right? I'll leave now.
  4. Never should've moved the fucking fences in. and man i miss watching prime Griffey play.
  5. I just wish i was as smart as some of y'all that knew we sucked back when we were 11-0. Must be nice.
  6. Man when some of y’all jump off the cliff, y’all make it count.
  7. These not going at the same time really really bothers me. and pretty sure the one on the right is the original.
  8. From this it sounds like the gunman was outside the train and threw the smoke bombs in the train and started shooting from the outside as the train took off. Which would explain the confusion
  9. *covers mic* you can’t say god damn on the air?!?
  10. But that stache would be ok?
  11. We have rules around here.
  12. Skylar hit his pop up to the wrong side
  13. Mistake pitch for a called strike 3. I’ll take it
  14. Not so shitty when you have it. Surely you know someone with some kind of cable provider?
  15. He gave up the walk off Saturday?
  16. Hasn’t one guy given up 2 of them?
  17. Only good thing is we know we can score plenty of runs. I think
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